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Can Luffy beat Minato ?

Can luffy beat minato

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Hello, Nakama!

In anime history, there have been three big anime and manga serials that were popular during the golden age of Jump Comics. Namely: Bleach, One Piece and Naruto. They were to be known as the Big Three due to their immense popularity and length. Now, in every fantasy dream battle, characters from the three franchises are sure to get involved with one another!

In today’s article, we’ll be putting the future King of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy against the Yellow Flash of Konoha, Minato Namikaze who was the father of Naruto and teacher of Kakashi and Obito! He was also the student of Jiraiya, one of the Legendary three Sannin.

As always, I’ll be your host for today’s article and seeing that I’ve been a One Piece fan since 2008, I can’t wait to raise the curtain on the climax of this battle for you guys!

Luffy vs Minato!

Now, One Piece has a lot of famous mentor characters that act as a guide and help Luffy as well as the remainder of the Straw Hat Crew in their own way. 

There’s Rayleigh who is directly responsible for teaching Luffy the art of all three forms of Haki. Hyogoro of the Flower, a yakuza of a bygone age in the land of Wano, was also responsible for teaching Luffy the ability to master all three forms of Haki, making him into the formidable beast he is today.

Minato is also like that, akin to Rayleigh and Hyogoro. He’s known as the Yellow Flash of Konoha due to his blitzing speed against his enemies.

Not only that, he was trained by the legendary Jiraiya who also mentored Naruto and mentored Kakashi, Obito and Rin before becoming the Fourth Hokage who married Kushina and fathered Naruto in his infancy until his untimely death.

Years later, he was revived along with the rest of the deceased Hokage via Edo Tensei and took the fight against Madara in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

But the question still remains, would Minato be able to teach Luffy something by defeating him or would it be the other way around? 

Post-Wano Luffy with Gear 5 unlocked or Edo Tensei Minato with Kurama Avatar? Either way, let’s find out!

Criterias for judging the battle 

Since the two opponents are from different universes, we’ll be judging them via these standards:

  • Strength 
  • Speed 
  • Power (destructive capabilities)
  • Endurance
  • IQ and Battle IQ
  • Devil fruit vs Jutsu
  • X factor

Can Luffy beat Minato in a contest of Strength?

Minato has had considerable strength considering that he had eliminated 1000 Iwagakure Shinobi when he was alive during the Third Great Ninja War and even after his death in Edo Tensei form, he was strong enough to keep up with Rikudou Madara and form a Bijuu Bomb in his Kurama Avatar form, which is small country-level at best.

You know about Luffy, Gear 5 Bajrang Gun. This attack alone would overwhelm any enemies Luffy would encounter in terms of Strength.

Luffy pummels Minato in terms of Strength.

Can Luffy beat Minato in a battle of Speed?

Okay, Luffy may be fast, no doubt about it. He dodged Pacifista beams, kept up with Katakuri’s attacks, blitzed Doflamingo and Kaidou in his Hybrid Beast form as well. That is no ordinary feat.

But if you remember, Minato was known for his speed which is astonishingly fast. Relatively equal to the Speed of Light. Or Relativistic as you might say, thanks to his Flying Thunder God Kunai and his Shurikenjutsu as well as his Space-Time Ninjutsu.

Minato blitzes Luffy in terms of Speed.

Can Luffy beat Minato in terms of Power?

Minato’s only strength is speed and not his destructive capabilities. Granted that he can land a few powerful strikes through his Ninjutsu and Senjutsu as well as through his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode where he bested the likes of Orochimaru in his prime and Obito in his Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki form.

Luffy’s Gears and his fists coated with Haki are enough to pummel down Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, Kaido in his Full Zoan Form and Katakuri. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Underwater volcanic explosion when punching Kaidou into the sea. 4-5 times Luffy’s normal power was used in that attack.

Gear 5 Luffy beats Minato in terms of Power (Destructive Capabilities).

Can Luffy beat Minato in endurance ?

Oh, Minato can take a lot of Damage. He sustained hits taken from Obito when he was alive, which resulted in his untimely death. In Edo Tensei and Kurama Avatar form, he took blows from the Ten-Tailed forms of both Obito and Madara which is no ordinary feat!

Tell you what, Luffy can endure far more than Minato can. If he can withstand Doflamingo’s God-Thread and stay standing after Kaido’s Bolo Breath, Luffy can be a tank.

Luffy beats Minato in terms of Endurance.

Can Luffy beat Minato on IQ and battle IQ ?

Luffy and his shenanigans always happen due to his low IQ. In battle, he is different. He can easily adapt new strategies and can overpower his enemies due to his battle experience.

Minato was literally the Fourth Hokage. He graduated Konoha Academy at the age of 10 and was the founder of the Flying Thunder Formation Technique to his Hokage Guard Platoon.

If you want to see Luffy’s battles with another genius from Konoha who is also related to Minato, head down to Luffy vs Kakashi here!

Minato beats Luffy in terms of both IQ and Battle IQ.

Luffy vs Minato (Devil Fruit Vs Jutsu) ?

Devil Fruit is weak to sea water and Jutsu’s have the ability to make water via chakra and seal sea water in scrolls . Said it before, and will say it again. This is a no-brainer.

Minato’s Jutsu would win over Luffy’s Devil Fruit Power anytime.

X factor

This seemed like a tough battle and both of the contestants would give each other the benefit of a tough time as well as the honor of a tough match!

Luffy would reign supreme over Minato with his Gear 5 abilities due to his sheer strength and destructive capabilities being his saving grace. Another win for the One Piece guys!

Luffy beats Minato by a moderate margin.

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