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Charlotte Linlin, aka Big Mom, is an indomitable force in the One Piece universe. Heading up Big Mom’s crew, this formidable woman stands out as the only female member of the Four Emperors, a quartet of the world’s most powerful pirates. 

But her influence doesn’t stop there. She is the matriarch of the Charlotte Family, the central pillar of her crew.

Big Mom is more than a captain, she’s a visionary. She reigns over Totto Land like a queen, with a single ambition: to create a utopia. 

In this vision, all the races of the world coexist, free from discrimination and segregation. A bold dream, a quest for peace in a world of pirates.

His name and epithet surfaced after the Battle of Marine Ford, revealed by Eustass Kid, then his real name by Pappug on Fishman Island. 

Big Mom isn’t just a character, she’s a symbol, a pillar of the Whole Cake Island arc and a key antagonist in the Emperor Saga. 

Her actions, vision and power make her an unforgettable character for fans. A woman, a queen, an emperor, Big Mom is all of these, and more.

What is Big Mom’s power in One Piece?

Here’s a look at Charlotte Linlin’s (Big Mom) power:

Physical strength: 

This « giantess » can climb skyscrapers, demolish buildings with a single punch, and even pulverize the ground beneath her feet. She throws her servants like chaff, with one hand. 

And when she’s hungry? Her saliva becomes a chemical weapon!

But wait, there’s more. Big Mom also has an impenetrable defense. 

Her skin, harder than an iron ball, enables her to resist anything. Guns, rifles, nothing gets through. Even Capone Bege has confirmed this. A moment of psychological crisis, like the fall of Mother Caramel’s photo, and there she goes. But other than that, she’s a fortress.

Need proof of her brute strength? At five, Big Mom could take down a giant bear with a single blow and break a giant’s bones by accident. Even when she was ravenous, she could ravage entire villages without a scratch. That’s what we call a real monster.

And her metabolism? Insane. Even weakened by hunger, she’s still an outstanding fighter. She can fight an entire night without faltering, as she did in her duel with Kaido. 

And her voice? A true war cry that disorients the enemy.

Her devil fruit : 

Big Mom (charlotte linlin) is the holder of soru soru no mi, the fruit of souls. 

Her power is terrifying: she literally drains the life from her enemies. 

With a simple thought, she can create entities with her own consciousness, being everywhere at once. 

Just imagine! Extracting a soul and infusing it into an object or animal, transforming them into « Homies » – creatures halfway between human and object. 

This is the ultimate level of soul manipulation, and Big Mom has mastered it perfectly.

« Incarnations« , dark and sinister creatures, are another facet of his power. They literally rip out souls to pay Totto Land’s « rent ». And the icing on the cake? Big Mom can inject herself with souls to boost her strength, although she sacrifices a year of her life in the process. It’s a dangerous game of power versus time, and she plays it to perfection.

But most incredible of all is her ability to regenerate. 

By infusing her soul into her own body, she can command her skeleton to repair itself, creating a unique form of self-healing. It’s as if every bone were a soldier obeying her orders.

Her mastery of Haki: 

1. Conqueror’s haki: 

Big Mom, that One Piece legend, has breathtaking conqueror’s haki. I first saw her use it at Sanji and Pudding’s wedding – a memorable moment, when she knocked out a man in one fell swoop, questioning his connection to Mother Caramel.

And who could forget when she, devastated by the destruction of Caramel’s portrait, unleashed a super-powered scream, smearing the guests with her Haki? A dazzling spectacle.

2. Armament Haki: 

Let’s talk about his Armament Haki. It’s reinforced concrete! Big Mom, hardening her arm, blocked Luffy’s Kong Gun in Gear Fourth without batting an eyelid. The raw power in this scene was simply mind-blowing. Every time she uses this skill, it’s a reminder that her strength is not to be taken lightly.

3. Observation Haki: 

And finally, her Observation Haki. Big Mom isn’t just about brute strength; she also has this keen ability to perceive and anticipate. It’s a perfect balance of power and insight, making her a formidable opponent in every sense of the word.

Her weapon: 

Let’s talk about Big Mom, the terror of the seas, and her greatest asset: Napoleon, the bicorne like no other. 

Imagine a retractable blade that, once drawn, becomes a terrifying sword. 

How to use it? Child’s play for Big Mom with its mind-boggling strength.

Believe me, the shockwaves it unleashes are pure delirium. Mass destruction? That’s an understatement. Even Jinbe, with his iron defense, had to bow to Napoleon’s might. And I’m not even talking about the flamboyant upgrade when Big Mom fuses Napoleon with the flames of Prometheus. Literally, dynamite!

