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Can Gear 5 Luffy beat Obito ?

Can gear 5 luffy beat obito

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Hello one piece lover ! 

Let’s kick off all with a new showdown between One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto’s Obito Uchiha!

Luffy and his famed adventures are well known throughout the world by now and with Gear 5 unlocked, he is an absolute menace in the One Piece world!

It goes without saying that Obito, the orchestrator of the Fourth Shinobi World War is also a menace to be reckoned with! 

Now, you guys know me. I’ve been an anime fan in general since 2008 and I have seen both Naruto and One Piece from start to finish so I have just one question, Can Gear 5 Luffy defeat Obito in his Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki form?

We’ll have to find out!

Gear 5 Luffy vs Obito

You all know who Luffy is by now, so I won’t go through the full introduction again, and given that he has unlocked Gear 5, not many people can compete with him. Despite this, I’m still eager to know who will emerge triumphant in this match.

Now, who would’ve thought that Tobi, a seemingly goofy member of the Akatsuki would turn out to be the renowned rogue ninja Obito Uchiha who was Kakashi’s childhood comrade? He was responsible for the murder of the Fourth Hokage and his wife, formed the Akatsuki to advance his Eye of the Moon Plan and went on to become the Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki just to bring pure destruction to the ninja world.

So, what would a fight between these two look like?

Categories for battle assessment

I can’t compare this fight employing typical criteria because Obito is a Ninja who employs the use of Chakra and Luffy is a Pirate who uses Haki/Devil Fruit, which is the polar opposite of each other.

So we’ll judge the battle with the criteria written below:

  • Strength 
  • Speed 
  • Power (destructive capabilities)
  • Endurance 
  • IQ 
  • Battle IQ 
  • Devils fruit power vs Jutsu 
  • X factor

Then, let’s check it out.

Can Luffy beat Obito in terms of Strength?

Gear 5 is the apex of all the strength of Luffy so far and considering the fact that he has mastered the Advanced forms of all three types of Haki, this does ring true.

Obito, on the other hand, has a lot of strength in this form; there’s no doubt about it, given that he’s fought all of the Jinchuuriki AND absorbed their chakra.

But to compare it with Luffy, it’s not enough to overcome his feat. 

Gear 5 Luffy pummels Obito in terms of Strength.

Can Luffy beat Obito in terms of Speed?

Luffy’s already quick speed is boosted by Gear 5, allowing him to blitz Kaido while keeping up with his Thunder Bagua attacks.

Remember how I said that ninjas are pretty fast when Luffy was fighting against Kakashi? If you haven’t, you can check Gear 5 Luffy vs Kakashi !

Now, Obito is fast. So much so that we can say he is Massively Hypersonic due to the fact that he kept up and blitzed both Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan Sasuke and Biju Mode Naruto!

Gear 5 Luffy and Obito are equal in terms of Speed.

Can Luffy beat Obito in terms of Destructive Capabilities?

Gear 5 Luffy works on the limits of one’s imagination and this rings true when he pummeled Kaido into an underwater volcano and made it erupt. Now, that’s saying something.

Obito, on the other hand, has considerable strength due to the fact that he casually ripped apart the Four Hokage’s barrier with his chakra arms when in control of the Ten-Tails Chakra. That, unfortunately, is still not enough to match Luffy’s might.

You may be wondering why that’s the case, right? Obito is a VERY formidable character and has a lot of destructive power, there is no doubt about it but if we compare him to Gear 5 Luffy which is his peak, then Obito would fall short in front of him since Obito’s destruction is on a Country-wide level whereas Luffy’s destruction is on a Multi-Continental Level.

Gear 5 Luffy beats Obito in terms of Power (Destructive Capabilities).

Can Luffy beat Obito in terms of Endurance?

Remember Luffy getting beat up by Rob Lucci, Kuma, Enel, Doflamingo, Big Mom, Gecko Moria and his recent beatdowns from Kaido before getting awakened to Gear 5? This goes to show how much of a beating Luffy can take which is A LOT.

Obito can withstand a beating, too. If he can take a direct headbutt and Rasengan to the face from Naruto in his Kurama Mode, that goes to show the level of tolerance for beatdowns this guy can take.

But to compare it to the two, Luffy takes the cake in this one.

Luffy beats Obito in terms of Endurance by a low margin.

Can Luffy beat Obito in terms of IQ?

Obito was known as a gifted genius during his lifetime and managed to outsmart many smart people such as the Four Hokage, Sasuke and became the Ten-Tailed Jinchuuriki with this.

Luffy’s a simpleton, we all know that by now. The whole crew of his gets into trouble because of him and his instinctive thinking.

Obito beats Gear 5 Luffy in terms of IQ.

Can Luffy beat Obito in terms of Battle IQ?

Obito has a lot of Battle experience like Kakashi and can improvise his plan in a few moments. He can even use Kamui to adjust his plans according to his needs as well!

Luffy may be a simpleton but when it comes to having battle knowledge, he knows how to come up to the top considering his rough upbringing and training overall.

Luffy and Obito are equal in terms of Battle IQ.

Can Luffy beat Obito in terms of devil fruit power?

Remember the fact that Devil Fruit users are weak to water even if they have the most powerful abilities of all time?

Well, Jutsus claim to be a source of weakness for these DF users since Jutsus are based on Chakras which is the lifeforce of a user and they can release Elemental Chakra’s as well. So, there’s that.

Obito’s Jutsu would win over Gear 5 Luffy’s Devil Fruit Power anytime.

X factor

Finally, the moment of truth has arrived. Obito may show great promise considering his skills and feats but Gear 5 Luffy would completely obliterate him in many areas.

Obito would put out a tough fight but only for a short while.

Gear 5 Luffy beats Obito by a moderate margin.

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