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How tall is Jinbei? 

How tall is Jinbei

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Greetings, One Piece fans.
We welcome you to this special post where we will look into the newest of the One Piece crew. That’s right, today we’ll be talking about the helmsman of the crew, After Wano, he is officially the tallest member of the Strawhat crew. So today, we’ll be trying to figure out how tall he was and currently is. So join us as we accurately answer the question, how tall is Jinbei?

Jinbei, known as the First Son of the Sea, is a noble Fish man who has been with the crew since Fishman Island but has had to leave due to many commitments. 

I have been closely following One Piece characters since 2008 and will be acting as your guide as we look for an answer.

How tall is Jinbei in One Piece ?

how tall is jinbei


Being a Fish man means that Jinbei is naturally taller than humans, but as he is a Whale Shark fish man, he is also significantly large when compared to other fish men themselves. So, to get a more accurate idea of how tall he is now, let’s see how his height developed.

For a general overview

Jinbei’s  height In feet In Cm
When he was young <9ft <274cm
Pre-time skip 9’10 301 cm
Post-time skip 9’1 301 cm

How tall was Jinbei when he was young?

how tall is jinbei

In all honesty, we do not know exactly how tall Jinbei was during his youth; all we have is information from flashbacks when we saw him as a part of Fisher Tiger’s crew. In those days, Jinbei was still very tall, standing near Tiger himself, and far taller than Arlong and the others, so we can say that he was almost 9 feet tall, or around 274 centimeters, even in his youth.

How tall was Jinbei before the time skip?

how tall is jinbei

When Luffy first met Jinbei at impel down, he was already an adult, meaning that he had reached his maximum height, though there is no such thing as maximum height in the One Piece world. We say that because even at the time, Jinbei was nine feet and ten inches tall, a towering height that is unmatched by any other Strawhat. To put that into perspective, it’s about 301 cm.

How tall is Jinbei after the time skip?

how tall is jinbei

After the time skip, Jinbei did not grow any taller, he remained at the same height, and though both Brook and Franky grew to a great extent, they still did not reach Jinbei, as he still remained at his comparatively gargantuan 9’10, nearly 10 feet tall. His height, after the time skip, still remained 301 cm.

Other questions about Jinbei’s height

Now we ask the necessary questions about Jinbei’s height, and we will do so by comparing his height to that of the other tall Straw Hats and then with the very first Fish man we ever saw in the series.

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Who is taller Jinbei or Franky?

In the first height comparison for Jinbei, we will look at the eccentric Franky, the one who was supposed to be the helmsman of the crew before Jinbei joined and took the burden of that responsibility. Franky, after the time skips, stands at a confident 240 cm due to his augmentation and mechanization. This is still nowhere close to Jinbei and his naturally huge frame of 301 cm. So we know that Jinbei is taller than Franky.

Who is taller Jinbei or Brook?

We will now make the same comparison for another character; why don’t we compare Jinbei’s height to the character he took the title of tallest in the crew from, Brook. Brook is a skeleton, yet he somehow managed to get taller during the time skip, and this was no minor difference either; he became over 10 cm taller and was 277 cm tall after the time skip. But even that is not enough to match Jinbei at his 301 cm. So Jinbei is taller than Brook.

Who is taller Jinbei or Arlong?

But Jinbei is a Fish man, and the others, though they are by no means normal, are still humans, so maybe it is a fish man to who we need to compare Jinbei’s height too. The first major Fish man we saw in the series was At Long, and he had a connection with Jinbei as they were both on Fisher Tiger’s crew. As a fish man, At Long is also very tall; at 263 cm, he is still not as tall as Jinbei. So, Jinbei is taller than At Long.

Jinbei’s height and characterization

Character factors attached to Jinbei’s height.

Jinbei’s species

Jinbei is a whale shark fish man, which means that he is one of the largest kinds of fish in the sea. He is bigger than other fish men, backed simply by his race, and Oda knew how to use that, so he gave him a taller stature.

Jinbei’s fighting style

In a way, Jinbei’s titanic stature and his bigger frame so help him in using his fish-man karate. Which requires great force; that force comes from his big size as he redirects his weight to use water as a weapon.

Jinbei’s place

Jinbei’s solace in the crew is at the helm; he is a formidable fighter and is a tank that can take damage and still keep on fighting. He is durable, and all of that comes from his height and build. Jinbei is big, and he uses that to his advantage.


And just like that, we have our answer, Jinbei is 301 cm, or 9’10 feet tall, and we know his place in the crew and his place in the One Piece world at large, and if you believe we’ve left anything out that could help in explaining Jinbei’s height, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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