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Is Luffy Moon level ?

Is luffy moon level

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Greetings, One piece fans! 

It really is a good time to love One piece. The anime is adapting the most amazing parts of the Wano arc, while the manga is giving us chapter after chapter of amazing plot and lore. 

Our favorite characters are becoming more powerful than ever, with new powers and abilities, and Luffy is at the top of that list. With the Wano arc coming to a close, Luffy gained the powers of a god with Gear 5. Luffy’s awakening has given him abilities that most fans still do not understand. With these new abilities, fans remained confused about Luffy’s new strength or the limits of this strength. This has led to much speculation among fans, with some even saying that Luffy is as strong as moon level. Meaning he can easily destroy the moon.

Fun fact, the One piece world has six moons, so join me as we try to answer whether Luffy can destroy one of these beasts or not. The answer should logically be a no, but with the unpredictable nature of Gear 5, there is no saying. Read this article to find out.

Luffy’s Power

Luffy has always been a very unpredictable fighter. Although he was considered weak at the start of the series, he has, throughout the story, gained a phenomenal amount of power. 

This increase has been very gradual, and the question remains, has this increase led to Luffy now being a moon level character. To understand how powerful Luffy is now, we need to learn how powerful he has been. So let us go through the series’ events and see Luffy’s level.

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Start of the series

At the start of the series, Luffy is not even at the Building level. He was able to beat a sea king with a single punch, but in no way did he show the strength to be able to do that to a strong building. 

As we can clearly see from the events of the series at the time, Luffy could not even imagine being Country level and was far from Moon level. 

But did that change with the passage of time.

Before the Time Skip

Eventually, Luffy did show signs of a very fast paced progress.

Upon entering the Grand line, we see Luffy’s strength increasing exponentially. So much so that by the Water Seven arc, we can easily call Luffy Building level. But this still doesn’t put him into the same class as characters that could be called Moon level. 

In fact, judging by Luffy’s feats at Enies Lobby and then later at the Summit war, we can safely claim that by the time chose to train with Rayleigh, 

Luffy was still only just City block level at best. 

With Gear 3, he could do much damage, but that was still very limited.

After the Timeskip

Post Time Skip Luffy is a different story. After two years of training, Luffy could infuse Haki into gear 3 and create attacks like The Kong Gun and Grizzly Magnum. 

These massive attacks could level entire mountains and lay waste in cities. 

We can safely call Luffy City level at this point. During his battle with Dolamingo, Luffy showed the destructive power of gear 4. 

With such power, Luffy could easily lev smaller islands, but that would need great effort, so even post Time skip, Luffy is not Island level.

At the Wano Arc

During the Wano arc, before Gear 5, Luffy did show more power than ever before. 

He managed to confront Kaido and take down two beast Pirate giants with ease. At this point, with the ability of Ryo(Advanced Armament),

Luffy may perhaps already be Small island level. 

But it was the introduction of Gear 5 that changed the game. 

So without gear 5, Luffy is nowhere close to Moon level.

Is Gear 5 Luffy Moon level?

Now that is the question we should ask. With Gear 5, Luffy’s powers have no limit. He is literally limited by his own imagination. 

That would, in theory, mean that Luffy could simply grow to a ridiculous size and crush the moon or turn the moon into a rubber ball. 

With no limits and reality bending cartoonist powers, the answer is yes, Luffy does have the power to be Moon level. 

But the fact remains Luffy has never shown any feat of this magnitude. Thus we must reach the conclusion that gear 5 Luffy is not Moon level. But he can very well be soon enough. 

What needs to be understood is that One piece is different from dragon ball Z, where everyone can do anything. 

There are limits here. 

But Luffy seems hellbent on breaking those limits. With the powers of the sun god, anything is a possibility.

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