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Can Sanji beat Jinbei ?

Can Sanji beat Jinbei

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In the One Piece universe, most of the characters evolved in such an unpredictable way. And, we’re all curious about how fights with our favorite characters will go on, at their current level. It implicates this time, two of the Straw Hats members.

As you guessed, we are going to confront the prominent fighting qualities of Sanji and Jinbei, and choose the true winner.

Today, I will be your guide in this journey. And, it’s a real pleasure to talk about our shared passion, One Piece’s universe, which I’ve started exploring from 2008 till now. I hope you will have fun reading this article.

So, let’s have a seat and enjoy.

Sanji vs Jinbei, the categories

To take into consideration as many aspects as possible, we will first set some patterns. Doing so will help us to have the most relevant view on this fight.

Quick reminder. All what’s incoming, is based on the events up to Wano Country Arc. We are even going to implement everything we know so far, and even in the manga.

According this categorization, we will have:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Power
  • Battle IQ

Both of our contestants are known to be incredibly strong actually. All praises deserved.

On the left, we have Sanji, the Vinsmoke unacknowledged and member of the Monster Trio. On the right, the Merman and ex-Warlord of the crew, said Jinbei.

Ready, Go!

Can Sanji beat Jinbei on Strength?

Let’s start off with Jinbei.

Even among Mermans, Jinbei is abnormally strong. He was able to stand Big Mom’s flaming sword attack, without real damages. Added to that, he is a fierce master of Fish-man Karate.

However, we have all seen Sanji at an impressive level, lately at Wano.

His Devil Jambe was recently able to blow away the massive full-form of Queen. The same one who knocked down Big Mom, right before she found back her memories.

His Black Style got better too; Page One tasted it many times.

Even more, considering the destructive Ifrit Jambe showcased in the manga, we can say that Sanji wins the Strength contest.

Can Sanji beat Jinbei on Speed?


Thanks to the Sky Walk, Sanji is shown to make dashes in close combat, as the one with the “zoom-zoom rapper”, Queen. Therefore, he is highly mobile during fights, and can dodge or leap over strikes.

Also, in the manga, Sanji was so fast that Queen couldn’t get to see him. Even closer to Kizaru’s speed.

When it comes to Jinbei, we know he can keep up with Luffy in Gear 2; stunning, but not that much.

But, it’s something else, when he is underwater. Merman skills, you know. Even if Sanji uses his Blue Walk, he can’t blitz the Sumo-ish Fish-man.

Here, Sanji gets this point in this Speed contest. When the show comes to take place underwater, Jinbei is more advantaged. Unluckily, fights don’t always take place in sea pools.

Can Sanji beat Jinbei on Endurance?


We all know how resistant Jinbei is. Not only did he manage to handle Akainu’s magma punch, he stayed conscious a few minutes after. He also stalled Big Mom several times. Jinbei is just a real “rock”.

Concerning Sanji, his genetic abilities awakened, he became insanely resistant and durable.

Queen even broke his sword, aiming at the back of his neck, without harming him, lately in the manga. Remember the vibe when as “Soba-Mask”, he survived King’s piercing strike, as a pteranodon.

The Germa’s technology Endurance takes the edge in this contest, and Sanji grabs this point (ironically unfair to Jinbei).

Can Sanji beat Jinbei on Haki?


Moving along with Haki abilities, we are going to have 3 points to earn here. As you already understand, one for each type of Haki.

  • About Armament Haki, both Sanji and Jinbei are known to be skilled users. But here, expertise talks.

Jinbei actually masters the Advanced Armament Haki. Perfect proof is the recent fight/slaughter of Who’s Who.

Jinbei owns 1 point.


  • About Observation Haki, the two of them use it too. But, so far, Sanji is more advanced than Jinbei. The latter already acknowledged it to Luffy in the anime, right before bumping into Who’s Who’s playing yard.

So here, Sanji owns 1 point.


  • About the Color of the Conqueror, none of them officially displayed it. But I assume the most likely to unlock it, if it were to happen further, will be Jinbei. His mindset is more akin to a Conqueror, as we saw it many times ago.


Can Sanji beat Jinbei on Power?

Let’s first put our two fighters in their prime conditions.

Most of the greatest battles Jinbei gave were actually near or underwater.

Along with his Fish-man Karate, that can infer a lot in terms of damages.

It’s like having his whole potential strike increased. This great advantage will help Jinbei to bend water flows with his shoulder throw or varieties.

He would have great control over the field. Beware all talking sharks in the sea.

Added to his advanced Color of Armament Haki, he will be simply powerful.

As for Sanji, let’s say he is wearing the “Raid Suit”. Benefiting from the invisibility ability of his suit, he could perform “hide and strike” attacks, whenever he wants. And, the shield generated by his cape is an asset too.

Besides, he would literally be rising hell with insane attacks of Ifrit Jambe.

Since, he won’t be worrying about being burnt, the heat will be rising continuously. Why not think about a “Hell Memories” with blue flames, probably. But we didn’t see that much about it yet.

That’s why we give this point to Jinbei. Advantaging field for him. We are talking about nothing, but a fierce master of Fish-man Karate. And, water taking over fire somehow…

Can Sanji beat Jinbei on Battle IQ?


As a former warlord, Jinbei is a valuable strategist.

Whether when the evaders of Impel Down were trying to escape, or when Luffy and Whitebeard allies were about to reach Marineford, I was stunned by the way he guessed what the enemy was planning.

Sanji couldn’t compete with such a level of experience and knowledgeability.

That makes Jinbei the winner of the last contest.



We are reaching the end with, on Sanji’s side: the Strength, Speed, Endurance and Observation Haki points. And, on Jinbei’s side, the Armament Haki, the Power and Battle IQ points.

What makes Sanji our winner, and a victory at High-difficulty. All empathy to Jinbei.

Take a look on his fight vs Zoro !

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