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Why did Zoro cut Luffy?

why did Zoro cut Luffy

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In the One Piece universe, the bonds in a crew are deep connections between the crew members, especially to their captain. Such a fact is highly valued in the One Piece series, compared to the other prominent characters.

Guess how confused and amazed the entire One Piece fan community was when they saw none other than Zoro wounding his captain at close range!

In this blog post, we will answer the question : Why did Zoro cut Luffy ? In explaining the reasons behind the cut that Zoro inflicted on his captain, Luffy. And of course, you will find a detailed overview of the Ocean Dream arc related to this event and its implications in the One Piece fan community.

Once again, it’s a pleasure to have you on board as we solve this mystery. Also as a One Piece fan, from the vibes of 2008, everything is set to make this journey delightful and ecstatic. 

Without further ado, take a seat and let’s sail!

What is the reason behind Zoro cutting Luffy?

why did Zoro cut Luffy

These events took place in the Ocean’s Dream Arc of the Anime Episodes, back to the post-Skypiea arc.

The reason why Zoro cut Luffy was that he was hypnotized by a seahorse with mind-altering powers.

In this arc, the Straw Hat crew wakes up near an island with their memories erased, except for Robin. As Robin tries to help the crew remember their deep connections, they discover that a mischievous child possessed by a seahorse is manipulating their memories.

This child, aiming to create chaos, hypnotizes Zoro into attacking Luffy with the intention of killing him. Thus, Zoro executes his devastating onigiri attack, leaving an « X-shaped mark » on Luffy’s chest.

Thus, Zoro managed to strike with his onigiri attack, leaving an « X-shaped mark » on Luffy’s chest.

Do you realize that this was the second time that Zoro and Luffy fought each other; the first was in the debut of the Alabasta arc, after Zoro had taken care of a hundred bounty hunters all by himself.

In what episode did Zoro cut Luffy?

why did Zoro cut Luffy

Since it is a filler arc, the Ocean’s Dream arc is only available in the anime adaptation.

A total of 5 episodes, from Episode 220 to 224.

In Episode 223, Zoro cut his captain Luffy in the chest, in a blitzing maneuver.

Thanks to his durability, Luffy kept up with the fight later on.

For further insight, it often happens that the anime adaptation catches up with the original manga adaptation of a series. 

Therefore, filler arcs are produced to buy time for the manga to progress enough to provide basic content for the anime.

With this in mind, why has the Ocean’s Dream arc caused so much buzz and speculation in the fandom?

Why does the scene raise speculations in the fans’ community?

why did Zoro cut Luffy

In the right sense, fillers should have no effect on the continuation of a series. 

That’s why their story explores a parallel or alternate reality, like a Shogun version of the Straw Hats crew, or a simple « side quest, » as in our case.

What detail of the arc was speculative?

Wonder what little detail of the Ocean’s Dream arc caused a storm of speculation and confusion in the fanbase? I bet you got it right: the « X-shaped mark ».

Guess where such a mark first appears on Luffy? After the two-year time skip.

By some tricky coincidence, the studio implemented a scar shape similar to the one Luffy would have gotten six arcs later.

If it isn’t a damn coincidence!

Here is a deeper revelation about this blunder.

The lack of Clarity in the Narrative

One of the reasons behind the confusion stems from the subsequent events in the series. 

After the Marineford arc, where Luffy sustains a life-threatening injury from Akainu’s attack, the focus shifts away from his chest, making it difficult for fans to connect the scar with its actual cause. 

This lack of clarity in the narrative, combined with the filler episode’s divergence from the main storyline, further muddled the understanding of the origin of the scar on Luffy’s chest.

Similar cases of plot bloopers

Aside from the aforementioned case, there are a few mistakes that often happen in the anime adaptation of the anime series.

Like two Zoro showing up in a scene of Baggy’s return, Shanks’ hand appearing, or even the « MARINE » logo on the officer’s hat being misspelled as « MARNE ».

Every anime has its visual inconsistencies, and they just add to the fun.

On the other hand, there’s a version of the One Piece anime adaptation that fans mostly mock: the 4kids adaptation.

It’s pure horror for the « adult » guys compared to the normal version.

The censorship is abusive, to the point that they removed Sanji’s cigarette and changed it to a lollipop candy. The same goes for Smoker’s cigars, which just disappeared, leaving him with smoke coming out of his mouth out of nowhere, or Marine guns replaced with water guns.

Well, you can take a look for yourself.

The case of One Piece Z’s film

Lastly, the One Piece Z film contains a spoiler about Aokiji’s leg loss.

The One Piece Z film unintentionally contained a spoiler regarding Aokiji’s leg loss, which hinted at the outcome of a confrontation with Akainu on Punk Hazard. 

Such spoilers can be problematic, as they reveal crucial plot developments before their intended reveal, potentially dampening the impact of future events. 

However, in this case, the impact on the overall story was minimal.


In the world of anime and manga, occasional fillers can give surprising scenes, as they deviate from the established plotline. 

To answer the question : Why did Zoro cut Luffy ? The filler episode featuring Zoro cutting Luffy’s chest is a prime example of such a moment, in the Ocean’s Dream arc. Remember, the key takeaway from this incident is to approach fillers with caution, as they may not align with the series’ core narrative.

The moral of the story: “Never trust a seahorse with colorful eyes whenever you see one over the seas of Grand Line”.

This being said, see you the next time, and keep sailing Otakus!!!

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