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Who will save Luffy from execution ?

Who will save Luffy from execution

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The Marineford arc was a defining moment of the One Piece series. A valiant rescue attempt of allies to save Ace from Marine’s sentence ended in defeat with the loss of two meaningful characters in the plotline.

Imagine the stakes raised even higher as the same thing is about to happen to our beloved captain Luffy.

Today, we will delve into the possible outcome of Luffy’s capture and execution and discover who will come to deliver him.

This time again, your humble guide that I am will lead you through this “what-if” session. It’s been nearly 15 years since I embarked on my One Piece journey and my passion for the series has only continued to flourish. I hope you’ll find this article entertaining.

So, hang on tight and stick around till the very end!

Can Luffy’s allies stop his execution?

One of the most memorable arcs of the One Piece series is the Marineford arc, mainly marked by the bitter taste of defeat it left.

Despite all the titanic effort of a determined pirate rescue force, Luffy’s sworn brother, Ace D. Portgas got killed. And, along with him, a powerful figure of the pirate world Whitebeard, left the floor too.

Two tombstones, and a painful picture.

But, wonder how explosive it will be if the same scenario occurs again with our endearing future Pirate King, the Straw Hat Luffy.

The thought of an eventual arrest of Luffy gives me goosebumps.

It will be pretty hard for the Marine to capture the Straw Hats’ captain since he usually spends most of his time with his reliable crew. And, even if he gets cornered, his Devil Fruit skills and the Gears will prevent him from being easily seized.

Maybe a Buster Call could be dangerous enough, especially if they are one or more Admirals partaking in this assault.

So, let’s say that the Marines ended up capturing the Straw Hat, after a long pursuit.

Handcuffed with Seastone’s materials, Luffy will be weakened and won’t be able to resist longer.

From there on, the Marine has two options: whether to put Luffy to death secretly or to execute him publicly, no matter the immense trouble it will induce.

We’ve already seen the chaos and destruction that a public execution can cause, as witnessed at Marineford, and the thought of a « Marineford – act 2 » is terrifying.

At the same time, not doing so will be interpreted as an act of fear of pirates.

Whatsoever, it will be an unforgettable point of no return.

Who will come to rescue Luffy ?

When the news of Luffy’s capture spreads, a bright flame will consume the heart of all of his allies, as a powder keg.

An army consisting of reinforcements from crews and countries he ever helpt or met will be instantaneously set up, to unfree him.

We could expect the following ones to swarm the execution site:

  • The Straw Hats pirates

Pretty obviously, the Nakamas of Luffy are going to be the first ones on the way to the execution place, and no quarter will be given.

We will witness the leftover of the Monster Trio in a close-to-berserk mode. Think about those two wings of our captain locked and loaded to break havoc through the Marine’s army.

With Zoro wielding Oden’s katana “Enma”, plus the conqueror’s Haki and Sanji, his Raid Suit, and his genetic enhancements, it will be overwhelmingly exhilarating.

Nami, Usopp, Franky, Brook, Chopper, and Robin will do their best to pierce through the eventual obstacles, more intensively than ever.

The Straw Hats dedication would reach the fever pitch.

  • Shanks and the Red-Haired Pirates

Closely related to Luffy since his childhood, they would be part of the first allies to head to the scaffold, after Luffy’s crew members.

The Red-Haired Pirates would never let Luffy in this trap. Shanks’s intervention saved Luffy twice, and it won’t be a dilemma to do it for the third time.

Also, do you remember their dope vibe at Marineford? Indeed, you do.

They were a meaningful threat to the Marines so Sengoku set an end to the Paramount War.

As we can guess this battle would just reach a mind-blowing level if they meddle.

I’m still curious about their skills, maybe we would be given a glance at their real potential.

  • the remaining Whitebeard Pirates:

I can fall out of words, just talking about how devastated they were at Marineford. And, they would never let the same thing happen to the brother of their former mate.

Moreover, it will be the perfect place to take revenge on the Marines, for all of their losses, and to honor Whitebeard’s legacy.

No matter how challenging it could ever be, remembering their sorrow will endow an energy born of despair to fight relentlessly.

  • Jinbei and The Sun Pirates:

In the previous war against the Marines, Jinbei deeply invested himself to protect his peer.

His willpower will be put to the test, as he fights to make up for his past failures: he first failed to protect Ace, and later, to prevent Luffy from getting gravely injured by Akainu.

Allowing that drama to happen won’t be conceivable to him.

Three times make a charm, and surely he will save his captain.

The other pirates of his first crew will bravely join him to aid Luffy too.

  • The Revolutionary army:

Despite how uncertain Monkey D. Dragon’s implication is, there’s still some silver lining.

Furthermore, allies from the Paramount War, like Ivankov, and the Army Commanders will bravely do their best to rescue Luffy. Particularly Sabo, the second sworn brother of Luffy and bearer of Ace’s legacy will be present.

  • The others groups

This list is not exhaustive as Luffy made himself so many allies until now:

  • The Straw Hat Grand fleet
  • the Supernova (not all of them): the former shichibukai Trafalgar D. Law, Eustass Kid, Capone Bege, Jewelry Bonney.

Some other protagonists such as Boa Hancock, Rayleigh, and some mates from Wano Country as Kinemon and the Red Scabbards, Yamato.

Eventually, some former antagonists are likely to show up: Buggy,

Crocodile (or Mom Croco),

The further it goes, the more we see that a huge part of the One Piece character will be brought to that possible execution.

And as a last plausible aid, we have Monkey D. Garp. He was helpless when Ace was about to be executed, and that was depressing.

Keeping in mind how downhearted Garp was when he faced Curly Dadan and Makino, I hope that he will make a better choice this time.

What will be the impact in One Piece world ?

An eventual announcement of Luffy’s execution will be “the worst decision of the World Government”.

Considering the number of pirates and the strength of the aforesaid “united pirate force”, the scale of the battle would be monumental.

Our rubber hero will induce a momentum that will draw to its end, the long-term confrontation between the World Government and Pirates.

All the bonds Luffy ever created will gather enough forces to break the Marines down.

Moreover, instead of just being another war, it’s likely to become the final of the series.

Oda mentioned a “free-for-all battle royale” for the end of his masterpiece, lately at the Jump Festa 2023;

But until now, all of that is still a theory, the dream of a passionate fan.

An incoming execution of Luffy would be a devastating blow to the One Piece world, causing an army of allies to come to his rescue. The Straw Hats, Shanks and the Red-Haired Pirates, the remaining Whitebeard Pirates, and Jinbei and the Sun Pirates would all join forces to save Luffy from the Marines.

An epic and unforgettable showdown, with the fate of the future Pirate King hanging in the balance.

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