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Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy ?

Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy?

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Hello, Nakama!
As it is customary to debate whether one anime character from a well-known and beloved series would stand victorious against another anime character from a different yet similarly adored series, we’ll see what the end-result becomes of this fated showdown between three famous titans of the anime industry.

In today’s article, we’ll be seeing who will prove victorious in this 2v1 match in a crossover between Naruto and One-Piece!

In the red corner, we have Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw-Hat Fleet and one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, and in the blue corner, we have two opponents to face Luffy! The Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki himself, and his trusted confidant, Sasuke Uchiha!

As always, I’ll be your trusted guide throughout this post, and seeing that I’ve been a One Piece fan since 2008, I can’t wait to tell you how this goes!

Sasuke and Naruto vs Luffy

Ah, yes. Sasuke and Naruto. The two heroes of the Naruto series represent the darker and lighter perspectives of life within the series, respectively. Once upon a time, they were teammates under the tutelage of Kakashi Hatake, who would be the future Sixth Hokage but then events of Naruto happened and Sasuke had to leave the village to fulfill his desire for vengeance with a necessary altercation with Naruto.

Of course, that didn’t stop the both of them to get stronger and stronger throughout the series as the two eventually clashed during the events of Naruto Shippuden and finally settled their differences once and for all after the Fourth Great Ninja War was over, resulting in each of them losing a hand while getting stronger.

Now, that the dust has settled, Naruto has become the Seventh Hokage and Sasuke, while exiled, is the village protector. But when the two see Luffy defeating all of the village members, they must act fast.

You can’t blame Luffy in this one either, he doesn’t blindly attack people and I’m pretty sure the ninjas were itching for a fight, so they got one.

Let’s see how Naruto in his Baryon Mode and Sasuke in his prime would fare against Post-Wano Luffy with Gear 5 unlocked.

Categories for battle assessment

As stated in previous posts, it won’t be fair to just pit two random fighters from different universes against each other and start a brawl between them for no reason. Rules and norms are mandatory for this.

So we’ll judge the battle with the criteria written below:

  • Strength 
  • Speed 
  • Power (destructive capabilities)
  • Endurance 
  • IQ and Battle IQ
  • Devil fruit power vs Jutsu (Abilities)
  • X factor

Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy in terms of Strength?

Remember in the previous article where Luffy almost solo’ed the Naruto verse where he can get to use his Bajrang Gun which is roughly the size of an island, on some of the toughest Shinobi out here? 

Sasuke may have strong jutsus but they might not be enough to bring Luffy down. Naruto, on the other hand, may just have the right amount of power to keep up with Luffy. That, too, at the cost of his lifespan as well as Kurama’s (The Nine-Tailed Beast inside Naruto.) So, the Seventh might have to make calculated moves to bring him down.

Luffy may have an upper hand against Sasuke but Naruto overwhelms him in terms of Strength.

Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy in terms of Speed?

Right. Fast and Luffy are pretty synonymous since he dodged Pacifista beams at a younger age and blitzed the likes of Katakuri, Kaidou and Kizaru.

Sasuke and Naruto, on the other hand, would be way too fast for Luffy to catch up to. You must be wondering why. I’ll tell you.

Naruto, in his Six Paths Sage Mode, has blitzed the likes of Kaguya, Momoshiki, and Isshiki, all of whom belong to the god-like Otsutsuki clan. The same can be said for Sasuke since he is probably the only one to keep up with Naruto’s speed.

In short, yeup, they’d be way faster for Luffy to catch up.

Sasuke and Naruto both blitze Luffy in terms of Speed.

Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy in terms of Destructive Capabilities?

If there is one thing Luffy is famous for, apart from his signature laugh and his “Kaizoku ni Ore wa Naru” mantra, it’s his capacity to wreak havoc and destruction on his surroundings while fighting. Making an underwater ocean explode by punching Kaido’s Hybrid Form towards it as well as breaking Doflamingo’s threads that are capable of withstanding a meteor, is no small feat.

Sasuke and Naruto have got their trump cards up in their sleeve and that’s Chakra. With the Jutsu’s that they form from it, they are capable of destroying planets. If their individual power is like that, imagine what would happen if they combined their powers.

Sasuke and Naruto outperform Luffy in terms of Power (Destructive Capabilities).

Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy in terms of Endurance?

As the great Dracule Mihawk once said to Luffy, “The path to becoming a Pirate King is a tough one. Even tougher than mine. Are you up for it?” This statement rings true if you’re caught up to the manga. Every enemy has delivered spine-shattering and bone-crushing damage to Luffy yet he got back up due to his resilience.

Despite Luffy’s awe-inspiring Endurance, Sasuke and Naruto still beat him in this department. If they can take hits from Momoshiki, which are planetary level to say the least, they are leagues above Luffy then.

Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy in terms of Endurance.

Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy in terms of IQ and Battle IQ?

Luffy is a simple man. He see’s trouble, he barges right in without of all the repercussions and consequences that he and his crew will have to face. In battle, however, Luffy is different.

Thanks to his rough upbringing in East Blue and his training by his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, who’s a legendary Vice-Admiral known to fought against the previous Pirate King Gol D. Roger,  Luffy can adapt very well in battle!

I might say the same in Naruto’s case since he was a simpleton at first but once he became older, he became a wiser man. Sasuke’s case was different, despite his edgy phases, he was cunning and a genius, both in battle and knowledge.

Suffice to say, both of the Ninja’s are miles ahead in terms of IQ and Battle IQ compared to Luffy.

Sasuke and Naruto outsmart Luffy in terms of IQ and Battle IQ.

Can Sasuke and Naruto beat Luffy in terms of devil fruit power?

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Devil Fruit hates water. Granted, their users may have superpowers but they permanently lost the ability to swim forever. There is this downside to it.

Chakra users have it easy on this one since it is their life force and can perform a variety of jutsu’s. Even Elemental Chakra’s like Fire Release, Wood Release and Water Release as well (a Devil Fruit user’s greatest fear.) Lightning, Wind, Yin and Yang Releases can be counted too.

Sasuke and Naruto’s Jutsu would win over Gear 5 Luffy’s Devil Fruit Power anytime.

X factor

It’s time for the moment of truth.

I guess the outcome of this battle was already decided from the start, BUT Luffy would sure as hell give the both of them a tough time in his Gear 5 state.

Sasuke in his prime mode may get the best of Luffy individually and so does Naruto in his Baryon Mode provided he makes calculated moves, but Sasuke and Naruto combined would be too much for Luffy to handle.

Sasuke and Naruto pummels Gear 5 Luffy by a moderate margin.

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