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How tall is Law ?

How tall is Law

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The time has come to start a new adventure!

This time we have the opportunity to take a closer look at one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea: Trafalgar D. Water Law.

Not only is he one of Luffy’s dearest and closest allies, but he is one of the few characters from the worst generation whose backstory we get to know, he also has one of the most fascinating fruits in One Piece history.

In this article, we will answer the question : How tall is Law ? In comparing Law’s height with other characters, and we will explore his height changes throughout the story. I hope this blog will be of interest to you, after all, I am a fan of One Piece since 2008 and all these years have been worth it, I will give my best so we can enjoy this adventure together.

Let’s set sail!

How tall is Law in One Piece?

How tall is Law

Many times in anime/manga the height shows the capabilities and power of the characters, however, it has its exceptions, because the new generations despite their shorter size turn out to be just as ambitious and powerful as past generations.

Sometimes the Marines seem to be more scared of this new generation than the past, so while Law might be a fairly tall human in real life, in One Piece he is of average height.

Before we delve further into this topic, you can watch this overview:

Law’s height In Cm In feet
child version 73.25 cm  (2’40’’)
before timeskip 191 cm  (6’3½ »)
after timeskip 191 cm  (6’3½ »)

How tall was Law as a child?

How tall is Law

I should clarify that there is no official data on Law’s height as a child, however, we can get an approximation thanks to Corazon.

The beloved Marine in cover had a height of 293 cm (9’7½ ») and Law was so small that he could barely reach his knees, giving him an average height of 73.25 cm (2’40 »), as Corazon was quite tall -although his brother has the advantage-.

How tall is Law before timeskip?

How tall is Law

Trafalgar, although he is a quite young character, has reached adulthood, although we can’t know if he has reached his prime, he still has many adventures to live, so he could grow more over time.

In his first appearance, he is shown to us at 191 cm (6’3½ »).

How tall is Law after timeskip?

How tall is Law

As I mentioned, we don’t know if Law has reached his prime so we can’t know if he will grow more or not in the future, at any time it could happen but being an adult character and still maintaining his height of 191 cm (6’3½ ») at his 26 years, most likely in the future he won’t go over 200 cm (6’56 ») or he could even maintain his current height.

People also asks about Law’s height

Being such a beloved character, many are questions around him, and even more theories, for now, let’s focus on comparing his height against other characters.

Is Law taller than Luffy?

The best allies in all of One Piece!

Although Luffy certainly seems to have more ambition than Law, after all, he is the main character, he is the smaller between the two, having a difference of 19 cm (0’62 ») before timeskip, and 21 cm (0’68 ») after timeskip. 

Luffy has a height of 172 cm (5’8 ») before timeskip and 174 cm (5’9 ») after timeskip.

Is Law taller than Kid?

The rivalry between these captains could rival that of Zoro with Sanji, both are quite explosive when it comes to being the strongest, as their pride as captains would not allow them to do otherwise.

Although Law is quite powerful and a battle against Kid would be epic, in a height competition he would lose, although not by much.

Kid is taller than Law by 14 cm (0’45 »), and the red-haired is 6’7 » (205 cm).

Is Law taller than Robin?

The two red-haired men have been seen having quite a few interactions, showing that they both have similar interests or questions about the One Piece story and the mysterious ‘D’, plus Robin is quite a tall woman, though not taller than Law.

Robin is 188 cm (6’2½ »), leaving a difference of 3cm (0’098 »).

Law’s height and characterization

Being height a fundamental element in One Piece, we must dig deeper into Law’s behaviors and powers, in short: he is a character-driven by a tragic backstory, and he managed to pretend throughout his life to be part of Doflamingo’s crew only to achieve his revenge in the future, he uses a sword, and he has great leadership.

Law’s height as a symbol of his strength

Personally, I think Law has that height to form the perfect balance between brains and strength because he is a very strong captain and with a lot of leadership -being part of the worst generation, you can’t expect less-, however, he is also a calculating character, he likes to plan his plans and next moves with dedication.

Although that does not imply that he is not a danger to anyone who wants to confront him, his logic and power are a dangerous mix.

Law’s height as a form of intimidation

Whether or not height has anything to do with it, Law tends to see many others from above; he has enough self-confidence to believe that he can defeat anyone who gets in his way, as long as he has a plan.

Still, the navy seems to have quite a bit of respect for him and I’m sure many would avoid a confrontation, same with many lowly pirates and civilians.


The road ahead for Law is long enough to expect him to have many, many adventures and enemies in the future, maybe even grow tall enough to catch up with Corazon, after all, he would only be 102 cm (3’34 ») short to catch up with him (Corazon averaged 293 cm (9’7½ ») when he was 26). How much height do you think Law will gain over the years?

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