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will luffy use a sword ?

will luffy use a sword

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One Piece, the masterpiece of Oda, has captured the hearts, most certainly including mine, of millions with its exciting storyline and characters. The main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, has mentioned that he wanted to fight with a sword, and considering the fact that rarely any line is wasted in one Piece and Oda loves to foreshadow events years, even decades, in advance, fans believe that this statement means more than it seems. This has raised the question, Will Luffy ever use a sword?

In this blog post, we will answer the question : will luffy use a sword ? In exploring the possibilities and reasons why Luffy may or may not use a sword in the future.

My journey with One Piece started in 2008, and I will be your guide today.

So, take a seat, and let’s sail!

Reasons why Luffy may use a sword

will luffy use a sword

Now there are many reasons why Luffy may use a sword in the future. This may be because he needs to solidify his place as the pirate king and successor of those who came before him. It may be because a sword may give him some kind of advantage in battle or improve his combat and the possibility of winning against certain opponents. Let us go through all possibilities and see the likeliness of Luffy using such a weapon.


We know that Luffy got both his Straw Hat and his motivation to be a pirate from Shanks, who in turn got both from the former pirate king, Gol. D. Roger. We also know that both Shanks and Roger use swords as their primary weapons. With Roger, it was a supreme-grade sword called Ace, and with Shanks, is a sword called Gryphon. So, it is logical to assume that, should Luffy wish to act as the spiritual successor to Shanks and Roger, he will have to embrace the roles they play and use a sword, simply for the sake of confirming the role he needs to play. 

But that is against the entire idea of freedom that Luffy wants to be the pirate king for, so it seems like an unlikely motivation for Luffy to use a sword at any time in the future. 

Improved combat abilities

Another valid reason for Luffy to use a sword sometime in the future is for an advantage against some enemy. This theory had some validation in the fact that Luffy had temporarily borrowed the Sandai Kitetsu in Wano. Fans thought he would use it against Kaido and possibly keep it. This was based on the fact that the only character who managed to wound Kaido, Oden, did it with a sword. This theory no longer stands as we saw Luffy beat Kaido with gear 5 and purely physical attacks. But that does not mean that Luffy will never use a sword for an advantage against opponents in the future.

Strategic advantage

Luffy may start using a sword eventually because it offers a tactical advantage. We know that Luffy now knows Conquerors coating and advanced armament Haki, as we know that these abilities do far more damage when they are used in unison with a weapon, like Kaido, Big mom, Whitebeard, and even Roger and now Shanks (in the manga) have shown us. So, Luffy, being the strategic fighter that he is, may adopt a sword to take a tactical advantage in battle.

Reasons why Luffy will not use a sword

will luffy use a sword

There are also many reasons why Luffy is likely to never use a sword. The use of such a weapon is against his personality, he does not need a sword, and those reasons justify him not using one.

Inconsistent with his character

Luffy is not the kind of character to kill his opponents. He instead lets them live but crushes their dreams. Therefore, it is not necessary for Luffy to ever use a sword, as he carries no lethal intentions. But that has the possibility of changing.

No need for a sword

Luffy’s entire fighting style is based off of his devil fruit powers and haki. As such, he, as a fighter, has no need for any weapon. Especially now, with abilities given to him by gear 5, where practically everything around him is a weapon. We know that Luffy beat the world’s strongest creature, Kaido, with his bare hands and new-found cartoonish powers. So, a character like Luffy has no logical need for a sword for now.

Possibility of Luffy using a sword in the future

Will Luffy use a sword

As stated before, Luffy, up to this point, has no need to use a sword or any other weapon. But that may change depending on the events of the plot. Luffy may have to face a swordsman like Mihawk or Fujitora in the future, and at that point, he may need a sword, but that is just speculation and assumptions. Truth be told, only Oda can say if Luffy will use a sword or not, but all statistical probability points to no as the answer.

Will Luffy use a sword like Roger?

Now, in certain possibilities, Oda may have Luffy use a sword to embody the essence of Roger, whose primary weapon was the Ace. Luffy may use a conquer’s coated sword to face Logia-type enemies like Akainu, as Shanks did on Marineford. Or he may use a sword to counter Shank’s Gryphon, should the two ever face off.


In all probability, our answer for today is no, Luffu will not use a sword. Based simply on the fact that Luffy is a free fighter who fights with his body and mind. A sword would need technique and that Luffy lacks. He is impulsive, and he fights with his bare hands. Thus he has no weapon. There is a chance he may grow and realize he needs a weapon, but for now, he seems to have no intention of that. So no, Luffy will not be using a sword in the future.
But again, that is our conclusion. If you feel otherwise, thinking that Luffy may use a sword for some reason, kindly feel free to share your opinion.
We await your response!

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