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How Strong is Gear 5?

How Strong is Gear 5

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For twenty-six years, Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece, One Piece, has held sway over the hearts of millions with its epic stories, captivating characters, and brilliant powers and abilities. As the Straw Hat crew sails towards the ultimate treasure, One Piece fans have always been curious about the story. They’ve always had questions about the personalities, traits, and power of the characters.

Among these burning questions, one that has recently been at the top of every fan’s mind: How strong is Gear 5?

In this blog post, we will look at the post power of Monkey. D Luffy’s powers and learn how strong the spirited and fearless captain of the Straw Hat Pirates really is. With more than two decades of storytelling, abilities, and powers, and recent interactions between Luffy and other Kaido, as well as his battle with Lucci, we’ll delve into the hints and possibilities scattered throughout the manga panels that indicate just how powerful the sun god Nika really is.

How Strong is Gear 5 with his powers ?

How Strong is Gear 5

It is a mystery to no fan of the series that during his battle with Kaido, Luffy was pushed to his limit and, as such, managed to unlock his awaken his devil fruit. This gave Luffy the power of the Sun God, Nika, or in other words, Joyboy. The easiest way to explain Luffy’s powers in this form is to say that they are limitless.

According to the Gorosei themselves, in this form, Luffy has the power to do anything he wants, and he is only bound by his own imagination. This means that as long as Luffy can imagine it, he can even change the nature of reality itself. The Gorosei called this « The most ridiculous power in the world. »

Even though we know that anything Luffy can imagine can materialize, what does that mean? How Strong does that make him?

How Strong is Gear 5 vs the Strongest creature ?

How Strong is Gear 5

We saw that after his awakening, Luffy was able to actively toy with Kaido. He was able to change the shape and form of not only the space around him but also of Kaido’s body, meaning he had the power to alter even living things. Despite his vast powers, Kaido could not land any damage on Gear 5.

This means that Gear 5 Luffy is at least strong enough to deal with the world’s strongest creature. But there is more; in this form, it is nearly impossible for Luffy to take any damage because his body is perfectly made of rubber, meaning no one can actually harm him.

This could very well mean Gear 5 is the strongest power in the show.

Gear 5: The things we have seen :

We have seen Luffy take and survive attacks that can break reality, we have seen him make people laugh with just how ridiculous his powers are, and we have seen him change everything and, okay, jump rope with a dragon.

Gear 5 has turned the actual ground into a carpet, and in his fight with Lucci, materialized matter out of thin air.

So, in other words, there really is no limit to what Gear 5 can do, which makes putting a ceiling in its strength a little hard.

Gear 5: On Egghead Island

In the most recent arc, we saw Luffy use gear 5 as his go-to form, flashing straight into it when he was faced by Rob Lucci of CP0. We saw Gear 5 make short work of an awakened Luchi. This shows that his power is beyond any previous measures.

We also know that it was not a one-time thing. Luffy can now take gear 5 form at will. This clearly indicates that Gear 5’s power is always accessible to Luffy.

Is Gear 5 the strongest?

According to everything we have seen and have been told, we can assume that a form like Gear 5 has no limit. Having no limit means that no matter how powerful a character is, Luffy can just become stronger. He can change reality, can grow into a giant, or create fire at will with Gear 5; Luffy’s wild and childish imagination is his greatest weapon.

It can be easily assumed that even if Gear 5 isn’t the strongest power in the series, it definitely has the potential to be. What does that mean? That means that strength is a relative concept of power with no limit.

For a character with a toon force that can literally rewrite the rules, what really is strength? So yes, Gear 5 Luffy is the strongest.

How Strong is Gear 5 ? Final Verdict :

Though saying this may end the series altogether, and only Oda himself can do that. From what we know and have recalled in this post, Luffy in Gear 5 has the theoretical potential to be the strongest character in the show.

Thus our answer to the question, how Strong is gear 5? Gear 5 is the strongest, stronger than Kaido, the Admirals, and even the pirate king.

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