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Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido?

is gear 5 luffy stronger than kaido

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Well, the Wano arc has finally ended, and Luffy has finally beaten Kaido of the beasts, but many One piece fans still wonder. What if the fight had happened under different circumstances? What if a fully rejuvenated Luffy faced a fully powered Kaido? Would Luffy still have won with Gear 5?

The answer is probably a yes. But the details of the fight are interesting. Keep reading to find out.

Gear 5 Luffy vs. Kaido, where things stand

The question we need to ask is, can Luffy beat a fresh, full-powered Kaido, one vs. one. Now, no one but Oda can give us a certain answer, so we can never really know. The purpose of this article is to put both characters on a scale and see who comes out on top.
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We will be putting Luffy and Kaido against each other in several predefined categories, and as someone who has been ranking One piece characters for close to a decade, I will be your guide. Now, let’s see whether the sun god stands a chance against the king of beasts or not.

The categories

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Haki
  • Devil fruit abilities
  • Battle IQ
  • X factor

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido in terms of Strength?


Luffy is no slacker when it comes to brute strength. He has shown feats of incredible strength, like toppling buildings and even knocking out giant beasts on Rayleigh’s island. His strength is a reflection of his fearsome training, making him worthy of the title of emperor.

Yet Kaido is literally a beast; he can keep on fighting multiple foes while carrying an entire island, he was able to knock Luffy out three times, and he faded more foes than can be counted. His strength was on another level.

Kaido wins in terms of strength.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido in terms of Speed?


Kaido, in his dragon form, is unbelievably fast, fast enough to dodge any attacks and move at astonishing speeds, and his agility and reflexes in the hybrid form are remarkable for his size. 

His speed is considerable, as he was even able to have a slight upper hand on Oden in agility.

With gear 5, Luffy’s fluid movements have been increased tenfold, making him faster than ever before, and his attack speed has always been phenomenal. Though Kaido is fast, there is very little chance that he could match Luffy’s speed.

Luffy wins in terms of speed.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido in terms of Endurance?


Luffy can take a hit, to say the least. He has shown, time and again, that he can continue fighting for long intervals and through any amount of damage. Every time he gets knocked out, he comes back stronger than before. 

His endurance is remarkable.

Kaido was thought to be unkillable, unwoundable, and indestructible. His skin can literally take any kind of damage, and he can just stand there. He tanks attacks from enemies to entertain himself. His endurance is far beyond anything Luffy can show, or so you would think.

With Gear 5, Luffy can literally change reality. He can change his shape, making him immune to any kind of attack.

Endurance is a tie with Gear 5.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido in terms of Power?


Kaido can lift Onigashima, destroy islands, scare the world government, and so much more. In his dragon form, he can level mountains. His power is fearsome, even for the strongest in the One piece world. 

Yet now, Luffy can change the group’s shape, unharmed by attacks that would destroy cities.

Luffy can do whatever he wants. His power has no limit but his imagination, or so it is theorized.

So, by analyzing the fact that a fully powered gear 5 Luffy can nullify all of Kaido’s power, Luffy wins.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido in terms of Haki?


Both Kaido and Luffy possess advanced forms of all three Haki, making it hard to make any distinction. 

Kaido has the upper hand in Armament and Luffy in observation, whereas we cannot say about conquerors, but we can say this, both characters are demons in their use of Haki.

Haki is a tie.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido in terms of Devil fruit abilities?


With his Fish-Fish fruit, model Azure dragon, Kaido has ruled Wano for decades. 

His fruit is fearsome, but Luffy does not have any ordinary fruit. It is the fruit the World government has chased for 800 years. The Human-Human fruit model Nika.

Looking at the powers of both fruits, Luffy clearly has the upper hand.

Is Gear 5 Luffy stronger than Kaido in battle IQ?


It’s true that Luffy may not be the smartest of characters, but he has always been intuitive and brilliant on the battlefield. 

Even though Kaido has a higher intellect than Luffy, he goes blindly into battle. Kaido does not care for plans or strategies and even lets his opponents inflict damage. 

This gives Luffy a clear advantage.

Luffy wins battle IQ with his imaginative fighting style.

X factor


After all is said and done, we cannot overlook the implications of Luffy’s new powers. I do not believe the outcome of the battle would be any different. In any case, Sun God Luffy beats Kaido.

Luffy wins with high-extreme difficulty.


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