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Will Doflamingo join Cross Guild?

Will Doflamingo join Cross Guild

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Every One Piece fan knows how exciting the latest sagas have become, sometimes confirming theories but many others increasing them, especially because many things are happening at the same time as if Oda wanted to create a big final event -or events- which many of us are looking forward to.

One of those theories includes one of the most hated and loved villains in manga and anime: Doflamingo.

All of us fans seem to agree on one thing and that is that Doflamingo’s story has not come to an end, it seems that Oda plans to add him to a major event or even a group like the Cross Guild.

In this article we will answer the quetion : Will Doflamingo join Cross Guild ? In exploring that possibility and what it implies for the One Piece universe.

I have been following the manga/anime since 2008 so it is more than 10 years following the story, so I feel it will be exciting to navigate this theory. Let’s sail!

The importance of Doflamingo

In One Piece many times characters are introduced that follow the hero’s path, that is, they are not born with a written destiny, however, Doflamingo is a character that was born important, no matter how you look at it, being born a tenryuubyto is an event of great relevance, even more so when he is one -if not the only- tenryuubyto that is now forced to be a ‘normal human’.

His story is that of a fallen angel, whose only goal is to return to heaven, nothing will stop him from wanting to fulfill his goal, even if he is in Impel Down.

Besides, if we count his entire career as a pirate, being one of the members of the shichibukai is a title as important as it is to be feared.

Will Doflamingo join Cross Guild in One Piece?

Will Doflamingo join Cross Guild

We can’t have an answer to this question at the moment since Oda loves to leave clues for us to discover what will happen next, even if this leads us to be wrong from time to time, let’s explore this possibility for now.

Theories and speculations about Doflamingo joining the Cross Guild

This theory is based on one of the pages of the manga, Chapter 0 or often called 565.5, in which five characters are seen: Moria, Crocodile, Mihawk, Buggy, and Doflamingo, so many say that even Gecko Moria could join this group, we will focus on Doflamingo for now.

It’s not the first time Oda leaves us hints in panels, so it might not be a coincidence that those five pirates appeared together on the same page, especially one that talks about what’s in store for the pirate era.

Currently, Cross Guild has announced that they will go for the One Piece, although Mihawk and Crocodile have a more passive and planned vision of how to obtain it, Buggy has a different vision of what a pirate should be and how he should fulfill his dream of being the King of Pirates, forcing them to have to prepare themselves to face such strong characters as Shanks, Blackbeard or Luffy.

Although Buggy, Crocodile, and Mihawk are powerful, clearly none of them would want to face Shanks, Mihaw has even expressed his concerns about it, Crocodile and Buggy have been defeated by Luffy, and surely all three see Blackbeard as someone to avoid because of how treacherous he can be in combat.

So they will not come into conflict with any of them unless they are prepared, Doflamingo would be a great asset to add, he has the power to manipulate people, knows how to manage islands, lead, and knows the secret of Mariejois, so he not only creates terror in pirates and civilians but would send a ‘don’t mess with us’ message to the world government and the top brass.

Of course, to have him in their group they would have to get him out of Impel Down before the World Government assassin kills him, this is where Buggy and Crocodile come in, both escaped from prison and I’m sure with a plan between Crocodile and Mihawk they could free him without too many casualties, although Magellan will be a problem.

Our favorite scenario

In an ideal situation, I would think that Doflamingo is the last member to join Cross Guild, Moria being the first to join, and then the five will go for Doflamingo, most likely Crocodile will be the one who proposes to go for him.

In this way, they will not only form a vengeful group against Luffy, but they will be a worthy opponent to go for the One Piece, so fearsome even for Shanks himself.

What would Doflamingo’s join mean for the story?

The return of one of the villains who has brought the most trouble to the crew and the One Piece world, in general, will be a constant threat to the World Government and a reminder that the pirates are far from defeated.

Impact on the characters

In Buggy’s case one more bully will be added to his group, Mihawk I don’t think he will see him as an ally but he will respect him as long as he does his job, on the other hand, I feel Crocodile will be his best companion within the group, as I said, he will probably be the one to suggest releasing him.

For the rest of the characters that go after the One Piece like Luffy, Blackbeard, and Shanks, they will be a danger that they will have to face and that will also be very difficult to defeat.

Impact on the plot

Doflamingo has a great connection with the Tenryuubyto and it is most likely that when he appears a great truth about them will be revealed to us, even changing the way we perceive him or the World Government.


Oda introduced us to Doflamingo as one of the most fearsome villains for a reason, not only that, but he has continued to show us the reactions of this character even during his stay in Impel Down, something he did not do with Crocodile or Buggy, leading us to believe that Doflamingo will be released.

To answer the question : Will Doflamingo join Cross Guild ? He may not be part of Cross Guild, although it seems to us that it is a great possibility given his appearance with the rest of the shichibukai, he will be released from prison to continue the chaos. And you, do you think he will be part of Cross Guild?

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