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Can Luffy only be Damaged by Haki ?

Can Luffy only be Damaged by Haki

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Hello, One Piece fans.
We all know that after the end of the Wano arc, Luffy is one of the most powerful characters in the entire One piece world. With the new powers and abilities that he has gained with Gear 5, Luffy has become nearly unstoppable. 

Luffy’s new state has caused many fans to ask old questions once again. Questions like, can Luffy be hurt or beaten by using blunt force alone? Or Can Luffy only be Damaged by Haki ? Obviously, there are other means of harming Luffy. Let’s find out.

With the addition of gear 5 to his arsenal, Luffy has achieved a near god-like state, and in that form, it is hard to imagine what could hurt him. But Haki is and has always been, an exception. So allow me to be your guide as we try to answer the aforementioned question. 

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Throughout the story

Over the course of the story, we were originally told that, since Luffy was a rubber human, he could not be damaged by physical attacks. A theory that was negated by the introduction of Haki, an ability that can even hurt Logia types. 

We first saw Haki in action without even knowing it, but it was slowly introduced around Amazon Lilly. But even before Haki was a part of the story, Luffy was hurt, he fought, and he was damaged. What we need to do is identify the things other than Haki that have been used to hurt Luffy.

Damaged by Sword and Slash attacks

We saw Luffy being damaged by such attacks as early as his fight with captain Kuro in the East Blue. As he was a Rubber human, Sword and slashing attacks of any kind have always been a weakness for him, regardless of the use of Haki. 

But one can only imagine that after Gear 5 that is now not the case. An ordinary sword slash would not even phase Luffy. Only Swords coated in Haki would phase him.

Slash-based attacks like the CP9(now CP0)s tempest kick, and their entire attack pattern of Rokyushiki have been very effective against Luffy in the past and have managed to harm him without the apparent use of Haki. But it should be considered that Gear 5 would be way too powerful for any of the attacks of Rokyushiki to work on Luffy anymore.

Damaged by Seawater and Sea prism stone

Obviously, Luffy can still be damaged using Seawater, as it is the natural weakness of all devil fruit users, and weapons made of Sea prism stone have always been effective on him, as we saw with the smoker’s cane. Which should apply to Gear 5 as well. 

Seawater and weapons of Sea prism stone would still cause damage to Luffy regardless. So there is one thing that can still harm him without Haki.

Damaged by Other Devil fruit powers

Even with the powers of a reality-altering god, Luffy still has enemies to worry about, and among them are characters with the most One Piece devil fruits ever. One must consider that even without the use of Haki, characters like Akainu and Blackbeard can do serious harm to Luffy based solely on their devil fruit powers, so Devil fruit power too can harm Luffy.

Even with Gear 5, other devil fruit users still have the power to damage Luffy, so that should answer our question, but let’s take that all into consideration.

Damaged by Fishman Karate

Another form of attack that can prove to be useful against Luffy is the technique used by the residents of Fishman Island, Fishman Karate.

This, along the same lines as Rokyushiki is a martial art that can affect devil fruit users, and as it mostly uses abilities with sea water, it would be super-efficient against Luffy.

With Gear 5

With Gear 5 the parameters of damage change, as even Haki starts to lose muck of its effects against Luffy’s ridiculousness, but even after Gear 5, where one would say that he deflected Kaido’s blast breath by folding the ground itself, that would describe his ability, not his durability. 

Luffy may now have the ability to dodge and deflect almost any form of attack in a comical manner, but that does not mean that these attacks cannot damage him. Obviously, Haki is the most effective way of cornering Devil Fruit users. 

Gold Roger won the whole world with no devil fruit, with just Haki. So yes, Luffy can be hurt by Haki, but not just by it alone. 

There are other ways of hurting Luffy, devil fruit powers and sea prism stone, as well as Fishman Karate included.

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