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Is Gear 5 Overpowered ?

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Greetings, One piece fans!

As you know, this is a great time to be a part of the One Piece community. Fans of the series are getting banger after banger of a chapter every week and the anime, too, has spared no epic moment in adopting the best parts of the Wano arc. 

With all of these reveals in the Manga and amazing episodes each week, the fandom has never been more active. This activity has led fans to question the nature of many things within the story. One such question has been raised about the nature of Luffy’s new powers. 

Many fans wonder how strong Luffy’s gear 5 abilities actually make him? Can his power and strength be quantified? But above all, fans are now asking, is Gear 5 overpowered?

Considering the powers of Gear 5, or its suggested powers, this statement seems true. But we need more intimation.

Gear 5 is a very unpredictable ability. To put an estimate on its power will be very complicated. Join me as I try to understand if it makes Luffy too strong for his own series.

The Abilities of Gear 5

We will be understanding each aspect of Gear 5’s powers and their implications, starting with the most important one,


In terms of strength, Gear 5 makes Luffy an absolute beast.

We saw proof of that in Luffy’s battle against Kaido. Luffy’s whole body was falling apart. 

He was exhausted, yet as soon as he awakened gear 5, he was able to throw Kaido around like he was nothing. 

The ability to grow according to his imagination makes Luffy’s strength in Gear 5 practically limitless. 

So yes, gear 5 is overpowered in terms of strength.


Ability has always been one of Luffy’s strong suits. But Gear 5 changes things. 

With the ability to change reality and the form of matter, Luffy arguably does not need speed anymore. 

But there is still the implication that Luffy is as fast as he wants to be. His imagination is the only limit.


Perhaps the most overpowered effect of gear 5 is its durability. Luffy has always been made of rubber, making him a durable fighter. 

As there is not a lot that can harm him. But with Gear 5, that idea is taken to the next level. Luffy can now change not only the nature and shape of his own body but that of everything around him. 

We saw this when he changed his shape to match Kaido’s weapon and escaped his attack unharmed. 

With gear 5, Luffy is an unharmable tank. 

He is almost invincible, meaning that in terms of endurance, gear 5 is very overpowered.


Another very overpowered of Gear 5’s qualities is the abilities it gives Luffy and the realm of possibility that these abilities represent. As we know, the abilities of gear 5 depend on Luffy’s imagination. 

Gear 5 gives Luffy the most ridiculous power in One piece, as said by the Elder stars. There is no limit to Luffy’s abilities in this form. He can grow into a giant, turn people and things into rubber, and literally change the nature of the growing he stands on. 

The abilities of Gear 5 make Luffy a literal god. These abilities are ever-increasing and phenomenally powerful. 

They make Luffy so powerful that they can literally be called a cheat code.

Paired with Luffy’s crazy intellect, this would definitely make him dangerous.

Gear 5, an Answer

We know for a fact that gear 5 is an over-the-top, highly imaginative and extremely overpowered form. It puts Luffy ahead of the game. With Gear 5, Luffy can fight however he pleases. 

He can change his shape just from his thoughts. Luffy has enough power with Gear 5 to change many things. He can transform himself and his enemies; he is impossible to hurt and has unlimited power.
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Yes, I do believe that Gear 5 is a very overpowered ability, especially in the One Piece world. 

Gear 5 follows no logic. 

It has no limits and no known weaknesses. 

It allowed Luffy to confuse and defeat the “Most powerful creature, » so in other words, it makes Luffy more powerful than Kaido. 

That, in itself, should be enough to poove that Gear 5 is on an unfathomable level of power. 

Thus making it overpowered.

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