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How tall is Nami ?

how tall is nami

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Greetings, One Piece fans!

Welcome to another blog covering One Piece, where we will jump into the intricate and complicated One Piece and bring back treasures of wisdom and fun facts about your favorite characters.

We’ll be dealing with one of the most beautiful characters in the One Piece world, a member of the Strawhats who is addicted to money, Nami or, as the Marines call her, Cat Burglar.

So today, we will try to accurately answer the question, how tall is Nami? We will also talk about her height pre-time skip and also compare her height to other female characters of the show to see how tall she is according to the standards around her.

Nami has always played a huge part in the Straw Hats, and fans have always loved her. Despite her shortcomings, she is still the object of the fans’ fascination. 

I have been closely following One Piece characters since 2008 and will be acting as your guide as we look for an answer.

How tall is Nami from One Piece ?

how tall is nami

Despite the abnormal heights and prepositions of female characters in One Piece, Nami, similar to other Straw Hats, has comparatively normal anatomy. Her height is also rather human in its representation. Let’s have a look at her height over the show.

For a general overview, here is the overview:

Nami’s Height In feet.  In Cm
As a child >4 >12o
Pre-time skip 5’7   169
Pre-time skip 5’7 170 

How tall is Nami as a child?

how tall is nami

We have no official estimation of Nami’s height during her backstory when Along killed her adoptive mother. We do not know her age at the time either, but by NY anatomical standards, she is a short kid. Shorter than others around her. We can estimate her age by looking at how much shorter she is than others around her, and by that logic, she is less than 4 feet tall. So we put her height as a child under 120 cm.

How tall is Nami before the time skip?

how tall is nami

Nami was the first Strawhat that Luffy met. She was present in the first episode, so we have no issues knowing how tall she was before the two-year time skip. Nami was 169 centimeters tall at the advent of the series, and as we know, not a lot of time, canonically, between that point and the point where time skip came along. So Nami was 169 cm tall before the time skip.

How tall is Nami after the time skip?

how tall is nami

After that, we have to look at what Nami has evolved into and what she has grown into after the two-year time skip. The two-year time gap changed all members of the Strawhat crew, and this change has also extended itself to Nami as well. Here, in this case, Nami’s height did not change much. In fact, the change in her height was practically non-existent. In the entire two-year gap, Nami only grew a single centimeter, which made her height 170cm.

Other questions about Nami’s height

In their quest to find the best girl in the One Piece world, fans have always compared Nami to many other characters. This comparison also comes in the case of her height.

Who is taller Nami or Robin?

In order to get an idea of Nami’s position, we need to compare her to the only other female member of the crew in terms of height. Robin is also a contender for the position of best girl, and I thought there may be more people who like Nami. I am a fan of Robin myself. Robin is taller than Nami at 188 cm. This makes her one of the tallest in the crew.

We talk about Robin’s height here, How tall is Robin ?

Who is taller Nami or Boa Hancock?

We will now do the same analysis on another character. Let’s see if Nami is taller than the woman who is called the most beautiful in the world of One Piece, Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress. Hancock has a rather large frame as she stands taller than most others, at 191cm. This makes her a lot taller than Nami. So among the two, Hancock is taller than Nami.

Who is taller Nami or Vivi?

Another important comparison would be tween Nami and a former temporary member of the crew, Princess Vivi of Alabasta. She sailed with the Strawhats for a time, and there still are fans who wanted her to be a part of the crew. Coincidentally, she two is the same height as Nami, at 5’7, but Nami is one centimeter taller than Vivi, as Vivi is only 169 cm and Nami is 170 cm. Nami is taller than Vivi.

Nami’s height and characterization

We now know how tall Nami is, but what does that height mean for her and for her character? Let’s find out.

Nami’s importance

Nami is the crew’s navigator. She is their guiding light, a character in her place, and is so integral in the grand line that the Stawhats could have been killed long ago if it wasn’t for her. Her being comparatively short shows that even an unimposing character can be that important. And her being short, and having a temper that scares Luffy, also adds comedic effect.

Nami’s dream

Nami is a normal-looking girl, she is not too tall, and she does not have much power. This adds an extra layer of support and relatability to her dream of charting a map of the whole world. An average heighted woman doing that is symbolic too. That adds to his character in a unique way.

Nami’s potential

This may sound funny to some, but being so small compared to others only leaves Nami with one place to go up! She has infinite potential for growth, and that growth is slowly coming, as we see Nami having Zeus under her control now.


And just like that, we have our answer, Nami is 170 cm, or 5 feet and 7 inches tall. We know her place in the crew and her place in the One Piece world at large, and if you believe there are any other significances to Nami’s height that we missed, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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