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Can Zoro beat Jinbei ?

can zoro beat jinbei

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As our affectionate characters progress in One Piece’s story, we can get lost while trying to estimate their real potential. That also fuels our curiosity about how confrontation between some of them, with their updated improvements, will go on.

Right now, it’s all about two of Luffy’s crewmates.

We are going to pick up the essential qualities of Zoro and Jinbei, in a fight, and then compare them, by giving points. And, then, figure out the winner.

Anew, I will be your dedicated servant for this experience. I’m always glad to contribute to our great One Piece’s community, which I belong to from 2008 till now. And, I am truly hopeful that you’ll appreciate this article.

Stick around and… Here we go!

Zoro vs Jinbei, the categories :


As I’ve mentioned, we are going to proceed by choosing the most worthy fighter, about qualities that are important in a duel.

Last detail, we are considering all what happened in the story, up to Wano Country. And eventually, considering the manga updates.

Thus, we’ll have :

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Power
  • Battle IQ

Can Zoro beat Jinbei on Strength?


Let’s start off with the sharky Fish-man Jinbei.

We have seen him many times displaying his immense strength, even for a Fish-man. He managed to duel with some impressive characters, such as Big Mom, one of the strongest Emperors.

His Fish-man karate is also reliable, with his memorable Shoulder Throw, which he utilized to lift her, literally.

Although, when we know that our samurai Zoro, withstanded the nefarious combined attack of 2 Emperors, it becomes doubtful to support our Fish-man here. Probably, it’s a long-term result of his training, and maybe the “saitama vibe” manifested.

It’s crystal clear that Zoro owns 1 point, in the Strength contest.

Can Zoro beat Jinbei on Speed?


Moving along to Jinbei, he is able to reach Luffy in Gear 2nd, soon enough to prevent him from attacking Blackbeard, at Impel Down.

Also, when Akainu was about to kill Ace first, he interrupted him just on time. But when it comes to water surfaces, Jinbei, as a Fish-man, is literally a “rocket”, and in such cases, he is extremely mobile.

Nevertheless, Zoro displayed blitzing skills several times. Whether when avoiding all Kuma’s lightspeed attacks, or while performing attacks that his buddies couldn’t even follow, against the dead-alive Ryuma.

Added to that, his reflexes are just incredible.

Nevertheless, it’s going to be a draw, since we know that Zoro wins at the surface, and Jinbei blitzes it all under sea.

Can Zoro beat Jinbei on Endurance?


Jinbei is particularly known to be resistant.

Not everybody could get his abdomen pierced by magma, and remain conscious. Or getting stabbed by Big Mom’s flaming sword, and surviving.

However, Jinbei could not compete with Zoro in terms of resilience.

Most of Zoro’s memorable fights were wear-and-tear competitions. The outstanding feat which got stuck in mind for so long was at Thriller Bark. That moment when Zoro took all of Luffy’s suffering and fatigue, added to his, and yet, stayed upright.

And, I don’t even know how he was still alive after intaking the absurdly powerful attack of the two Emperors, at Wano.

It makes sense to grant this point to Zoro here.

Can Zoro beat Jinbei on Haki?


In this contest, we will have three points to earn. One for each type of Haki.

  • Both Zoro and Jinbei master the Armament Haki. Zoro often imbues his blades, and Jinbei, his fist while dealing punches.

However, the latter is much more experienced in the matter. He knows how to use the advanced Armament Haki, which Zoro didn’t display or learn.

So, Jinbei deserves this point.

  • About the Observation Haki, they are also official users. Even if Zoro’s reflexes are really accurate, Jinbei is nonetheless capable of keeping up.

That’s why we have to put an equality here; no one of them has the advanced Observation Haki, so that we can decide.

  • Third Haki contest: the Color of Conqueror’s Haki. Pretty obviously, we know that Jinbei doesn’t own the Conqueror’s Haki, or at least, we didn’t see it.

Just as you felt it coming, I attest that Zoro is a valuable user of the Conqueror’s Haki.

It was shown in the manga, at Wano’s battlefield, when Zoro realized the exploit of injuring Kaido, the “Strongest Creature”.

Therefore, Zoro wins 1 point.

In this contest, we have a total of 1 point for each side, and a draw too.

Can Zoro beat Jinbei on Power?


Here, we will have to put our contestants in their prime conditions. Meaning that Jinbei will have the advantage of being near or underwater.

Thus, that will be a great buff for his Fish-man Karate abilities.

And, on the other hand, Zoro will keep the coast-slicer katana, said Enma.

He will have his two of his greatest swords, Shisui and Wado Ichimonji with him too.

Jinbei has real control over fields with water. And, with the advanced Armament Haki, he is even greater.

On Zoro’s side, he is highly busted with Enma. Even if he doesn’t fully master it, the destruction scale is just insane. If its slightest slash happens to hit Jinbei, he will hardly survive. 

And, even if he does, he is going to be severely injured. Never underestimate a skilled swordsman.

Going further and allowing Zoro to employ the Conqueror’s Haki and the Ashura Mode will be overwhelming.

For sure, Zoro receives this point.

Can Zoro beat Jinbei on Battle IQ?


Jinbei, since he is a former warlord, is a skilled tactician. He proved it many times, from Impel Down to Marineford. Obviously, Zoro fighting couldn’t compete.

Most of the time, against strong enemies, Zoro used to tank attack, and progressively analyze his opponent’s fighting style. It will be hard to display more expertise than Jinbei.

That makes Jinbei the winner of our last contest, gaining 1 point.



We are at the end of this battle: with Zoro having a total of 4 isolated points, and 2 points for Jinbei. And, the winner is Zoro, due to his tremendous destruction scale and his resistance. Jinbei’s speed and battle IQ is not enough.

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