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Can Zoro Beat Sasuke?

Can Zoro Beat Sasuke

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Hello Nakama!

Another battle between the franchises of Naruto and One Piece is about to happen, and this time, it’s between the two deuteragonists of the aforementioned anime series! First off, we have our “World’s Strongest Swordsman,” Roronoa Zoro, the trusted right-hand man of Monkey D. Luffy, who will be going up against “Avenger,” Sasuke Uchiha! 

Zoro went headfirst against Naruto, which didn’t turn out so well for him. You can read more about it here. Now that the dust has settled and a new challenger is approaching, here’s a burning question. Can Zoro Beat Sasuke? Or will Sasuke have the upper hand?

Come on aboard and set sail with me in this post, as I’ll be your trusted guide once again. Seeing as I’ve been a One Piece fan for the past 15 years, I can’t wait to tell you how this battle will unfold!

Zoro vs Sasuke

The one thing about Zoro, apart from his wrong sense of direction and often disturbed sleep-cycle routine, is that he never backs down against ANY type of enemy presented against him.

This may be his biggest strength and his biggest weakness, yet one must know his capabilities when fighting against a stronger opponent. Now, Zoro is no weak fighter; let me tell you that. But let us see who he is being pitted against.

“The Last Survivor of the Uchiha Clan” and “Avenger”, Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto series. Throughout the whole saga, his strength is shown to be equal to that of his bitter rival, Naruto Uzumaki! (If you’ve seen the series, you would definitely know.)

Anyhow, starting out as someone who wanted to avenge the massacre of his clan, he eventually found the truth of it and became an antagonist for the most part just to gain more power. Thanks to his mastery over the Sharingan and the Rinnegan, he is a VERY formidable opponent to deal with, and seeing as he is an expert swordsman, he would be the perfect opponent for Zoro to fight against!

But enough talk. Let us find out who will be the last man standing amongst the two gladiators! 

Categories for battle assessment

Here are the categories for the fight:

  • Strength 
  • Speed 
  • Power (destructive capabilities)
  • Endurance 
  • IQ 
  • Battle IQ 
  • Haki vs Jutsu

Can Zoro beat Sasuke in terms of Strength?

Remember at the beginning of the Return to Sabaody arc, Zoro casually sliced a ship he was sleeping on? This shows the innate strength he has within him, which is pretty much displayed when fighting against a myriad of enemies such as Pica, Hody Jones, Kaido, and King.

Sasuke’s process of gaining absolute Strength was gradual as he got stronger with time thanks to his resolve. He physically clashed with Itachi, fought with Killer B, Hanzo, Obito in his Jinchuuriki form, and Kaguya Otsusuki. All of whom are tougher than any of the rogue gallery that One Piece presents.

Sasuke stomps Zoro in terms of Strength.

Can Zoro beat Sasuke in terms of Speed?

Now, this is a definite fact that Zoro is one of the fast characters in One Piece thanks to his constant training; where he was able to blitz a Pacifista, Hody Jones in Underwater, matched Hyrbid Kaido when severely injured, AND blitzed Scratchmen Apoo as well as Flame-On King.

Sasuke is on a whole other level when it comes to speed since he kept up with Itachi, another fast character in the series (and his elder brother, of course), and thanks to his attacks Kirin and Chidori, this makes him all the more faster!

Let’s not forget he dodged Killer B’s Kyubi Cloak Assault and Fourth Raikage’s Elbow Assault. One notable feature, though, is that he kept up with Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto and Dual Rinnegan Juubi Jinchuuriki Madara, which is the standard for the speed set up within their universe.

Sasuke blitzes Zoro in terms of Speed.

Can Zoro beat Sasuke in terms of Power (Destructive Capabilities)?

Zoro’s Destruction is pretty much well-known and oft-feared in the world of One Piece and makes anyone think twice about crossing him.

He casually sliced a ship in his sleep after the two-year time skip, cut off a cliff with the legendary famed sword, Enma, and held back a combined attack from Hybrid Kaido and Cognac Big Mom. Moreover, if he can overpower Fujitora’s Gravity, he is practically unstoppable.

Compare all that with Sasuke; Zoro would fall short. Let me tell you why. In terms of Destruction, his Susano’o is his trump card, and it’s a heavy hitter. There are forms to his Susano’o, but his Perfect Form is his strongest by far, and it evenly clashed with the likes of Juubi Avatar Obito.

Sasuke overwhelms Zoro in terms of Power (Destructive Capabilities).

Can Zoro beat Sasuke in terms of Endurance?

Zoro’s Endurance prowess never fails to fall short as he can withstand his own attacks as well as Pica’s (who can definitely match Zoro’s attacking power).

On top of all that, he withstood the combined attack of Hybrid Kaido and Cognac Big Mom, which he stated would kill all of the Supernova’s if they ever got hit, yet was severely injured and still standing. If this guy can tank hits and point-blank explosions from Flame-On King, nothing can stop him, I can bet on that.

Compare that with Sasuke; he’d have a tougher time holding his guard. Sasuke survived Killer B’s attacks and one of Kabuto’s Suitons. Thanks to his Susano’o ability, he tanked hits from Kaguya Otsutsuki as well as Kurama Avatar Naruto, which is definitely the higher standard of all strong attacks here.

Sasuke beats Zoro in terms of Endurance.

Can Zoro beat Sasuke in terms of IQ?

Zoro only has his poor sense of direction that draws him back; otherwise, he is a pretty smart guy for a swordsman.

In the case of Sasuke, he is short-tempered and can get a bit over-confident, and the fact that he can be easily manipulated emotionally can be his downfall. Zoro takes the cake in this one.

Zoro beats Sasuke in terms of IQ.

Can Zoro beat Sasuke in terms of Battle IQ?

Oh, Zoro is a literal beast when it comes to battle, and he is shown to be a genius when fighting. Even more so than Luffy, arguably. He always thinks outside of the box and manages to get the upper hand.

Sasuke is literally the embodiment of having a perfect Battle I.Q as his “Sharingan”, or “Copy Wheel Eye”, literally copies all of the moves that his opponents will display. This would giving him a big jump start in the opening of the battle.

Sasuke beats Zoro in terms of Battle IQ.

Can Zoro beat Sasuke in terms of Haki?

Zoro doesn’t have any Devil Fruit power but his mastery over all three forms of Haki can make him a pretty deadly opponent. 

Sasuke’s Jutsu is of variable kinds as well. His Water Jutsu may not affect Zoro at all but his rest of the elemental jutsu’s might.

Sasuke’s Jutsu would win over Zoro’s Devil Fruit Power/Haki.

Conclusion  :

This battle was written before it even began. Sasuke would have the upper hand in this one and would totally defeat Zoro without even breaking a sweat.

This one is another win for the Naruto series.

Sasuke beats Zoro with a high difference.


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