The highlight of the show? His confrontation with Kaido. A titanic clash, a duel of the titans, where Napoleon meets Kaido’s kanabo. 

The result? Splitting the sky in two! A feat few fighters can achieve. Big Mom and Napoleon, a hell of a duo, literally!

Her look: 

Let’s talk about her physical appearance first: an imposing woman, she literally dwarfs Brook, 2.77 meters tall, and Jinbei, a three-meter fish-man. 

By the age of five, Linlin was already a force of nature, as tall as giant children.

Her face, meanwhile, is a work of art in its own right. Chubby, with a big nose and a huge mouth – big enough to swallow a human, in fact. 

And that lipstick, boys, that’s style!

 Her curly pink hair falling to the middle of her back and that heart-shaped tattoo on her left shoulder are pure Big Mom.

But wait, there’s more. 

Her pink tricorne isn’t just an accessory. It talks, folks! Yes, you read that right. 

And her pink dress, dark blue high heels and jewelry? Big Mom is fashion and terror, all in one.

I swear, watching Big Mom evolve over the years is fascinating. 

At 28, she was radically different – slimmer, with a more sophisticated style. 

And at 48? Even more muscular, more imposing. And let’s not forget the recent changes, when she became slimmer after her wedding cake envy. 

Big Mom is living proof that in One Piece, anything is possible.

Big Mom’s personality: 

In the captivating world of One Piece, Big Mom (Linlin) stands out for her fascinating complexity.

She’s a figure who, from the age of five, oscillated between extreme kindness and unexpected violence.

Imagine a child who just wanted to help, but whose good intentions often ended in disaster.

A bear was slapped and died instantly. A giant injured when all she wanted to do was swat a mosquito. Her actions, full of innocence, had dramatic consequences, showing her brute strength from an early age.

Big Mom, even at 68, retains surprisingly childlike traits. Capturing Brook and treating him like a teddy bear? For her, it comes naturally. And what about her tears when faced with Caramel’s broken portrait, revealing a childlike vulnerability, a heart still bruised by a painful past.

And her way of speaking? One of a kind. Linlin uses « ore » (おれ), a normally masculine pronoun to refer to herself, breaking with the feminine tradition of « watashi » (私). In this way, she asserts her dominant presence, defying norms with authority.

Let’s have a laugh with Big Mom! Her iconic « Mamama » laugh is a trademark, as is her « Hahahahahaha » laugh. Sometimes, she merges the two into a memorable « Haaaaaahahamamamama ». 

This detail adds a touch of personality to her already richly nuanced character that leaves no one indifferent. Big Mom is a multi-faceted character, at once powerful, childlike and unmistakably unique.

Her relationships : 

An Extended Family

Big Mom, aka Linlin, has a record 39 daughters, 46 sons and 43 ex-husbands scattered to the four winds. Capone Pez, her grandson, is also part of this enormous family mosaic. Imagine the family reunions!

Outdated parents

As a youngster, Linlin believed everything her parents told her. But their patience had its limits! Faced with her uncontrollable behavior, they left her in the care of Mother Caramel, naively hoping for a better life for their daughter. Ironically, they wept as they left her behind. Tragic, isn’t it?

Strategic Marriages and Maternal Cruelty

Pudding reveals the secret: Linlin marries her children to strengthen her crew, leaving them no choice. Most have given up on true love, except Laura, who has defied the ban.

But beware, Big Mom doesn’t do gifts: she killed her 16th son, Charlotte Muscat, for a simple roadblock, and hates Laura for running away, ruining a strategic political marriage. To top it all off, she even wishes her dead!

Charlotte Pudding, the Favorite

Pudding, the 35th daughter, is the darling. She finds her mother a bit heavy-handed, but remains loyal. 

What do they have in common? A passion for violence, particularly palpable during the ceremony to destroy the Vinsmoke family.

Education? More like “laissez-faire” savagery

Big Mom is not one to impose moral limits. She even encourages Charlotte Anana to mutilate her stuffed animals, despite the protests of her siblings. And even her favorite children are not spared her cruelty: she mocked Pudding for his third eye.

Ex-husbands as disposable tools

For Linlin, husbands are just the means to have children. Once the mission is accomplished, they are unceremoniously discarded. The example of Pound, her 25th ex-husband, is edifying: cast aside without a word, he wasn’t even allowed to hold his daughters. Cruel, isn’t it?

Homies : The Servants 

The Homies, creatures born of Big Mom’s Devil Fruit, are the very essence of her power and cruelty. She walks around surrounded by these entities, devouring them without remorse. 

Then there’s the trio of Napoleon, Zeus and Prometheus. These special Homies are more than just servants; they sleep in the same room as Big Mom, protecting her, ready to attack at the slightest warning.

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