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Can Zoro Beat Naruto?

Can Zoro Beat Naruto

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Hello Nakama!

It’s time for another crossover battle between two titans of the anime community i.e. Naruto and One Piece! 

Now, you know Zoro, the second-in-command of the Straw Hat fleet, Luffy’s right-hand man and soon to be the World’s Strongest Swordsman! If anything happens to Luffy, even a scratch, you know Zoro will go berserk about it. Seeing as Naruto has completely thrashed Luffy, the question remains, Can Zoro Beat Naruto?

As always, I’ll be your trusted guide throughout this post, and seeing that I’ve been a One Piece fan since 2008, I can’t wait to tell and show you how this bloodbath unfolds!

Zoro vs Naruto

Ah, yes, Zoro. Our favorite Marimo swordsman was instantly a fan-favorite from the moment he met Luffy for the first time and ate food that had fallen on the ground when a girl offered him.

Not only that, his firm resolve to become the World’s Strongest Swordsman after his defeat from Dracule Mihawk made us like him even more! His constant bickering with Sanji and his unique sense of direction does give a laugh, but his sheer loyalty to his captain and his undying resolve made us lock our love for him!

In the previous battle, Naruto and Luffy faced off against one another, with the former proving victorious over the latter by a huge margin! This proved to be quite shocking, given the huge power gap between the two! Read about it here!

If you’ve read the previous battle between Naruto and Luffy before, you would know that the former has stomped the latter quite literally. Seeing as Zoro has defeated a myriad of enemies way stronger and tougher than him, such as Pica from the Dressrosa arc, King from Wano Arc, dealt a few blows to Kaido as well, Zoro would have no problem fighting Naruto as well. But seeing as his captain is injured, things just got personal for the swordsman.

Seeing as Naruto is an opponent not to be taken lightly, the question still remains, Can Zoro Beat Naruto? Or would the opposite happen? Let’s find out below and see who emerges victorious!

Categories for battle assessment

Here are the categories for the fight:

  • Strength
  • Speed 
  • Power (destructive capabilities)
  • Endurance 
  • IQ 
  • Battle IQ 
  • Devils fruit vs Jutsu

Can Zoro Beat Naruto in terms of Strength?

As said before, Zoro’s one-shotted Pica during the Dressrosa Arc, which requires A LOT of raw strength, along with the fact that he casually clashed with Scratchman Apoo (who had just fought the Hybrid form of X-Drake) and pitted against King as well.

He even withheld Cognac Big Mom’s and Hybrid Kaido’s combined Hakai attack, which may have broken Zoro’s bones but left him standing in one piece!

Contrarily, Naruto has battled opponents who are considerably more difficult than those Luffy has met, including Planetary Level foes like Madara Uchiha, Kaguya, Toneri, Momoshiki, and Isshiki Otsutsuki. It will be harder for Luffy to defeat Naruto now that he has beaten them off.

Naruto stomps Zoro in terms of Strength.

Can Zoro Beat Naruto in terms of Speed?

If there is one thing that Zoro is known for, it is his intense training regimen, whether in the field of strength, endurance, or speed, Zoro will definitely go all in to improve his abilities. And it shows since he completely blitzed the likes of Hody Jones in Fishman Arc, Speedblitzed Scratchman Apoo and King.

The Momoshiki Clan is much faster than the speed of light and unquestionably faster than the enemies in the One Piece verse, which puts Naruto’s foes on a completely different level.

Naruto blitzes Zoro in terms of Speed.

Can Zoro Beat Naruto in terms of Power (Destructive Capabilities)?

Zoro trained through hell just to have his strength improved, and it is proven when he used Oden’s legendary sword, Enma, which sliced a cliff off from the island while draining massive amounts of Haki from him. This goes to show how much Destructive Power our swordsman has and King was teh first one to witness it fully.

As stated in the previous article before, in the case of Naruto, destroying Toneri and Fused Momoshiki in his Kurama Avatar Form requires Planetary Level amount of destruction. Zoro won’t be able to handle that.

Naruto overwhelms Zoro in terms of Power (Destructive Capabilities).

Can Zoro Beat Naruto in terms of Endurance?

Zoro’s Endurance is unmatched ad unparalleled amongst the straw hat crew. This is due to the fact that he once absorbed every single amount of pain Luffy has ever endured during Pre-Timeskip from Bartholomew Kuma. Since then, his resilience against the likes of Cognac Big Mom, Hybrid Kaido, and Full Zoan King by using his Asura Form against them despite suffering from injuries proved nothing short of Multi-Continental.

If Naruto has faced opponents on Planetary Level, I’m sure he possesses the durability and endurance necessary to battle them back. He actually made it through an explosion that left a crater in the Moon! And you anticipate Zoro to defeat him in such a manner!?

Naruto beats Zoro in terms of Endurance.

Can Zoro Beat Naruto in terms of IQ?

Naruto’s rise to Hokageship is pretty familiar and well-known among everyone. He used to be a clear dunce back in the starting days, but now age and experience have made him none the wiser as he thinks outside the box and comes up with ingenuity that proves effective later on.

Apart from Zoro losing his way and having a bad sense of direction, he does have a basic idea of assessing and analyzing situations to the best of his abilities. Not on the level of where Naruto is.

Naruto beats Zoro in terms of IQ.

Can Zoro Beat Naruto in terms of Battle IQ?

Thanks to Naruto’s pranks in his old childhood days, he has gotten a better hold of his battle tactics and uses them to his advantage, which lands him in a better spot in the case of tactical situations.

Zoro’s Battle IQ is not to be considered lightly either since he can come up with tactics that can be straight-up advantageous for him to win. Compared to Naruto, I think he’s on equal footing.

Zoro and Naruto are equal in terms of Battle IQ.

Can Zoro Beat Naruto in terms of Devil Fruit power?

Zoro’s not a Devil Fruit user, but he is definitely a master of all three forms of Haki, both in Basic and Advanced Forms. This makes him all the more deadlier, and his attacks are improved immensely.

Naruto has the use and adept mastery of his Jutsus and can summon any Element under his command. Combine all elements against Zoro, and the latter would be gone in a moment unless he puts up a fight, which he will.

Naruto’s Jutsu would win over Zoro’s Devil Fruit Power.

Conclusion  :

It looks like it’s the same conclusion, just as before. Zoro may have been bloodlusted against Naruto, seeing that his captain has been defeated by him, but Naruto would definitely stomp Zoro with ease

This looks like another win for the Naruto fandom. Looks like they’re on a roll this time!

Naruto beat Zoro with a high difference.

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