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Who Will Luffy Marry?

Who Will Luffy Marry

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For over two decades, Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece, One Piece, has captured the hearts of millions with its epic adventures, captivating characters, and vast, mysterious world.

As the Straw Hat crew sails towards the ultimate treasure, One Piece fans have always been curious about various aspects of the story, including the potential romantic relationships of the crew members.

Among these burning questions is the one that stands out the most: Who will Luffy marry?

In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to explore the potential love interests of Monkey D. Luffy, the spirited and fearless captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. With more than two decades of storytelling, character development, and interactions between Luffy and various female characters, we’ll delve into the hints and possibilities scattered throughout the manga to uncover who might capture the heart of our protagonist.

So get ready, and let’s set sail!

Luffy’s Personality and Relationships

Monkey D Luffy is the farthest thing from a romantic that anyone could possibly be. Almost all of Luffy’s decisions are made as a result of his base instincts, or now he thinks of another person.

Luffy’s relationships with other people and characters are based on how they make him feel and how he connects to them on an emotional level.

Over the very long history of One Piece, we have never seen Luffy have any kind of romantic feelings or attraction towards anyone at all.

The only truly meaningful relationships that Luffy has had have been with his crew. That leads one to question whether it is possible that Luffy may find a romantic connection or may end up with someone from his own crew.

The closest and most important characters to Luffy are his Nakama and his crew mates. He has a deep emotional link to them, and for Nami and Robin, Luffy has saved them and given them both a new dream, so he means a lot to them.

Even if he is too immature to realize what romantic feelings look like, Luffy ending up with one of his crewmates is a very real possibility because they are the people he cares about the most.

Hints and Foreshadowing

One of the biggest hints ever given regarding a romantic connection between Luffy and another character came as early as the Arlong Park arc. Luffy placed his own Straw hat, his most prized possession, on Nami’s head, before proceeding to take her revenge on Arlong.

This was the first time Luffy willingly gave another character his hat, and it remains a principal argument for many that he will eventually marry Nami.

Then there is Luffy’s dynamic with Boa Hancock, who has verbally claimed that she wants to marry Luffy.

That is more than just a hint because it has led many fans to speculate that the pirate Empress would make a great wife for the future king of the Pirates.

Fans have actively made up theories based on hints provided by Oda himself. But Oda has always managed to make it look like, despite his connections and the attraction of other characters towards him, Luffy has no romantic inclinations whatsoever. That has even made some fans think Luffy may, in fact, be asexual. We talk about it in our article : Is luffy asexual ?

The Contenders: Potential Love Interests

But if the newly crowned Yonko is destined to end up with someone after all, then there are some very clear contenders.

Will Luffy Marry Nami?

Who Will Luffy Marry

The top of the list is Nami, the first female we ever saw Luffy interact with. There is no doubt that Luffy and Nami share a deep-rooted connection.

She was the first of his Nakama that Luffy ever met, even though she didn’t join his crew officially until after Arlong Park.

She is the first woman who Luffy ever felt connected to, and she is the only one who can keep him in check.

The dynamic that Luffy and Nami share is ideal for a relationship. Nami keeps Luffy in line, she is his voice of reason, and despite her frustration, she has complete faith in him, as we saw when she was being tortured by Ulti. But to some fans, Luffy and Nami are more like siblings than love interests, and that is a logical argument.

Either way, Nami is one of the few women who can handle Luffy, so if he ends up with anyone, she is the obvious pick.

Will Luffy Marry Boa Hancock?

Who Will Luffy Marry

While talking about who Luffy might marry, we can’t ignore the fact that the prettiest woman in the world actually wants to marry him.

Boa Hancock is cripplingly in love with Luffy, and a sign of his asexuality is that he is completely oblivious to it.

Luffy is completely unaware of Boa’s affection for him, but she is the most viable candidate for him to marry.

She is strong and a conqueror Haki user, meaning she can stand shoulder to shoulder with Luffy.

But are there others who might win Luffy’s heart?

The other competitors

There have been other females who have been close to Luffy to the point that he has a deep connection with them.

  • Nerfertari Vivi, for example, was a temporary member of his crew, and now we know her ancestor, Nerfertari Lili, was involved with Joyboy; maybe history will repeat itself. 
  • Then there is Rebecca, the princess of Dressrosa, who knows Luffy as Luci.
    Luffy saved her life and changed everything; he gave her true happiness, and maybe she is the one he will end up with.
  • Fans have even named the Mermaid princess, Shirahoshi, as Luffy’s potential bride, but only time will tell.

Oda’s Perspective on Romance in One Piece

Oda, himself has always held the belief that romance is not in the cards for Luffy. He has even come out and said this out loud. 

According to him, Luffy has no time for romance, and a love interest, as that is not a part of his story.

But that has not stopped fans from having hope.

Fan Speculations and Opinions

Fans have all kinds of theories now, from Luffy ending up with Boa to him dying young. So fans even believe that in order to be the freest person in the seas, Luffy cannot be married.

Others think that Luffy will eventually understand that Boa loves him and settle down, though some think their age gap will get in the way of that.

Who Will Luffy Marry? Final words: 

In the end, if we look over all of the potential love interests for Luffy, there is always something that keeps him away from them. It is also proven that he has no romantic feelings for any of them.

That being said, we come to the conclusion that the closest woman to Luffy is Nami.

She understands him, and he has even trusted her to the point that she got to wear his hat. We know how much he cares about her by the havoc he caused in the Movie: Strong World to get her back.

Boa may be a strong contender, and it is very possible for Luffy to marry her.

We believe Luffy will, in the end, not get married at all, but if he does, it shall be to Nami.

Do you agree with that? If yes, let us know what convinced you, and if not, we look forward to your own opinion on who Luffy should end up with

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