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Does gear 5 Luffy have toon force ?

does gear 5 luffy have toon force

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A lot of attention has been directed toward Monkey D. Luffy and his new awakening called gear 5 recently and rightfully so, as we found out that the gomu gomu no mi is actually the mythical zoan-type fruit called hito hito no mi model: Nika. Based on the ancient freedom fighter who was revered as the ‘’ Warrior of Liberation as well as the Sun God ‘’

Today we will answer the question : Does gear 5 Luffy have toon force ? In discussing precisely what toon force is and why we think Luffy has the toon force with his recent awakening and new form!

As you may know by now, I had always been captivated by the amazing stories and animations of anime. My journey with OnePiece started in 2008 and to this day I read and watch OnePiece every week. The reason I write on OnePiece is so that more and more people can discover this wonderful series.

What we will be discussing Today :

  • How do we recognize the Toon Force ?

  • Why do we think Luffy has the Toon Force?

  • How would toon force affect Luffy?

How do we recognize Toon Force ?

Before discussing Toon Force we must know what Comic Relief is. Comic Relief Characters are usually characters written in a way that removes the tension around them and all the laws of reality align with them perfectly, similarly, Toon Force is the power to completely ignore every plot in a set universe and defy the laws of physics and reality to overcome your obstacles and enemies.

Some of the examples of toon force consist of Saitama from One Punch Man, Saitama’s entire power and series are based on the 1 fact that he can destroy anything with 1 punch if he is serious enough, no matter who his enemy is. In OPM we can see Saitama defy multiple laws of reality and physics to beat his enemies, and it was stated by his author that Saitama is indeed meant to be viewed as a Comic Relief character.

Another similar example can be Mask Comics where the main character wears a mask and gains the abilities of the mask crafted by the trickster god Loki, he then gains multiple law-defying abilities and become unstoppable

Why do we think Luffy has the Toon Force?

We have various reasons why we believe that Luffy might have the Toon Force and some of them being:

  • The statement Gorosei about Luffy’s Fruits power being limited by only imagination. From this statement alone we can assume that a power that is limited only by the imagination of its user is absolutely broken and very much possible to defy the laws of physics and reality.
  • Luffy says he feels as if he is ‘’ free ‘’ when he is in the awakening form is a very unironic reference to how the Toon Force is also ‘’ free ‘’ from the laws of physics and reality!
  • Another thing that is said about the Sun God Nika is that his fighting style and the way he fought always made others laugh, which can be a reference to the devil fruits abilities being comic relief and too funny for them to make any sense which would cause others to laugh in shock and dismay.

How would Toon Force affect Luffy?

If our theory is right and Luffy does indeed have Toon Force then it would be a very useful tool for his upcoming journey as we all know eventually he will have to fight against one or two or maybe even multiple Admirals at the same time and the power scaling of gear 4 would be nowhere near enough to defeat the mighty Admirals of the Navy headquarters.

However, Admirals and the Navy are not the only threat Luffy has to face in his upcoming journey as he will most definitely go up against the world government which would mean facing the cp0 again.

And that is why we think Luffy having the Toon Force would help him in his future journey a lot and it would not only help him but his father as well who is also fighting against the World Government for the betterment of the world!

Does gear 5 Luffy have toon force ? Final words :

To conclude, I will say it is obvious since his fight against kaido, Gear 5 Luffy has toon force !
I’m personally interested about the next gear 5 fight against Lucci to discover how far is toon force can go ! Probably beyond imagination !
See you soon on the orad to laugh tale !

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