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How tall is Usopp ?

How tall is Usopp

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Greetings, One Piece fans.

Welcome to another interesting post where we will dive into the elaborate and complicated world of One Piece and bring you interesting information and fascinating facts about your favorite characters. Today we’ll be taking a look at the fan-favorite sniper of the Straw Hat pirates, Usopp, or as the fandom likes to call him, God Usopp.

Usopp has always been an integral part of the Straw Hats, and fans have always held an interest in him, which means that they want to learn more about him. So today, we will try to accurately answer the question, how tall is Usopp? We will also look at his height pre-time skip, and we will also compare Usopp’s height to others around him to see how tall he stands with regard to his environment.

I have been closely following One Piece characters since 2008 and will be acting as your guide as we look for an answer.

Here is the table for a general overview

How tall is usopp in One Piece !?

How tall is Usopp

Despite the abnormal heights and bodies of characters in One Piece, Ussop, like other Straw Hats, has a very normal and human posture. Let’s have a look at his height over the ages.

Here is the table for a general overview

Usopp’s Height In feet.  In Cm
As a child 4-4’2 120-128
Pre-time skip 5’9 174
Pre-time skip 5’9 176

How tall is Usopp as a child?

How tall is Usopp

We have no official estimation of Usopp’s height when he was a child, but as he was seen in the flashbacks when his mother died, he was seven years old. We can easily estimate that he had the height of a normal boy of that age. Thus, making him around 120-128cm or 4 to 4’2 feet. Which is pretty normal. Normal isn’t something you would expect from One Piece, but that’s how it is.

How tall is Usopp before the timeskip?

How tall is Usopp

Now, when he meets the Straw hats, long before the time skip, Usopp has grown up, but only by a margin. At that point, he was canonically 174 cm tall, which is, again, a very human height. But in the world of One Piece, Five foot nine inches, which is his height in feet, makes him look almost small.

How tall is Usopp after timeskip?

How tall is Usopp

And now, we look at what Usopp has become. The two-year time gap changed all of the Strawhats in many ways. They became stronger, wiser, and even taller. Here, in the case of Usopp, all three happened. Usopp got taller after two years, even if it was slightly. In the two-year gap, he grew 2 centimeters, bringing his height to 176 cm. That change doesn’t change his height in feet.

Other questions about Usopp’s height

Fans have also had over queries about Usopp’s height, such as a comparison with other members of the crew.

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Who is taller Usopp or Luffy?

In order to get an idea of Usopp’s position, we need to match him up with the captain of the Straw hat crew in terms of height. As we just saw, Usopp is 176 centimeters tall after the time skip, which makes him taller than Luffy, who stands at 174. Put that into feet, and they’re both the same height, at five foot nine.

But Usopp is taller than Luffy.

Who is taller Usopp or Sanji?

We will now do the same analysis on another character. Let’s see if Usopp is taller than the cool of the crew, Sanji. Sanji is a competent fighter who uses his long legs to fight, legs that add greatly to his height. After that time skip, Sanji stands at a confident 5 ’11, or 180 centimeters in height. This makes him taller than Usopp.

Who is taller Usopp or Zoro?

What about the swordsman of the crew, Zoro. We need to see if he is taller than Usopp or does Usopp take the win over him. After the time skip, Zoro is practically the same height as Sanji at 5 ’11 though he stands a centimeter tall, at 181, a fact that I am sure he constantly reminds Sanji of.

But Zoro is taller than Usopp.

Usopp’s height and characterization

We now know how tall Usopp is, but what does that height mean for him and for his character? Let’s find out.

Usopp’s place in the crew

Usopp is arguably one of the most important members of the crew. He is a carpenter (before Franky), he is a helmsman (Now Jimbi), he maintains the ship, and he makes their weapons. He is a character who can do all kinds of things, and so he is neither too tall nor too short. His height is average, meaning he is perfect for the role he is assigned to the crew.

Usopp’s comparison to Yassop

Usopp has the same place, give or take, in Luffy’s crew as his father, Yassop, does in Shank’s. Yassop is 183cm tall, which lets us know that Usopp is not on his level yet. It lets us know that he has training and growing to do.

The potential for growth

At such an average height, Usopp has the potential to grow taller and stronger. There is no age limit on growing bigger in the world of One Piece, so there is always a possibility.


And so we know that Usopp is 176cm tall, not the tallest in the crew, not the shortest. But do you think he’ll ever grows taller, or perhaps as tall as his father?

Let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.


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