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How tall is Brook ?

How tall is Brook

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Greetings, One Piece fans.

We welcome you to another post where we will look into the musician of the One Piece crew. That’s right, so today, we’ll be trying to figure out just how tall he actually was and currently is. So join us as we accurately answer the question, how tall is Brook?

We’ll be talking about the dead man who can play any instrument and is known for his melodious laughter, Brook. Brook was, for a very long time, the tallest member of the Straw Hats, 

I have been closely following One Piece characters since 2008 and will be acting as your guide as we look for an answer.

How tall is Brook in One Piece?

how tall is brook

Brook is one tall skeleton, one that never stops growing, even after death. Brook is a unique case, as he, other than Franky, had the largest height just in the crew, and he isn’t alive. Let’s look at his height.

Brook’s  height In feet In Cm
When he was alive 8’5 259 cm
Pre-time skip 8’9 266 cm
Post-time skip 9’1 277 cm

How tall was Brook when he was alive?

how tall is brook

In all honesty, we do not know how tall Brook was when he was still alive. But we do know that his height was slightly smaller than it was when the Straw Hats found him in the Florian Triangle. So by our best estimates, we can say that he was 8 and a half…ish feet tall, making him about 259 cm tall at the time.

How tall is Brook before the time skip?

how tall is brook

When the Straw Hats first met Brook on his haunted ship, lost in. the mist of the Florian Triangle, he was a scary sight. He was an abnormally tall skeleton, and the canonical estimates put his height at eight feet and nine inches tall, which would make him 266 cm. This put him at the tallest place in the crew for a long time.

How tall is Brook after the time skip?

how tall is brook

After the time skip, Brook somehow managed to get even taller. Even though he was dead, being free from Moria and having his shadow back made Brook grow a lot faster during the two years he spent performing as the soul king. He was Nine feet and one inch tall, or 277 cm tall, after the time skip.

Other questions about Brook’s height

Now we ask the necessary questions about Brook’s height by comparing him to other tall members of the crew and, in doing so, seeing what his place is in the world of One Piece.

Who is taller Brook or Franky?

The first height comparison for Brook is the man he took the title of tallest in the crew from, Franky. Franky, too, is a very tall character, and he can give Brook a run for his money, but despite all his modifications, he only stands at 240 cm in comparison to Brook’s 277 cm. This means that Brook is taller than Franky.

Who is taller Brook or Jinbei?

We will now make the same comparison for another character; why don’t we compare Brook’s height to the one who took his place as the tallest, Jinbei. Jinbei is a fish man, who is usually much taller than other humans, and that makes this comparison unfair. That means Jinbei, at this hulking 9′ 11 feet, or 301 cm, is significantly taller than Brook.

We talk about Jinbei’s height here, How tall is Jinbei ?

Who is taller Brook or Aokiji?

Brook is a dead man; he has been dead for a while. There is a theory that Admiral Aokiji is his son. Regardless of whether it is true or not, they share a resemblance, and that warrants a comparison between the two in terms of their height. So that is what we will do, but Aokiji is still taller than Brook at 298 cm, over Brook’s 277.

Brook’s height and characterization

Character factors attached to Brook’s height.

Brook’s persona

Brooks’s persona as a jolly dead man is supported by his whimsical height, and that adds to his character. He Vida his pain, and looks under his laugh and his tall height makes him able to make others laugh with his antics. And so the character of Brook is made.

Brook’s music

In a way, Brook’s height does not matter at all because his character is linked entirely to his music, the only thing that he needs to define himself. His height does still help, though, as he has his own special way of playing each instrument.

Brook’s place

Brook’s place, be he tall or small, is with his crew. His height makes him a formidable fighter, and his long legs let him run on water, but he is a Straw Hat through and through. And his height does not take away from that; it only adds to it, it adds to his character as a member of the Straw Hats.


So, now we have our answer, Brook is 277 cm, or 8’9 feet tall, and we know his place in the crew and his place in the One Piece world at large, and if you believe we’ve left anything out that could help in explaining Brook’s height, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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