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Can Luffy use conqueror’s haki ?

can luffy use conqueror's haki

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As one of the most beloved characters in the One Piece series, Monkey D. Luffy has been through many trials and tribulations on his journey to becoming the pirate king.

Along the way, he has learned to harness a variety of powers and abilities, each one helping him to grow stronger and overcome his enemies.

One of the most intriguing abilities in the series is Conqueror’s Haki, a rare and powerful form of Haki that only a few characters can use. Fans have been wondering for years whether Luffy has what it takes to master this legendary technique.

In this blog post, we will answer the question : Can Luffy use Conqueror’s haki ? In exploring the evidence to find how far Luffy can use Conqueror’s Haki at will.

I have been following One Piece since 2008, and like you, watching Luffy increases his power. Of course, we know that Luffy has shown very prominent signs of this power, but its extent and Luffy’s control over it remains unknown. Thus, we realize that our real question for the day is, Can Luffy use conqueror’s haki at will?

Take a seat and let it sail toward our answer.

All about Luffy using Conqueror’s Haki

We have seen Luffy use conqueror’s haki, starting most prominently in Amazon Lily, all the way to Wano, and now even in Eggland. 

Luffy comes from a strong bloodline and, thus, inherited this power from his father, Dragon. 

Luffy has knocked out thousands at a time with this magnificent power.

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Explanation about Conqueror’s Haki significance in the One Piece universe

In the One Piece world, Haki is perhaps the most common source of power that can give normal humans the power to match devil fruit users. 

But among the three forms of Haki, Conqueror’s haki is the most rare as it cannot be learned; only one in millions is said to be born with this ability. 

Some of the strongest characters in the series, from Roger to Shanks, have based most of their power on this one ability. 

In the One piece world, users of conqueror’s haki are called Kings and have power and respect above others. 

But it also leads to destruction. As Don Chinjao said, all conqueror users are destined to fight each other for the title of king.

When did Luffy use conqueror’s haki the first time?

can luffy use conqueror's haki
Though Luffy has had this power for a long time, with it being used on many occasions, many fans still remain confused as to when and how Luffy first used this power. 

For me, answering that question holds more credence. Very few fans noticed, and fewer still will remember, that Luffy first seemingly used Conqueror’s Haki to Subdue the Bull-like creature when the Strawhats faced Duval and his crew on their way to Sabaody. 

It was a momentary thing and very reminiscent of Shanks using his conqueror’s haki on the Sea king in the first episode.

When did Luffy use conqueror’s haki, obviously?

can luffy use conqueror's haki
It is not that hard for any One piece fan to answer that the most obvious first use of Luffy’s conqueror’s Haki was on Amazon Lily when he was fighting the Boa sisters. (end of episode 413 for the curious)

 His ability wasn’t very strong at this point, and he used it unknowingly, knocking out many Amazon warriors in the crowd.

Evidence showing Luffy can use conqueror’s haki at will.

Since training with Rayleigh for two years, Luffy has gained a great amount of control over his own Conqueror’s Haki. 

For me, the greatest evidence of this control is Luffy’s feat at fishman island, where he knocked out fifty thousand Fishman pirates in a single display of his terrifying Haki. 

We also see Luffy clashing with other Conqueror users occasionally, which means he knows how to use this ability at will, leading to him being as strong as he is. I will talk more about these clashes.

Analysis of Luffy’s character

We know that the conqueror’s haki is possessed by only those who have the qualities of a King, users of this power are leaders and rulers in their nature. 

Luffy undoubtedly possesses all of these traits. As the captain of the Strawhats, he has shown his qualities as a leader, and he has gotten thousands to follow and respect him. 

He is a king by his nature, and that means he is the perfect character to embody an ability like the Conqueror’s Haki.

Fight vs. other Conqueror’s Haki users

Luffy has fought many characters who have mastered their conqueror’s Haki, and the fact that he was able to constantly match them adds proof to the idea of his control over the power. 

Moreover, the clash between the two conqueror’s users creates sparks and lightning :  

  • We saw these sparks as Luffy faced Doflamingo in Dressrosa. When Luffy saves Law, we see a very clear clash of Conqueror’s Haki.
    can luffy use conqueror's haki
  • With Katakuri, Luffy’s fight was almost a continuous clash of wills. Luffy’s face-off with Big Mom also shows a clash of Conquerors.
    can luffy use conqueror's haki
  • But in his battle with Big Mom, Luffy showed his use of Conqueror’s Haki, throwing people in the air.
    can luffy use conqueror's haki

Implications of Luffy using conqueror’s haki

In my opinion, the use of Conqueror Haki by Luffy signifies his right to be called a king. It makes him one of the few characters worthy of the title of pirate king. Luffy mastering Conqueror’s Haki implies that he is on the level of the strongest characters in the series, which we know after Wano go be true.

The impact on the story and Luffy’s journey?

This power makes Luffy far more powerful, making it easier for him to make more allies and defeat his enemies. 

With mastery over conqueror’s, Luffy can become the pirate king quicker (I mean as quick as he can, considering we’ve been waiting for decades). 

This changes Luffy from an underdog to a formidable foe for any character in the show, greatly impacting the plot.

What will be the possibilities for future character development?

Through the use of this power, Luffy can grow to resemble Shanks in many ways. He can defeat his opponents without lifting a finger. 

That is the kind of power the pirate king needs. With mastery over this power, Luffy would be able to gain more strength, and eventually, that would lead to him becoming a better character, a better king, and a better leader. 

Luffy’s greatest wish after Ace’s death has been to protect his Nakama; with this power, he would be able to do that much more efficiently. 

This power may also change Luffy as a character, making him more calm and collected, much like we see in the case of Shanks.


So, we know through all of the countless times that Luffy has used this power that he does, indeed, have conqueror’s Haki, and through his willing use of this ability on so many occasions, we see that he is in control of this power. 

For me, the possibility that Luffy continuously uses the Conqueror’s Haki in every fight is very real. I believe that every time Luffy fights an opponent, he constantly hurls his conqueror at them, and in the case of other conqueror users, we see this constant haki clash, and thus lightning is produced. 

That is more proof in the seemingly endless pile of mounting evidence that Luffy, at this point, is a master of conqueror’s haki. 

But by all means, there is much more he still needs to learn about this amazing power that he was born with.

That being said, what do you think; How powerful is Luffy’s conqueror haki and does he already have power equivalent to Roger or not?

God D. Steees

God D. Steees

I'm a One Piece fan. My passion for adventures on the high seas is as solid as a ship's anchor and I love writing about my favorite manga more than anything. So hoist the Jolly Roger and sail away with me!

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