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Can Luffy destroy a planet?

Can Luffy destroy a planet

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Greetings, One Piece fans!

In this blog post, we will answer the question : Can Luffy destroy a planet? In delving deep into Luffy’s abilities and analyze whether he has the power to annihilate a planet or not.

Today, the name of the game is power scaling. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece, possesses immense physical strength and powerful abilities that have helped him overcome countless obstacles throughout his journey. But have you ever wondered whether his strength is enough to destroy a planet? That is a recurring question within the anime community. Every fandom wonders how strong their protagonist is and what they can do, and usually, this comes in the form of calculating what they can destroy. 

I have closely followed and analyzed the One Piece community since 2008, and I will be your guide.

I will be your guide for this adventure, so take a seat and let’s sail!

Overview on Luffy’s power scale

Luffy, and the other characters in One Piece, cannot be placed on the same power scale easily, as the abilities in One Piece are simply too diverse to be classified by a singular formula. That is why we’ll have to look at each individual ability Luffy possesses and see if it has the power to destroy a planet (is luffy planetary level ?) or has the potential to develop said power at any point in the future. 


We will go over each gear and analyze its attack power and the damage it can cause.

  • Gear 2: Gear two has the power to speed Luffy up, and it gives him immense attack power, but it still does not make him even building level, so a gear 2 Luffy scales at building level max.
  • Gear 3: With Gear three, Luffy can use attacks like Grizzly Magnum and the Kong Gun that have destructive potential but are nowhere close to what is needed to destroy a planet. A Haki-powered gear three Luffy is city block level, at best.
  • Gear 4: Now, since gear four is accompanied by a constant flux of haki, it has more destructive potential than the previous gears. And we see this potential on display when Luffy beats Doflamingo. The feat at Dressrosa puts gear four on Island level, and even though that is contested, a current Luffy can do that damage with Gear four.
  • Gear 5: Now, gear five is a special case that we will be talking about later in the article as it holds a hypothetical answer to our question.


Luffy’s technique of battle is very efficient against his enemies, but he is a genius in battle strategy. With the wide range of abilities at his disposal, Luffy can adjust his technique to find a way to destroy a planet if needed. That will be talked about in detail when we talk about gear five.


The three forms of haki, though they are a strong and supreme power in the world of One Piece, lack the destructive power needed for such feats.

  • Observation haki has no destructive power,
  • Both Armament and Conquerors add to the destructive powers of other attacks when they are used to coat attacks.

As Luffy has mastered Ryo and conquerors, that increases the destructive potential of his attacks, and paired with the abilities of gear 5, haki powers do increase the chances of Luffy’s planetary status.

Now, before discussing gear five, let’s put these three together and see where a pre-want Luffy stands before gaining Gear-5. With the use of haki coating and the gears up to 4, Luffy is Island to small country level in strength before Wano. Making us certain that a pre-want Luffy cannot destroy a planet.

Can Gear 5 Luffy destroy a planet?

Now, Gear 5 changes everything, as in gear 5, Luffy has no defined limits. We have seen him make himself a giant and his fist as large as Onigashima. Now, imagine that gigantic fist coated with advanced armament haki. That would be an extremely destructive attack that has the potential to lay waste to continents. So hypothetically, gear 5 Luffy can do anything, and that includes destroying a planet.

Luffy’s strength and abilities with gear 5

With gear 5, as stated by the Elder Stars, Luffy’s powers and abilities are limited only by his own imagination. Meaning he has the power to morph and shape himself and everything around him. Pair that with the destructive potential of haki, and you have an infinite amount of damage.

What is his destruction’s limit?

There is none, Luffy can literally grow as large as a continent, and spam giants conquer haki-coated punches into the ground, causing earthquakes and tsunamis that shake and destabilize the earth, effectively destroying the whole world. So, in other words, he can do even more damage by just turning the world into jelly. Gear 5, hypothetically, has unlimited destructive potential.


With all of that being said, know that any answer that is given is based upon analysis, personal opinion, available facts, and assumptions based on canon information. And according to said cannon information, gear 5 Luffy can, in fact, destroy a planet using multiple combinations of his shape and size morphing powers and his haki abilities, plus his genius level battle IQ. so, our answer is yes, Lufty can indeed destroy a planet, according to the logical progression of his powers.

But that is our conclusion. Should you believe differently, do let us know. So, we leave you with a question, too, do you think Luffy can destroy a planet?


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