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Can Luffy be cut ?

Can luffy be cut

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Greetings, One Piece fans!
The world of One piece has been growing since the series first started being published on the pages of the Shonen Jump magazine. 

The series has come a long way and has made millions of fans, but interestingly, the questions that fans have about the story and abilities shown in the manga and anime have only increased. 

To this day, many questions remain unanswered within the fandom. These range from great mysteries like what is the One piece? to simple and mundane questions like the one we ask today.

Can Luffy be cut?

There have been instances within the show when it has been insinuated that sword and slash attacks have no effect on Luffy because of his devil fruit powers. 

Join me as I try to debunk or confirm this idea. As a person closely following the series since 2008, I shall be your guide.

Luffy’s Abilities

When Luffy was first introduced, it was made abundantly clear that his powers made him a unique character. 

It was revealed in the first episode that Luffy had eaten a devil fruit that turned his body into rubber, making him a rubber human.

It was also made clear that ordinary gunfire and even cannon balls could not hurt him and get repelled from his body. 

But in the same episode, two men try to cut Luffy with swords, and they do not succeed, making it look like Luffy cannot be cut. 

A straightforward explanation can be that the start of the show has a lot of discrepancies and can thus not be considered valid. 

Another is the fact that these men were simply too weak. 

But we will go over many events to see if Luffy can be cut and, if so, how?

Romance dawn

As I already mentioned, two members of the Alvida pirates try to cut Luffy in the very first episode but fail. 

These two cannot be taken as a metric because they are incredibly weak and simply could not cut Luffy based on strength alone. 

We see Captain Kuro hurt Luffy on Ussops home island. 

So even here, at the start of the series, we have examples of Luffy being cut. 

So we know from the beginning that Luffy is not invulnerable.


In Alabasta, Crocodile impales Luffy on his hook, meaning that since Crocodile was able to run him through, Luffy can definitely be cut. 

But does one require Haki to do it? Or can anyone cut our hero?


By Marineford, Luffy has been cut many times, at one point even by Zoro. 

We see that Luffy himself understands that characters like Mihawk can cut him regardless of his abilities, as seen through Luffy’s vision of his hands being chopped off. 

We know that, at this point, Luffy could easily be cut.

To find the answer to another similar question, check our article « Can Luffy only be Damaged by Haki?« 

Post Timeskip

Even after his training with Rayleigh, even though Luffy has become exponentially strong, he can still be cut. 

We see that on Fishman Island when Hoddy was able to damage him by biting him. If Hoddy’s teeth can tear his skin, so can a sword. 

We later see him getting cut by Doflamingo’s strings and Karakuri’s trident. 

The idea of Luffy being uncuttable is baseless simply because of the instances when he was actually cut. But does this answer remain valid for gear 5?

Can Gear 5 Luffy be cut?

Gear 5 is a different story altogether. 

Not only is Luffy’s body in a completely different form, but his whole structure is also made of shapeshifting rubber. 

He can change his shape and form at will. His body is almost like a liquid, and liquids cannot be cut. 

So In gear 5′ ordinary blades cannot cut him, but a haki-coated one might. 

But if Luffy sees that sword coming, he can change his form to avoid it. 

He could also turn the blade into rubber as he can change the form of other objects as well.

In Gear 5, there is no limit to Luffy’s powers and abilities. 

Thus it would be practically impossible to cut him. But even in such a firm, the likes of Mihawk and Zoro might probably be able to do so

Thus our obvious answer is, Yes, Luffy can easily be cut.

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