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How tall is Big Mom?

How tall is Big Mom

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We all know that One Piece always surprises us with big and powerful characters! Big Mom -or Charlotte Linlin- was always a mystery until her appearance after the timeskip, like many other important pirates, Linlin belonged to Rocks’ crew.

For this reason in this blog, we will answer the question : How tall is Big mom ? In exploring her height all along One Piece, even comparing her to other characters and what such size might imply.

In each of Big Mom’s appearances, we are thrilled to see her Machiavellian look, as if she is ready to attack at any moment and will enjoy every second of doing so, however, one of her most striking features is her height.

I’ve been a fan of One Piece for more than 10 years, and every time I end up more and more fascinated by its story, so I’m always catching up on the anime and manga, exploring this world is always exciting, so without further ado, let’s get started!

How tall is Big Mom in One Piece?

how tall is big mom

Although Big Mom is a fan of ‘collecting’ races in Whole Cake Island, she happens to be the most common of all: the human race.

So why is big mom so tall?

Many theorize that she’s half-giant, personally, I don’t think so, but with Oda you can never be 100% sure, even so, Charlotte is the tallest human recorded so far in One Piece.

Although we didn’t meet her before timeskip, we will estimate her height during her golden age and in her childhood, here is a quick look at her height changes:

/ Big Mom’s Height (in cm) Big Mom’s Height (in feet)
Child version 400 cm  (13’ 12’’)
Rocks’ pirates version (28 years) 650 cm  (21’ 32’’)
Timeskip version 880 cm  (29’)

How tall is young Big Mom ?

how tall is big mom

Big Mom has always been a huge character in height, even when she was a baby, being even much taller than her own parents, she surpassed them twice in size and, although it is not a reason to abandon her, we can already imagine that it was quite complicated to raise a child of those magnitudes.

And she was even much taller than any other human child, being almost a giant among humans.

There is no official height given by Oda, neither in the manga nor in the anime, but we can estimate how tall she must have been as a child from those two details.

Most likely her parents were no more than 200 cm tall, and the tallest child would surely be 100 cm –or 5’ feet tall-, being twice and three times taller than them we can estimate a height of 400 cm (13′ 12’’).

How tall is Big Mom before timeskip (Rocks Pirates)?

how tall is big mom

I had to check multiple times the heights of several images of her during that time, especially compared to her partner Whitebeard as she has always been taller among the beasts.

Whitebeard, one of the tallest humans, was approximately 600 cm (19’ 68’’) when he was part of the Rocks pirates, it would not be surprising if Linlin was at least 50 cm (1’ 64’’) taller than him. So we can calculate that his height was 650 cm (21′ feet).

How tall is Big Mom after timeskip?

how tall is big mom

This height has been confirmed, being the tallest woman -and human- so far, measuring 880 cm (29′ feet tall).

People also ask about Big Mom’s height

We have managed to see Big Mom’s height compared to other pirates, even Luffy, none of them are as tall or as intimidating as she is, but we will explore other options.

Big Mom height comparison with Whitebeard

Charlotte and Newgate were both part of the Rocks crew in their youth, although they later parted ways and both became important figures in the world of One Piece.

In addition, both are quite tall and powerful for humans, however, Whitebeard measured 21’10 » feet (666cm) tall, while Linlin is taller by 7′ feet tall (214 cm).

Big Mom height comparison with Blackbeard

Although neither has ever faced off against the other – as far as we know – we can clearly assume that Blackbeard would be a fairly small opponent for Big Mom’s height, measuring about 344 cm (11’3½ »), leaving a distance of 17’48 »’ (533 cm) between them.

We talk about Blackbeard’s height here, How tall is Blackbeard ?

Big Mom height comparison with Kaido

Teammates in the Rocks pirates and partners in crime during Wano’s arc, is there any greater friendship than theirs?

Besides, both turned out to be very tall, and powerful -not to mention ambitious-, yet Kaido is only 23’3.5″ (710 cm), while Big Mom happens to be taller than him by 5′ 57 » (170 cm).

Big Mom’s height and characterization

Undoubtedly Charlotte Linlin, besides being a pirate of great power, is the tallest human, which even makes us wonder how big would be some children between them and giants.

Maybe Big Mom is the tallest opponent Luffy will ever have unless she shares his race.

Big Mom’s height as a symbol of his strength

She is a pirate who enjoys being feared, loves to steal the lives of those who betray her, and has enormous power, however, hearing the woman’s footsteps -which sound similar to those of giants- could scare even the bravest pirate.

Big Mom’s height as a form of intimidation

Charlotte has many forms of intimidation, however, just showing up at that mammoth size would scare anyone, let alone all the crimes she’s committed as a pirate.


Big Mom throughout her life had eating problems, which surely influenced her height in one way or another, do you think she had giant ancestry in her family?

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