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How tall is Whitebeard?

How tall is Whitebeard

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The sea of One Piece is as vast and deep as its variety of characters and exciting stories, this time we are ready to explore one of the most emblematic, important, and, above all, powerful characters of the sea, Edward Newgate « Whitebeard ».

So this time we will answer the question : How tall is Whitebeard ?! We will compare him with other important emperors and we will know what his height implies in the world of One Piece.
Whitebeard, since his first appearance, was a fascinating character with a great presence on screen, in the long run, we knew his pirate and family values, as all his crew members were his children, but something that came to amaze at first sight was his great height.

I’ve been a big fan of One Piece anime and manga since 2008, so our exploration will be exciting, take your positions and let’s set sail!

How tall is Whitebeard in One Piece ?

How tall is Whitebeard

Many of his adventures of his youth are a mystery, we know of his friendship with Gol D. Roger, but we don’t know official data on his height throughout his life, so we will have to guess -based on theories and comparisons-, how much he has varied over time.

For now, here is an overview:

Whitebeard’s Height In cm In feet
Rocks Pirates  600 cm  (19’68’’)
Before Timeskip  666 cm  (21’10’’)

How tall is Whitebeard when he was a Rocks’ Pirates member?

How tall is Whitebeard

There are several images from which we can compare his height but we will mainly focus on his age, Whitebeard belonged to Rocks Pirates at 28 years old, the two have a separation of two years so we can assume that Whitebeard still belonged to the band at 32 years old.

That age surely was his prime moment, one of the moments in which he was stronger, so he was probably quite tall, comparing him with the height of Whitebeard and Roger we can suppose that he was 600 cm (19’68 »).

How tall is Whitebeard before timeskip?

How tall is Whitebeard

It’s no secret that Whitebeard is a tall character, very tall. Compared to other human characters he is one of the tallest we have encountered so far seeing characters that surpass him rarely happens.

We all liked his participation during the Marineford war and the integrity he reflected, giving everything to save Ace, even so, there are many things we do not know about the character as to why he was not interested in looking for the One Piece.

At this moment, he was 666 cm; in feet : (21’10’’)

People also ask about Whitebeard’s height

There are many characters taller than Whitebeard, many because they are of a different race, yet it is always fascinating to explore what his height means to the plot, and comparing him to other equally powerful characters will be a lot of fun. Moving on.

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Whitebeard height comparison with than Big mom

Both were Rocks’ pirate members, and although their vision of family and how to obtain it is very different, both managed to be pirates of great power by being captains of their crews after the gang broke up.

Whitebeard is currently the tallest human, measuring 29 » (880 cm), leaving a difference between the two of 7′ feet tall (214 cm), so Linlin is much taller.

Whitebeard height comparison with Kaido

Kaido was also a member of Rocks’, although we don’t know much about their relationship we can say that Kaido is taller than Whitebeard by 44 cm (1’44 ») as he is 710 cm (23’29 »).

Whitebeard height comparison with Shanks

The red-haired has appeared against Whitebeard in one of the most impressive matches we have seen, clearly between the two there is a clear height difference but how much?

Shanks is 6’6.5 » (199.4 cm), in real life he would be taller than most of us, but with Whitebeard, there is a difference of 15′ 30 » (466.6 cm). Newgate is taller.

Whitebeard’s height and characterization

Height is a concurrent theme in One Piece, not necessarily because it is important in the characters, but because it generates more expectations about the character’s power as they tend to be very strong, Whitebeard included.

Whitebeard’s height as a symbol of his strength

Edward’s will was always very strong, he knew his goals from a very young age, and over time it took shape, his strength lies in the affection he has for his family and is reflected in his height, after all, we always look up to our parents.

Whitebeard’s height as a form of intimidation

To anyone who is against any of her children or gets in their way, Whitebeard’s figure is not that of a loving and compassionate father willing to accept them, quite the contrary. They fear him, and rather than have a close encounter with the captain, they would rather turn the ship around and run away.

How tall is Whitebeard? Final words :

Edward may not appear as many times in the manga and anime as any other emperor, but the consequences of his involvement and power still make their mark on the story of One Piece. Do you think Whitebeard is the best father in One Piece?

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