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Will Blackbeard die?

Will Blackbeard die

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Villains are the catalyst for a remarkable storyline – the more iconic, fearsome, and unique they are, the more memorable the climax. The resolution of One Piece’s plot is ensured to be tantalizing, with the frightening and treacherous Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard. 

While feelings aren’t unanimously shared about this potent character, a single question looms over every One Piece enthusiast: Will Blackbeard die?

In this blog post, we are bringing into the spotlight the reasons why Blackbeard would eventually die, the stakes and possible circumstances of his death.

As your fellow explorer on this thrilling adventure, my passion for the One Piece universe ignited back in 2008 and continues to burn brightly. Join me as we set sail into the world of theories and speculations, braving the tumultuous waters of the Grand Line!

Why is Blackbeard’s death in question?

So far in the series, Blackbeard has been portrayed as the malevolent antagonist to our beloved Captain Luffy. And unexpectedly, he turned out to be an increasingly serious threat.

From the Summit War events, Teach underwent a stunning growth in power and notoriety, upon becoming one of the four Emperors.

While a part of the fan community usually sees him as a limey idiot, Blackbeard is currently an irrefutable monster with two overpowered Devil Fruits. Who knows what unfair advantages he still possesses under his sleeves?

Key reasons of Blackbeard future death

But is being a significant enemy enough to die in a conspiracy? Actually, no. Oda has other reasons for putting Teach on the death scale.

As we delve into Blackbeard’s history, there are eerie parallels between his actions and the deaths of major characters in the series. For starters, he is heavily involved in the deaths of two major characters, Ace and Whitebeard. And he still hasn’t paid for it.

Second, he’s made a name for himself by hunting down and consuming several powerful Devil Fruits. And leaving a trail of resentment that would surely lead to a backlash.

Last but not least, it’s inconceivable that Oda would let him survive after all his misdeeds – that would be immoral.

Even Isayama didn’t hesitate to take his protagonist’s life. Especially when Blackbeard is supposed to be the archetype of a villain.

The guy is too strong to just be enchained at the end of the series, and a redemption process would be even worse than killing him.

In short, Blackbeard is logically destined to die before the end of the series.

How would Blackbeard possibly die?

Shanks vs. Blackbeard: The Long-Awaited Showdown

One of the most anticipated moments in the world of One Piece is the long-awaited clash between Blackbeard and Red-Haired Shanks.

We have been teased about this confrontation for a while and its implications are meant to be monumental. As we mentioned in our recent article, Shanks’ life would be in danger.

However, a fight with such a beast as Shanks is synonymous with severe sequelae.

In a last attempt, Shanks might deal him a fatal attack on Blackbeard, leaving the latter in a deadly state.

Both of them would have proven their supremacy: Shanks having his avenge and Blackbeard managing to take down the latest member of the original Emperors.

A perfect draw…

The Fatal Avidity of Blackbeard

As his original name concept – Everything D. Teach –portrays it, Blackbeard is the archetype of avidity. As old-fashioned pirates go, he is obsessed with getting everything, no matter what it takes.

And that’s probably what will lead him to his own downfall.

Actually, his ability to steal the Devil Fruit remains a mystery, which certainly has its drawbacks. Imagine that he tries to steal Luffy’s Devil Fruit once again, but suddenly has an « overdose » of Devil Fruit.

That would be a perfect ending for our villain – the fallen king’s insatiety leading to his undoing. 

The outcome of Garp’s Sacrifice

In the latest developments, the brave Marine hero Garp finds himself captured after a confrontation with Blackbeard.

Knowing how gentle Blackbeard and his crew are, it’s clear that Garp’s life is in danger.

In a worst-case scenario, if the tragedy were to come to pass, Garp’s death would spark a revolution among the Marines.

We could expect this entire armada to consist in:

  • Relatively powerful naval officers;
  • pirates with a grudge against Blackbeard, including Whitebeard’s subordinates;
  • and, hopefully, the Grand Fleet of the Straw Hats.

Such a force would be enough to topple the Emperor.

Will Blackbeard die? Final words :

In conclusion, the fate of Blackbeard in the One Piece world is a subject of endless fascination and debate.

From his insatiable hunt for Devil Fruits to the looming battle with Shanks, the possibilities are endless.

One thing is sure, Blackbeard’s ambitions would lead him to his own undoing.

Stay tuned for more and keep sailing on the high seas!

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