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How powerful is Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro ?

How powerful is Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro

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The recent revelation of Saturn’s astonishing powers highlights Gorosei’s scale of power, which is nothing short of impressive.

Rumors suggest an intriguing ability of a new mythological creature: the strongest Yokai-related Devil Fruit and today, we will try to understand ; How powerful is Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro ?

This spicy detail adds an exciting twist to our stash of One Piece theories, stirring up excitement among our fellow fans.

Ready to join the thrill of unraveling this Yokai enigma?

A Yokai-inspired Devil Fruit

After much exploration into the rich Japanese folklore, we’re certain that Oda drew his inspiration for Saturn’s bestial form from the Yokai.

Following the same logic, the form of Nusjuro could also be one of these creatures. Here’s the question: “Which one exactly?”.

I already see the fans of “Gegege no Kitaro” thrilling up!

Through our expedition, we come across some rather interesting Yokai:

– The Hakuzōsu, with a physique that perfectly fits the silhouette seen at Levely;

– the Kurobōzu, also a perfect Yokai correspondance;

– and the Nurarihyon. We’re saving this one for later.

The Hakuzōsu bears a striking resemblance to Nusjuro’s silhouette, yet lacks the distinctive essence akin to Saturn’s Yokai.

On the other hand, the Kurobōzu, besides its humanoid form, is infamous as a creature that preys on people within their homes.

While it could be a fitting candidate, an even stronger match emerges: the « Nurarihyon ».

The strongest Yokai for the Strongest Gorosei’s Elder?

The Nurarihyon is a kind of lord of the Yokais. Special, isn’t it? Wait to see his overpowered abilities!

It’s known to be extremely discreet, sneaking into houses and serving himself tea without anyone noticing.

 Even if it sounds too random to be strong, the Nurarihyon will probably be the strongest of the Yokai abilities.

Surpassing all expectations, this seemingly unassuming entity possesses unmatched strength within the Yokai realm. 

It’s said to have :

  • the ability to blend into any environment to the point of invisibility
  • to be able to reach the pinnacle of intangibility. A living cheat code!

One crazier attack of the Hito Hito no Mi: model Nurarihyon would be a permanent intangibility state that all Logia could only dream of.

You’re right to be shocked! How come will he be defeated?

Maybe Nusjuro would be the occasion for Zoro to unlock a “dimension slash”. 

How about a more sinister nature for Nusjuro?

What if Nusjuro’s power wasn’t linked to a Devil Fruit?

We’re used to seeing creatures –like Dragons, Golems– and Devil Fruits inspired by real-life legends.

Didn’t Saturn’s summoning pentagram give you a hint? 

The reactions of Zoro, Luffy, Rob Lucci, and Kizaru after his appearance, and the way Jinbe perceives his presence as ominous, all merit consideration. 

We are encountering something unprecedented!

As the theory has it, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro would thus be a demonic entity, as would the other members of the Gorosei — comprising Imu, the being who sits on the throne.

Keep a sharp eye on the trail of this theory!

How powerful is Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro ? My thought :

Nusjuro’s Devil Fruit is inevitably linked to a yokai like Saturn, and the theory that he is a demon adds a fascinating dimension to One Piece.

I’m sure there will be plenty of awe in the sequel.

Take care and keep up the vibe by checking out the Yokai abilities of the rest of the Gorosei.

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