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How tall is Robin? 

How tall is Robin

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Greetings, One Piece fans! We welcome you back to our little blog that covers everything about One Piece and tries to find the most important, as well as the funniest, questions about the One Piece world and answer them. So today, we will try to accurately answer the question, how tall is Robin? We will also talk about her height pre-time skip and compare her height to other female characters of the show to see how tall she is with regard to others in the same world.

We’ll be dealing with one of the most beautiful characters in the One Piece world, a member of the Strawhat pirates who is so important that the whole world is after her, Nico Robin, the last survivor of Ohara. Robin has been in the Straw Hats since the end of Alabasta and has grown to be a favorite of the fans.

I have been closely following One Piece characters since 2008 and will be acting as your guide as we look for an answer.

How tall is Robin in One Piece ?

how tall is robin

Robin is a remarkable and attractive woman, and though she can be considered tall with regards to the real world, her height in the world of One Piece is still rather average, so let’s look at her height during various phases of her life that we have known through.

For a general overview:

Robin’s height In feet In Cm
As a child >4ft. >12ocm
Pre-time skip 6’2 169 cm
Post-time skip 6’2 188 cm

How tall is Robin as a child?

how tall is robin

We have no common estimation as to how tall Robin was when she was a child. We did see her on Ohara, during her flashback, and she appeared to be a rather tall child. By any logical estimation, she was at least over four feet tall, which puts her height as a child at over 120 centimeters at least.

How tall is Robin before the time skip?

how tall is robin

When Robin first encountered the Straw hats as Miss All Sunday of the Baroque Works organization, she was already a 28-year-old adult. Meaning that she had reached the tallest logical height she was ever going to reach. As normally humans stop growing taller by the age of 21 at the latest. At this point, Robin was 6 feet and 2 inches tall, putting her height at 188 centimeters, making her taller than even Zoro and Sanji.

How tall is Robin after the time skip?

how tall is robin

After the time skip, Robin was 30 years old, and like most of the rest of the crew, she did not know any sign of visible aging at all. She remained the exact same. And though the likes of Luffy, Usopp, Nami, and Sanji all got slightly taller, Robin did not. That was because all of them were 17 to 20 years old, and Robin was already an adult. So they all grew, while she remained 6’2/ 188 cm tall. 

Other questions about Robin’s height

In their quest to find the best girl in the One Piece world, fans have always compared Robin to many other characters. This comparison also comes in the case of her height.

If you want to know an other mugiwara’s height, check How tall is Chopper ?

Who is taller Robin or Nami?

The first height comparison for Robin comes from the character who is closest to her. Fans often compare Robin to Nami, in many ways, in their personality, their looks, and even their contribution to the plot (I personally think Robin wins on every front). Fans even make it a point to compare the two women in terms of height, and even there, Robin takes the lead. She is 6 ‘2, while Nami is only 5’ 7. That means Robin, at 188 cm, is taller than Nami, at 170 cm.

Who is taller Robin or Boa Hancock?

We will now make the same comparison for another character. Why don’t we compare Robin’s height to the woman who is called the most beautiful in the world of One Piece, Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress? Hancock is a very beautiful and very tall woman as she stands taller than many other women at 191cm, unfortunately, that means she is taller than Robin. Despite the loss, I still think Robin is prettier than Hancock.

Who is taller Robin or Vivi?

When Robin was an enemy of the Strawhats, Princess Vivi of Alabasta was temporarily traveling with them, making her an honorary member of the crew. I for one would like to compare both in terms of height to see who’s taller. Nifirtari Vivi is only 169 cm tall, 5’7 same height as making Robin, the tallest woman to be a part of the Strawhats.

Robin’s height and characterization

Robin’s tall height means a lot of things, it’s a part of her, and it reveals her character, let us look at that.

Robin’s place in the crew

Robin is an archeologist who does not seem like an important task for someone on a pirate ship, but she works hard to unravel mysteries and that’s good enough for Luffy to let her join. But her appearance also plays a role in letting us know that she is a mature woman who is actually dealing with a serious cause, which is why she is calm, tall, and silent. It proves her worth.

Robin’s dream

Robin has the dream of knowing why something happened during the void century. She wants to solve those mysteries and know why Ohara was burned simply for wanting knowledge. That is a gargantuan task. It means going against the whole world in over defiance, to wish for the unattainable. Only someone who is wise and tall can get the job done, and that’s Robin.

Robin’s potential

Robin is supposed to be the one who leads the Straw hats to the One Piece. She is supposed to be their guide. That’s why she needs to have an appearance that they will listen to. She is tall, to show her place, not only in the crew. But also in the whole world of One Piece. She is a unique character and fans are still fascinated by her, but we love her.


And just like that, we have our answer, Robin is 188 cm, or 6’2 feet tall, and we know her place in the crew and her place in the One Piece world at large and believe we’ve left anything out that could help in explaining Robins height, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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