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is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu ?

is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu

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How strong has Luffy become? Can he beat the strongest Marines? Can he beat the strongest Marine, Akainu? Question ls that every one piece fan has been wondering since the reveal of gear 5. I believe we all know the answer, after Kaido, anything is possible Luffy is on another level. But is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu ?

Greetings, One piece fans. I hope you’re well. As it is now common knowledge among the One piece community, Monkey D Luffy has defeated Kaido of the beasts and is now officially one of four emperors of the sea, making him one of, if not the greatest threat to the world government.

Luffy’s Opponent

At this point, there are not many, if any, characters who can beat Luffy in a one-on-one fight. We know that aside from Blackbeard, Luffy’s greatest enemies are the World Government, and they have some heavy hitters, and none more so than the leader of the navy himself, Fleet admiral Akainu, otherwise known as Sakazuki.

Akainu us, arguably the strongest character among the Marines, as we do not know how strong old Garp or Kong currently are. So, what would a fight between him and the captain of the Strawhat crew look like? if you want to check an other fight against an admiral, check gear 5 luffy vs kizaru !

The question is:

Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Admiral Akainu?

We won’t be putting the two of them against each other like we normally do. We will be going through a list of categories to see if Luffy has the stats necessary to beat Sakazuki fair and square.

What does Luffy need to win?

The Categories we’ll be looking at are:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Haki
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • IQ
  • Battle IQ
  • Devil fruit powers

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on Strength ?

In any fight, especially one of this magnitude, brute strength is an essential part of the winning formula, so does Luffy have the strength to beat Akainu. Akainu has a Logia-type devil fruit, meaning he has no use for pure strength, yet we can argue that as an admiral, he must be insanely strong, but not as strong as we know Luffy to be.

So far, Akainu has not shown strength comparable to Luffy, who has shown insane feats in Arlong park, Alabasta, Skypiea, Water Seven, and all the way to Wano. Luffy’s fight pattern is based on strength, and with a boost from gear 5,

Luffy has the strength to beat Akainu.

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on Speed ?

Once again, we must look at the nature of Akainu’s powers to argue that he does not need speed, yet he has exhibited it. In his fight against Whitebeard at Marineford, he showed incredible Agility.

The fact that he beat Kuzan also adds to his speed feats, but we all know that Luffy was able to keep up with the likes of Kaido and Big Mom, dodging their attacks and out speeding Kaido in dragon form, are far greater feats of speed than we have seen Akainu preform. 

Luffy has the necessary speed.

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on Haki ?

Even though we know next to nothing about the nature and range of Akainu’s Haki, we would not be wrong to assume that a character as strong and as high up as him can possibly have all three types of Haki.

His armament is strong enough to injure the likes of Ace and Aokiji, his observation lets him anticipate the events of Marineford, and he must have conquerors at this point.

But with Luffy, there is no doubt he is a beast in terms of Haki, an Armament that can injure Kaido, future sight, and probably the second-strongest conqueror in the series. 

Luffy has the Haki.

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on Power ?

Akainu is a powerhouse capable of making magma rain from the skies and boiling oceans; his destructive power can be scaled by looking at Punk Hazard’s condition.

Luffy’s new abilities are impressive, but as of yet, I do not think he can offer a counter to most of Akainu’s powers. 

Luffy needs more power.

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on Endurance ?

As a logia type, Akainu does not need physical endurance to go up against low-level fighters, yet his endurance was on full display during the beating he took at the hand of Whitebeard and still got up; he is a monster in terms of endurance.

But Luffy has, again and again, shown that he can take damage. Three knockouts against Kaido, and the absolute beating from Katakuri, nothing phased him. 

Luffy has the endurance.

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on IQ ?

Akainu is a manipulative thinker and a strategist, Luffy, being the simpleton that he is, cannot hope to match Akainu’s intellect. 

Luffy does not have the IQ.

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on Battle IQ ?

On the battlefield, though, things change. Luffy’s entire fighting style depends on his brilliance in battle; a genius when it comes to fighting, he can think of a way to get through Akainu’s pure power-based patterns. 

Luffy has the battle IQ.

Is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu on Devil fruit powers ?

Logia-type fruits are considered the most powerful kind of devil fruit. Even among them, Akainu’s Magu-Magu no mi is considered insanely powerful, hotter than fire, and capable of destroying islands; it is a considerable problem.

But we now know that Luffy’s Gum-Gum fruit is actually the mythical Zoan type Human-Human fruit, Model Nika/Sun God, a fruit the government hunted for eight centuries, with the power to realize the user’s imagination itself. 

Thus we conclude Luffy has the needed Devil fruit powers.

is luffy gear 5 stronger than akainu ? Final words :

Finally, we come to look at our results. Luffy, with his new powers, is an enemy not many will dare face, but based on our stats, it can confidently be said that, Yes, Luffy with Gear 5 can indeed beat Admiral Akainu.

After Kaido, anything is possible, even though it would be a hard fight, but Luffy can pull through. 

Luffy wins, and extreme difficulty.

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