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Why is Luffy better than Naruto ?

Why is Luffy better than Naruto

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At the top of the shonen genre, Luffy and Naruto are two of the most iconic anime characters in the world. Each one of them has conquered billions of fans through their compelling qualities, personalities, skills, and feats.

Here comes a crucial question: Who is the best of these two protagonists of the series that are the hallmark of our century? What if I tell you that you, a passionate fan of One Piece, were right about the answer?

This time, we are going to answer the question : Why is Luffy better than Naruto ? In examining all the factors that make Luffy a better character than Naruto. And, for sure, there’ll be a lot of reasons attesting that you’re on the good team for this debate.

As always, it’s a pleasure to guide you through the exciting questioning of the One Piece community, and I hope my 15-year-old passion will enhance the beautiful experience you’re about to start.

What are the key factors of a valuable character?

In the shonen genre, there are several things that make for great and lovable characters. For the most part, these include : 

  • The backstory or origin of the character;
  • The character’s development or evolution;
  • The character’s personality and relationship with other characters;
  • The character’s skills and accomplishments.

Thus, the aforementioned factors will lead us to the right conclusion for this important debate.

Is Luffy’s backstory more tragic than Naruto’s one?

Both Luffy’s and Naruto’s backstories involve tragedy and loss, but it is subjective to say which is more tragic.

Luffy’s backstory involves a tough upbringing and the loss of a friend, Sabo. Naruto’s backstory involves being shunned by his village and ostracized as a child for having the Nine-Tailed Fox within him.

Both characters have had to overcome significant emotional trauma and adversity to become the heroes they are today.

In the end, it’s fair to say that Naruto’s childhood is more touching than Luffy’s childhood.

Does Luffy have more consistent character development than Naruto?

Within the Otaku community, the vast majority of people used to think of Luffy as just a dumb brawler who kicks every enemy in the street.

However, he was given a sublime character development throughout the series.

First of all, we have to admit that Naruto’s development is more noticeable than Luffy’s.

He went from being a reckless, bratty kid who pulled pranks all over the Hidden Village of Konoha to a dignified and powerful ninja.

As an orphan, he experienced loneliness to a fierce and disturbing degree. But thanks to the care he received from Iruka, Team 7, and his friends, he grew into the charming character we came to love.

On Luffy’s side, Oda spared him a tenebrous childhood. But we could already foresee the premises of his unique development.

While his grandfather Garp gave him a terrible upbringing, he learned to value the bonds with his sworn brothers Sabo and Ace.

This was a key factor in his development.

After the Summit War, Luffy went through a hell of grief and despair with the loss of Ace. But with Jinbei’s guidance, he realized that he had to continue on his path to becoming Pirate King, not only for Ace, but also for his crewmates.

From that point on, Luffy’s self-confidence and willpower became unassailable.

And that’s what fuels our desire to see Luffy become the next Pirate King.

What Makes Luffy’s Personality in One Piece Distinct and Memorable?

Although Shonen’s protagonists share some moral similarities, Luffy and Naruto have very different personalities. But Luffy seems to have a more creative personality compared to Naruto.

Firstly, Naruto is the typical Shonen protagonist personality. He is cheerful, easy-going, and has a strong determination. And we are fascinated by determined characters.

Another outstanding aspect of Naruto’s personality is his peaceful ideology.

Whether with Pain, Obito, or Sasuke, he favors peaceful discussion as the best way to resolve a conflict.

Even though many of us « kindly » call it blah-blah no jutsu, it seemed to be effective against a number of antagonists. But against the likes of Madara, it’s incredibly vain.

One thing comes out: Naruto’s ideology is a burden for him, and less relatable.

On the other hand, Luffy as a character is quite controversial.

In most stories, pirates aren’t supposed to be the protagonists; here, Luffy stands out. His laid-back and silly attitude makes him even more likeable.

And for those of you who are still guessing, this is the magical element that adds to the awe of Luffy’s feats. Another fascinating aspect of Luffy’s attitude is his « freedom ». He wants something, he runs for it.

When it comes to achieving his goal, he is incredibly focused and will stop at nothing to get there. Even if it’s absurd to act in such a straightforward way, it’s simply fascinating and compelling. And I’m sure you’ll agree to join his crew if given the chance.

To sum up, Naruto is a hero, but Luffy is a pirate and a leader. Heroes are guided by « duty ». Pirates are led by « freedom ».

Does Luffy have better relationships than Naruto?

Aside from his soulmate-ish friend Sasuke, and a few characters (Jiraya, Iruka, etc.), Naruto doesn’t have that many intricate relationships with other characters.

In contrast, Luffy gives pride of place to friendships. All of his crewmates are dear to him, and he proved it several times.

Even if it means antagonizing one of the most tremendous Emperors or defying the World Government.

That loyalty to his relatives is a crucial trait that makes Luffy more endearing than Naruto.

What makes Luffy a better fighter than Naruto?

In terms of combat abilities, both Luffy and Naruto are incredibly strong.

Well, we’re not going to compare their attacks, which are all significant in their respective universe. We’re rather focusing on the talent in fighting.

Most of Naruto’s techniques were taught to him.

Be it the Rasengan, the Sage Mode, or even the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto had a lot of mentors who guided him on the way to becoming stronger.

As for Luffy, he only received significant guidance during the time jump and later in Udon’s prison.

Except for the Haki mastery, all Gears were created by Luffy’s ingenuity.

So it’s not hard to see Luffy’s true genius when it comes to fighting.

Who has the best feats between Luffy and Naruto?

Naruto has accomplished impressive feats, such as defeating all of the Pain Entities alone and engaging in a thrilling battle with Sasuke, who has the potential of Indra.

However, Luffy’s feats are even more impressive due to his unique and unpredictable fighting style, as well as his unwavering determination.

Some of Luffy’s most notable achievements include his relentless efforts in the Marineford arc, where he confronted some of the strongest powerhouses of the Marine.

He also had several intense battles with the Emperors Kaido and Big Mom.

It’s important to note that Luffy was able to injure Kaido, who is known to have the toughest defense in the One Piece universe. 

This feat alone is a testament to Luffy’s strength and ability to take on even the strongest of opponents.


While both Luffy and Naruto are incredible characters, Luffy is the better character with a unique personality, consistent development arc, innate sense for combat abilities, strong loyalty to friends, and interesting backstory. 

It’s subjective, but from a critical standpoint, Luffy stands out among shonen protagonists. 

The debate over which character is better is simply a matter of opinion though, and fans of both series can appreciate the unique qualities of each character.


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