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Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard ?

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard

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Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard ? I am sure this question has come to everyone’s mind, especially after the recent reveal of Luffy’s new Devil Fruit Awakening.

And today we will be talking about exactly that. Whitebeard who was once known as the strongest man in the world! Arguably even stronger than the pirate King Roger himself, Luffy is considered one of the strongest fighters currently in OnePiece.

Let us talk about how we will evaluate this comparison and compare both characters, we will be judging both characters based on certain criteria points that we have picked beforehand and then determine the winner based on the results of those criteria.

I started my journey with One Piece in 2008, and I have been an ardent fan of this amazing series ever since, my goal and reasoning for writing on this series is to make a lot of people discover this wonderful series as well as to help people who are searching for answers or theories related to One Piece.

The criteria on which we will be judging both characters

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Haki
  • Devil Fruit

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard on Speed ?

Luffy is undoubtedly faster than what an average human eye can perceive, he can use the gear 2nd technique which boosts his metabolism and fasten the blood flow rate inside his veins which allows him to boost the capability of his body by an immense amount allowing him to achieve unbelievable speed and strength. The same concept applies to his gears 4 and 5 as well.

Now we can not measure the speed of Whitebeard because he has never shown any feat regarding speed, which was anything out of the ordinary, even in the paramount war Whitebeard never showed any exceptional or great speed feats

The victor for this criterion is Monkey D. Luffy.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard on Strength ?

Luffy uses the momentum from his Devil Fruit powers to boost his attacks giving him an extra boost in his attacking capabilities, in his gear 3rd Luffy blows a tremendous amount of air in his body from his joints to expand his limbs causing him to have giants limbs and an equal amount of force behind them. 

Since both Big Mom and Kaido could easily destroy islands and Luffy managed to defeat them both, it would be safe to assume that Luffy is Island level.

Now Whitebeard does not need any introduction when it comes to strength showcase as he is called the strongest man in the OnePiece world, however for the sake of this comparison let us talk about his strength. 

With the ability of his devil fruit, it is said that he could destroy the whole world. He also destroyed and reshaped the whole of marineford island in the paramount war.

It is safe to assume that Whitebeard was at the very least at the country level or even world level since it is said that his devil fruit holds the power to destroy the world.

Whitebeard gets this one quite easily.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard on Durability ?

Luffy’s Devil Fruit plays a big part in his durability, the rubber-like properties protect him from bludgeoning attacks and damage. It also plays an important role in his gear 4th and likewise in gear 5, as he clads his torso in armament haki and then gives the rubber-like property to his armament haki making it even more durable. Some of his incredible durability feats him being impaled by Katakuri and still going on to fight him and win.

Whitebeard is arguably one of the most durable humans in the One Piece world as he sustained 267 sword wounds, a whopping 152 gunshots, 46 direct impacts from canon shots, getting lasered by Kizaru, and getting half of his face blasted by Sakazuki’s magma ALL IN 1 CONTINOUS BATTLE and he still went on to beat the living crap out of all of his foes including the admirals and marines in the marineford war, ultimately died while standing.

There’s no comparison here as Whitebeard is the most durable human in the One Piece world other than Kaido.

Whitebeard wins the point.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard on Haki ?

After an extensive 2 years of training under the right hand of the pirate king, rayleigh. Luffy mastered Armament, Observation, and Conquerors’ Haki, One of the most notable Haki used by Luffy is his Observation Haki which he used to its fullest in his fight against Katakuri, and his Observation Haki which was pushed to its limit in the fight against Doflamingo and Kaido.

While it is stated that Whitebeard could use all 3 types of Haki but we did not see much of it being used in the series, except the time he used Observation Haki to beat Ace as he tried to assassinate Whitebeard every night, and his Conquerors’ Haki which we saw him using in his battle against Gol D. Roger.

Although it is very obvious that his Conqueror Haki is stronger than Luffy but we cannot say the same when it comes to the other 2 Haki types as we have not seen him using them much in the series

The winning point for this criterion is handed to Luffy as we cannot leave the results of such important discussions on hypothesis and will base on everything shown to us in the series.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard on Devil Fruit Powers ?

For the longest time, we thought that the devil fruit Luffy had was the Gomu Gomu no mi which gave him rubber-like properties allowing him to use various gears as his techniques as gear 2 allowed him to boost his speed and power by increasing his metabolism and blood flow rate in his vein to his heart.

Gear 4 allows him to adapt to various situations by using various forms like snake-man and bounce-man to fight in various situations with the speed and power of his previous gears like gear 2 and 3rd.

However, it was recently discovered that the gomu gomu no mi is a mythical Zoan-type devil fruit called Hito Hito no mi Model: Nika based on the legends of Joy Boy who was revered as the ‘’ Warrior of Liberation and the Sun God ‘’ and its awakening gives Luffy a special ability to turn ANYTHING from inanimate objects to even his enemies if he pleases into rubber.

It is one of the rarest Devil Fruit that the Navy has constantly tried to acquire for the last 800 years.

The gura gura no mi allows Whitebeard to create tremors or earthquakes as he pleases and is emphasized multiple times in the series to have power that can easily destroy the world if the user wishes so making it a devil fruit which is even more powerful and sought after than logia type devil fruits.

Whitebeard used this very same fruit to not only fight toe to toe against the pirate king Gol D. Roger but also multiple Admirals and the Fleet Admirals as well as thousands upon thousands of marines in the marine ford war.

Even after being more than 70 years old, Whitebeard was able to destroy more than half of marineford island as well as damage multiple Admirals, and fatally damage Sakazuki.

The gura gura no mi was such a powerful devil fruit that it made Blackbeard go all the way from the impel down a prison to marineford island just so he could steal it from the dead body of Whitebeard.

The win Point for this criterion will be given to Whitebeard as we still have not seen the full potential of Luffy’s new awakening.

Is gear 5 Luffy stronger than Whitebeard ? Final words :

After careful consideration and examination of both characters in each criterion, we have decided that Whitebeard will beat Luffy in a 1v1 confrontation, although it would be a very close fight between gear 5 Luffy and old Whitebeard.

However, Luffy stands no chance right now if this fight was taken against PRIME Whitebeard.

Do you think gear 5 Luffy would be able to win against an other Yonko? We have just the thing for you then, check out our article on Gear 5 Luffy vs Kaido.

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