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Is Luffy a Celestial Dragon?

Is Luffy a Celestial Dragon

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Today is a good day to start a new adventure, among the multitude of theories that we find in the vast sea of One Piece, some attract much more attention than others, especially those that have to do with mysteries such as the empty century.

Therefore, this time we will explore a theory about Luffy, is Luffy a Celestial Dragon?

Many fans say yes, it seems that everything points to it but others mention that his name ‘D’ has a meaning that does not relate him to these nobles, Luffy’s past and future are unknown (except for the fact that he will become the King of Pirates), but that allows us to form several theories.

So it’s time to get ready, let’s sail!

Overview on Celestial Dragons

Is Luffy a Celestial Dragon

From the beginning of One Piece we are presented with a worldbuilding with very clear political bases, there are the pirates and the World Government, however, as we go deeper we discover that there are stronger and deeper powers in the government, ruled by the Tenryuubito or called Celestial Dragons.

The people with this title are descendants of the kings who destroyed the old kingdom and implemented a new system with the World Government, most of the characters we meet under this title are extremely selfish, classist, and even racist, they have no limits as the whole government tends to protect them.

Being considered almost as Gods, since they live in Marie Geoise, the laws do not apply to them and they even wear special helmets to not breathe the air that civilians breathe, the only kind characters we know that have been Celestial Dragons so far are Doflamingo’s parents and his brother, Corazon.

Is Luffy a Celestial Dragon?

This brings us to the main point, Luffy undoubtedly has a mysterious past that will have a great impact on his future and has shown a great repudiation of this type of behavior, even beating up San Charlos for wanting to buy Camie.

Evidence supporting the theory

Knowing how much Luffy hates the World Government and their way of running things, it would make sense that he is a descendant of these nobles.

Luffy’s upbringing

The version most often read is about Garp giving up the title of the Celestial Dragons, Dragon developed feelings against the ideals of the nobles, so with his knowledge about them he betrays them and leaves Luffy in his grandfather’s care.

Luffy’s mother was a Celestial Dragon.

Knowing little or nothing about Luffy’s mother it has also been theorized that she was the Celestial Dragon, she suffered a stormy death surely for falling in love and having Dragon’s child, and left the child in her care. 

We also ask our self this question about Luffy’s origin : Is Luffy lunarian ?

Dragon betrayed them and became the world’s worst criminal

Another version is that there is a probability that Dragon was born as a Celestial Dragon, hated his life as a noble, and ended up betraying them, having a son, a stormy past, and an infinite hatred for the Celestial Dragons, he decides to leave Luffy in charge of a relative -civilian- that he considers a father: Garp.

This would explain how he became the world’s worst criminal, why he distanced himself from Luffy and his eagerness to overthrow the Celestial Dragons, it would even explain his name, which does not necessarily have to be from birth but he took it to be a dragon fight.

Counterarguments against the theory

Is Luffy a Celestial Dragon

The most important thing to know is that there is no official information about Luffy being a descendant of nobles, we are just learning more about his fruit Nika and his relationship with Joy Boy, so Oda will surely take a little more time to give us more data about this theory.

Luffy’s destiny

Luffy’s story follows the path of the hero, in which he by his means will be the one to achieve changes in the world if we take into account that he has been related several times to the God Nika, Joy Boy, and freedom, it is most likely that his past is more humble than we think.

Although it would be poetic for their descendants to take away their power, it would be even more shocking that Luffy, by his means and without having any relevant past, would end up with the nobles of the world.

The mystery of the ‘D’

We have heard on multiple occasions about ‘the will of D’, although the meaning is not yet fully known, it must be so important that Roger himself had his name changed, as to avoid the collateral damage of hearing that the King of the Pirates was called ‘Gol D. Roger’.

Furthermore, Law comments to Doflamingo that his faith in Luffy was based on the fact that ‘In certain places, the clan of D. has been called by another name, God’s Archenemy’.

So Luffy’s ancestors were probably opposed to the Tenryuubites taking world power, but he doesn’t necessarily link it to the nobles.

Family background

If indeed Garp, Dragon or Luffy’s mother were Celestial Dragons, there had to be strong consequences of such betrayal, however, Garp has been seen to practice his job as a marine normally, Dragon despite becoming a revolutionary shares names with Dragon and his hatred for the government could stem from the precariousness of the peoples.

Knowing how Doflamingo’s family ended up is enough to know the dark fate that would have befallen the Monkey D family. 

Is Luffy a Celestial Dragon? What do I think of it?

Is Luffy a Celestial Dragon? Personally, it seems to me that this theory does not have enough solid bases to be sustained, if the ‘D’ lineage is the archenemies of God the most probable thing is that they are the opposite to them, that is to say, civilians.


To sum up, Luffy’s mother, Dragon or Garp, would have to be related to the Celestial Dragons for this theory to be confirmed, Luffy’s past is the only thing that can give us real evidence to confirm or discard this theory, in addition, he would have to be related to the D’s will, Joy Boy and the God Nika. Do you think Luffy’s family was part of the Celestial Dragons?

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