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Does Zoro have conqueror’s Haki ?

Does Zoro have conqueror’s Haki

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Throughout One piece story, we have been given to witness powerful and infamous antagonists, as Kaido. However, amid the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro the swordsman, performed stunning power-ups while fighting him. As a relevant fighter of the crew, he developed abilities as Haki, during his entire progress.

Today, we will answer the question : Does Zoro have conqueror’s Haki ? So,all the different Haki types Zoro possesses are going to be unveiled. You will find all relevant clues and chapter/episode precisions coming from, whether the anime or manga.
You can find more information about Luffy’s haki here : “When does Luffy learn haki?

Many other crunchy facts we found in additional contents related to One piece, awaits you down below. Also spoil alert for those who haven’t watched it yet.

So, let’s jump straight into the subject, and stay posted till the very end.

Can Zoro use conqueror’s haki?

The most propitious and rare of all Haki types is indeed the Conqueror’s Haki, also known as “the Color of the Supreme King”. This Haki type allows its users to gain valuable strength and defense. 

Apart from that, using Conqueror’s Haki can provide secondary abilities: knock out enemies, either person or animal; unleash frightening aura waves to intimidate; enhancing objects and weapons resistance during fights.

Aside, while strengthened, it can even damage inanimate objects. It has been shown that when Shanks used it, at such a point, it slightly cracked the ship’s wood.

Generally, people who possess Conqueror’s Haki are born to reign above people. They actually need to have great ambitions, prominent purposes to thrive.

Whether Kaido, Luffy, Big Mom, or Shanks, all of them own the “qualities of a king” needed to lead hordes, and establish their domination.

When did Zoro use conqueror’s haki?

As far as Zoro is concerned, we have been looking for clues that he owns Conqueror’s Haki abilities, ages ago. We already know that Luffy owns it, since he is extremely determined to become the next Pirate King.

Even if Zoro is the second of the crew, he possesses the qualities of a leader, of a king.

Actually, we can genuinely behold it, during the Wano arc, when Zoro was fighting against the Emperor Kaido.

During this fight, he enabled the Color of the Supreme King, without even realizing what he did.

What episode did Zoro use conqueror’s haki?

Overpassing his own limits, Zoro has displayed an epic fight scene, one of the most outstanding one in the anime. A scene that, indeed, can make anyone thrilled.

The fight actually takes place in episode 1027.

After Kaido knocked out all of the others members of the Minks, Zoro faced Kaido, to protect Luffy.

He instinctively enabled the Conqueror’s Haki, and performed his Asura mode, which allowed him to slice Kaido’s torso, adding another scar. The Emperor was extremely astonished, when he noticed that Zoro was using this type of Haki. 

He even glimpsed Oden’s aura in Zoro at this right moment, and felt shortly, fear once again.

Zoro using Conqueror’s Haki, has been foreshadowed in episode 984, where he has been shown using it to knock down some of the Beasts Pirates members.

Also, we can notice that some of the Supernova already said that Zoro doesn’t have the profile of a follower, but instead is qualified to be a leader, just as a king.

Even if Zoro serves under Luffy, he is nonetheless worthy to take the lead.

Another intriguing fact happens when Luffy used Conqueror’s Haki to stop the Bull in episode 389, right after the time skip. All of the crew’s members were surprised by his power, apart from Zoro who even said that if his captain wasn’t able to do such a thing, he should be demoted. Zoro showed thus, that he couldn’t stay under anyone weaker than, comforting his kingly-like personality.

Does Zoro have Armament haki?

Another type of Haki is the Armament Haki, also known as the Color of Arms Haki

The Armament Haki basically allows its users to harden their body, while increasing both defense and attack. Doing so, someone using this ability can deal physical damage to opponents with strong defenses, including the Logia and Paramecia Devil Fruit type users.

Before the time skip, the Armament Haki wasn’t really visible when activated. However, we have started seeing after the time skip.

From there on, Armament Haki’s users appear to have a dark layer skin on the members enhanced with this Haki.

Further uses can be to imbue weapons of Armament Haki, increasing the damage dealing proficiency and resistance.

For skilled users, it is possible to generate bursting waves of Haki to propel opponents, or even to infuse Haki, directly inside opponents’ bodies, to maximize injuries. 

Briefly, Armament Haki helps to improve damage and offense.

What episode does Zoro use Armament haki?

Zoro has been shown several times using the Armament Haki after the time skip.

However, he uses it only when battles become challenging, or when fighting against opponents with strong defense or inner abilities, just like Logia user. 

In episode 613, Zoro fought against Monet using the Color of Arms Haki, in Punk Hazard Arc. 

All the fight long, Monet was using her snow control abilities to have the upper hand on Tashigi.

Monet was about to kill Tashigi, but Zoro interfered. Only using one of his swords, he imbued his katana with Armament Haki and threw a slicing wave to Monet. What literally sliced Monet in two pieces.

Zoro also demonstrates his swordsmanship against Pica’s golem form, in episode 719.

Launched towards the Golem by Orlumbus, Zoro enhanced his katanas by the Armament haki, and sliced straight through it, despite how huge it was. Certifying by the way how accurate his swordsmanship was.

Does Zoro have Observation haki?

The other type, quite useful, we are going to discuss is the Color of Observation, commonly known as Observation Haki. 

It has been referred to as the ability of sensing “the breath of all things”.

This type of Haki is extremely useful in fights. 

Actually, it basically allows its users to locate people’s strength or feel their presence by aura. They can also detect their emotions.

Another thing which makes it propitious, is the ability to pre-sense enemies’ next moves.

Most like intuition, they can predict what the opponents are about to do, by reading intuition. 

For advanced users, as Katakuri, it’s literally possible to see clearly a few seconds in the future: what enemies will do or even say.

We beheld it during Katakuri ‘s fight against Luffy, in Whole Cake Island. He was almost untouchable at the beginning of the fight, since he was avoiding Luffy’s attacks, using Observation Haki.

It is also perfectly fit to counterattack during a fight, and almost avoid every enemy’s attacks.

What episode does Zoro use Observation haki?

Many times throughout the story, we have noticed that Zoro unconsciously uses the Color of Observation.

The first time was in Alabasta Arc, in episode 119, during his fight against Mr. 1.

While the fight was going wrong for him, he remembered his master’s advice, then, achieved a new level of perception. So accurate, that he was able to feel even objects surrounding him. Therefore, he quite easily avoided Mr.1’s attack, and defeated him. 

Except during the fight, he displays that ability by sensing Batman in the air, in episode 900.

He also detected the presence of a “monster” in Ryugu Palace.

All of these abilities Zoro possesses make him a valuable “nakama” for the crew, and also a fierce opponent for their enemies. As the great fighter he is, Zoro deserves to stand alongside Luffy, leading the Straw Hat Pirates farther and beyond.

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