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Can Buggy beat Mihawk?

Can Buggy beat Mihawk

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In One Piece things have happened that we did not expect over time, the mugiwaras heading to Elbaf was expected, as was Luffy defeating Kaido, but a surprise appeared where we least expected it.

An alliance between Mihawk, Crocodile, and Buggy, the Cross Guild, this trio had never had a direct interaction until now -except Crocodile, who met Buggy in Impel Down-, and although they are using the clown for his popularity and position as a yonko, it is still interesting.

This is why today, we will answer the question : Can Buggy beat Mihawk ?

I have been following the One Piece anime and manga since 2008, I know these characters as if they were my nakamas, so this time I will use my knowledge to face these colleagues, let’s get the boat ready, and let’s sail!

Buggy vs Mihawk

Buggy is our charismatic favorite clown, who we can’t talk about his nose and has very strange luck in reaching his goals, while Mihawk has the title of the best swordsman in the world, has a mysterious aura around him, and his goals are not known.

It could be said that they are opposites, besides, Buggy possesses a devil fruit -the bara bara no mi- on which he bases almost all his battle skills, and Mihawk is a human with great knowledge of swordsmanship.

What would make a difference in acquired talent versus practice effort.

Criterias for battle assessment

With these two characters being so different it is very difficult to imagine a scenario in which a battle would occur, so to make it fair we will explore the following categories:

  • Strength.
  • -Speed.
  • -Power (destructive capabilities).
  • -Endurance.
  • -IQ.
  • -Battle IQ.
  • -Haki.

Can Buggy beat Mihawk in terms of strength?

If we take the appearance of each one, it could be said that they are on equal terms, as they don’t seem to fight melee battles often, however, Buggy has a fighting style closer to the opponent -although whenever he can he will avoid it with bombs or other artifacts-.

So point to Buggy.

Can Buggy beat Mihawk in terms of speed?

The clown doesn’t seem to have too many skills apart from his devil fruit, while Mihawk needs fast movements to be able to defend himself and attack his enemies, even more, so if we consider that yoru sword being so big would cause delays in his attacks, however, he unsheathes it without any problem.

Mihawk wins.

Can Buggy beat Mihawk in terms of power (destructive capabilities)?

Everything depends on the destructive items that Buggy currently possesses, he has always loved to create small bombs but that creates great chaos, for example in his first appearance he destroyed a town without problems.

And Mihawk has managed to cut a tsunami in half, although that already makes an abysmal difference, admittedly Buggy could create much more powerful bombs if he set his mind to it.

So I’ll leave it at a draw.

Can Buggy beat Mihawk in terms of endurance?

I’d say only one thing they have in common: short bouts.

Neither of them seems to take pleasure in long battles to demonstrate power, the faster they finish their opponent, the better they feel the victory. One to show off and the other to occupy his time with other things.

So a fight between the two would most likely be a very short one, although Buggy would surely have more trouble keeping up against the best swordsman in the world.

So, point for Mihawk.

Can Buggy beat Mihawk in terms of IQ?

This particular category may prove to be very controversial, as both have proven to be very cultured characters, Mihawk is constantly shown reading the newspaper, plus in his time as a shichibukai he may have obtained relevant information from the government and seems to be a character who knows great mysteries of the world.

On his side Buggy is a character with great creativity to create artifacts, mostly bombs, he knows about the greatest treasures in the world and, in addition, he was part of Roger’s pirates.

So for the vast knowledge they both possess, it’s a tie.

Can Buggy beat Mihawk in terms of battle IQ?

Both are great pirates who have achieved their position for a reason: they know how to fight and defend themselves.

Although clearly if Buggy had to choose his favorite strategy, it would be to run away, even though he has demonstrated several times that he knows how to formulate a way to fight and defeat an opponent, perhaps his biggest weakness is to mistrust his abilities.

Sadly, this time Mihawk would win, because even if Buggy creates incredible strategies, he will most likely see them coming and manage to defend himself.

Point for Mihawk.

Can Buggy beat Mihawk in terms of haki?

Of the two there is only one that we know of that possesses haki, Mihawk not possessing fruits must use other means to enhance his fighting skills, so he likely has a great knowledge of the three types of haki.

Buggy has not been seen using any of the three, as he fully relies on his fruit, if they had to fight with only haki skills, he would lose without a doubt.

Mihawk wins.


There are few characters capable of standing up to someone like Mihawk, for some reason, the government respected him enough to make him shichibukai, and it’s also the reason why he holds the title of the best swordsman in the world.

Buggy clearly wouldn’t fight Mihawk if he could help it, however, he is a very sneaky character so if he manages he could try to attack him behind his back, who knows, maybe that would be the way Buggy could beat Hawk Eyes, also, recently it has been seen that he is determined to find the One Piece the old fashioned way, so we will see him fighting to his full potential in the future.

Now that we know who would win between Buggy and Mihawk, do you think Buggy could stand up to Crocodile?

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