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How tall is Chopper?

How tall is Chopper

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Greetings, One Piece fans! Welcome back to our blog that talks about One Piece and everything related to One Piece, where we make it a point to answer any and every question that has been asked about the One Piece word. Today, we will try to accurately answer the question, how tall is Chopper? In all of his forms, and points, we will also compare his height to other characters in the show to see where our little rain deer stands.

We’ll be talking about the cutest, most loved, and most innocent character to have ever sailed out to sea, a member of the Strawhats who is a brilliant doctor, our beloved Tony Tony Chopper. Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hats, and fans have always held him as one of their favorites ever since Drum Island. 

I have been closely following One Piece characters since 2008 and will be acting as your guide as we look for an answer.

How tall is Chopper in One Piece ?

How tall is Chopper

Chopper is a very complicated character to accurately categorize in terms of height because he has many different forms, all of which have different physiology. From the small and adorable

Here’s an overview of Chopper’s height:

Form Height in feet Height in cm
Hybrid 2’11 90 cm
Walk 4 121 cm
Heavy 6’9-10 200-210 cm
Arm 5’9 174-5 cm
Jumping 6’6-7 189-198 cm
Brain 2’11 90 cm
Kung fu 5’9-6 179-180 cm.  
Monster >50 >15.24 (meters)

How tall is Chopper in his normal/hybrid form?  

How tall is Chopper

In his human point, which is his most frequently used form, Chopper is the shortest member of the Strawhat crew, which is rather fitting because he is also the youngest. His human point is like His hybrid form, though. It is the one in which he constantly remains. In this cute little form, Chopper is not taller than 2’11 feet tall, and that could make his height around 90 cm. Short, yes, but that only hides his fearsome size in his other forms.

How tall is Chopper in the Walk Point?

How tall is Chopper

Walk point is Chopper’s reindeer resembling form, which he used to travel larger distances and to track anything. It is just like a deer, and walks on all fours, with an enhanced speed. There are also theories that the walk point is just Chopper’s natural form. It stands taller than human point, but only about comes to Luffy’s chest, so an estimated height for this form is 4 feet or about 121 centimeters.

How tall is Chopper in the Heavy Point?

How tall is Chopper

Chopper’s other « human » firm is the Heavy point, in which he stood taller than all the Straw Hats at the time he joined the crew. It gives him a muscular body and a strong build, as well as greater strength. He is well over 300 centimeters tall in this form, taller than Zoro and Sanji’s 181 and 180 cm, respectively. 

How tall is Chopper in his other points?

How tall is Chopper

Now let us speed run through all of Chopper’s other points, both before and after the time skip. These are:

the Arm point, in which Chopper is around 174-75 cm or 5’9 feet tall;
the jump/leg point, in which he is 189-198 cm or 6’6-7 feet tall;
the brain point, which has the same height as a hybrid form, at 90cm
and the Kung fu point, that stands at 5’9 to 6 feet tall, that makes it 179-182 centimeters tall.

How tall is Chopper in his Monster Point?

How tall is Chopper

Now we come to Chopper’s ultimate form, the monster point, which is the tallest and most powerful of his points. In this form, Chopper stands taller than all; he is also the tallest member of the Straw Hats and a true beast. There is no cannon height, like most of the other forms, but by all estimates, he is over 50 feet or 15.24 meters tall.

Other questions about Chopper’s height

People often ask many questions about the Chopper’s height, whether he is taller than Kaido or even a giant.

If you wan to know an other mugiwara’s height, check how tall is Franky ?

Who is taller Chopper or Kaido?

Kaido is over 23 feet tall, so in his normal form, a 2’11 chopper does not compare, but in monster point Choker dwarfs Kaido and is much taller.

Who is taller Chopper or Big Mom

The same applies to the case of Big Mom, who is 29 feet tall. She, too, cannot match the height of Monster Point Chopper, who is over 59 feet tall. To put that into context, Big Mom is 880 cm tall, and Chopper is over 15000 cm tall.

Chopper’s Height and Characterization

Chopper’s height, in all his forms, means a lot to his characterization and his place in the crew. There are elements of his psychology in every form.

Chopper’s place in the crew

Chopper is the most innocent member of the crew. He is a younger sibling. He represents a childlike curiosity and faith, hence his small appearance for the most part. 

The Meaning of Monster point

Monster Point is a manifestation of Chopper’s fear of losing control. It is huge and untamed at first. It is a representation of a monster inside Chopper, something he wanted to hide. But he, in time, overcame that fear and made his power accepted. The monster point represents the ability to control one’s fear.

The purpose of each form

Each firm is a manifestation of what Chopper wants. He wants to be more human, and there’s the Hybrid form. He wants to be stronger so he can protect others, he gets the heavy point, he wants to learn more and brain point comes in handy. Each form, its appearance, and its height is a manifestation of Chopper and his mind.

How tall is Chopper? Final words :

Finally, we know the heights of all of Chopper’s forms, but at the end of it all, Tony Tony Chopper, the unofficial mascot of the Straw hat Pirates, is a tiny little baby who is only 2’11. But that’s how we feel, do let us know if we’re wrong or if we have something to get to or missed something we look forward to hearing from you.

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