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How tall is Franky?

How tall is Franky

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Greetings, One Piece fans.

Welcome back to this wonderful blog that takes every question ever asked about the world of the One Piece series and gives you detailed answers.

So today, we will try to accurately answer the question, how tall is Franky? As he is a cyborg and one of the tallest members of the crew, we will also look at his height pre-time skip and compare it to other tall characters of the show, as well as another cyborg, to see how tall he is with regard to others in the same world.

In this post, we have decided to take a good look at one of The Straw Hat crew’s most important and entertaining members, the man who made the Thousand Sunny and the Shipwright for our heroes, Franky. Franky has been with the Straw Hats since their visit to Water Seven and their subsequent rescue of Robin.

I have been closely following One Piece characters since 2008 and will be acting as your guide as we look for an answer.

How tall is Franky in One Piece?

How tall is Franky

Franky is one of the tallest members of the crew and was the tallest before Brook joined, but what is his actual height, and how has it evolved over the course of the series? Let’s have a look.

For a general overview

Franky’s height In feet In Cm
As a child ~5ft ~152 cm
Pre-time skip 7’5½ 225 cm
Post-time skip 7’10 239 cm

How tall is Franky as a child?

How tall is Franky

In all honesty, there is no canon estimation of how tall Franky was as a child when he used to go by the name Cutty Flam, but we do know from the flashbacks that he was a rather tall teenager. We have an idea of his height, standing next to Iceberg and Tom. He was a tall child, standing well over 4 and probably 5 feet tall. His height was easily above 152 centimeters at the time.

How tall is Franky before the time skip?

How tall is Franky

When the Straw Hats first met Franky on Water Seven, he was shown as a minor antagonist and the leader of the Franky Family. At this point, he was a self-augmented cyborg and was exceptionally tall. He would go on to become the tallest member of the crew once he joined them after the events of Enies Lobby. At this point, Franky’s canonical height is 7’5½ feet, making him 226 centimeters tall. As if that isn’t tall enough, he would still get much larger.

How tall is Franky after the time skip?

How tall is Franky

After the time skip, Franky had a lot of augmentations and became more machine than man as he had found Dr. Vegapunk’s lab. This Made him both taller and stronger. As Franky changed much of his body into a gigantic machine, his height became 7 ’10 feet, which meant that he was almost 240 centimeters tall. That is, by all measures, a very tall character.

Other questions about Franky’s height

Now we ask the necessary questions about Franky’s height by comparing it to other characters in the series. That will give us a better idea about his place in the One Piece world.

Who is taller Franky or Brook?

The first height comparison for Franky comes from the dead man who ousted him as the tallest in the crew. We know that Brook is an abnormally tall skeleton; this puts his height at 9 ‘1 or 277 cm after the time skip, making him a lot taller than Franky’s 240 cm. So we know that Brook is taller than Franky.

We talk here about Brook’s height (How tall is Brook ?)

Who is taller Franky or Queen?

We will now make the same comparison for another character; why don’t we compare Franky’s height to another prominent cyborg in the series, Queen. Queen is a member of the Beast Pirates and is gigantic in comparison to other characters. By the canonical measures, Queen stands at a towering 612 centimeters, far above Franky’s mere 240; this puts him in a class of his own. It also means that Franky is shorter than Queen.

Who is taller Franky or Jinbei?

When comparing heights, we can’t ignore the current tallest Straw hat, Jinbei. Jinbei is a fish man, who is usually much taller than other humans, and that makes this comparison unfair. That means Jinbei, at this hulking 9′ 11 feet, or 301 cm, is much taller than our Franky.

Franky’s height and characterization

Character factors attached to Franky’s height.

Franky’s character

Franky is like an older brother to the crew, so he stands at a very tall height; it’s a testament to his character.

Franky’s Dream

Franky wants to make a ship that can go around the world, so he keeps making himself better and also taller to be able to sail with that great ship.

Franky’s potential

Franky is a cyborg, which means that he can grow however he wants and make himself taller, so his height can change with any upgrade.


And just like that, we have our answer, Franky is 240 cm, or 7’10 feet tall, and we know his place in the crew and his place in the One Piece world at large, and if you believe we’ve left anything out that could help in explaining Franky’s height, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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