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When does Luffy use Gear 5?

When does Luffy use Gear 5

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The advent of each Gear of the Gomu Gomu no Mi was a thrilling moment. The latest one, Gear 4 kept blowing our minds, with its multiple variants. But, hold onto your straw hats, because Gear 5 promises to be a whole new level of insanity in the One Piece series. Yes, we are living a monumental instant!

The entire One Piece community is euphoric about the upcoming anime adaptation of Luffy’s ultimate ace. And everyone is wondering: « When does Luffy use Gear 5? »

Today we dive into the next frontier of Luffy’s power-ups – the Gear 5. We’ll cover every battle where Luffy unleashes Gear 5, so far up to now!

It’s exciting to experience this special event with you as a fan of the series, since 2008.

Enough chit-chat, let’s set sail!

Note: Since it’s an edgy blog post, its content contains some spoilers of the arc of Wano Country and Egghead Arc, and it will be updated as events go on. Stay tuned not to miss a single drop!

When does Luffy use Gear 5 in One Piece?

Here’s a quick overview of the occasions and opponents Luffy used Gear 5 against.

Transformation Chapter Episode Opponent


Gear 5 

Chapter 1044 Episode 1071 (upcoming) Emperor Kaido of the Beasts Pirates
Chapter 1069 around episode 1096 Rob Lucci of the CP0

When does Luffy first use Gear 5?

When does Luffy use Gear 5

The Gear 5 — or “Gear Fifth” — is the awakened transformation of the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika.

During his transcendental fight against the “Strongest Creature” and Emperor of the Seas, Kaido, Luffy was led to break his limits and tap into his newfound asset.

In what episode does Luffy use Gear for the first time?

As we saw in episode 1069, the two opponents were already on the verge of exhaustion.

When Luffy jumped up to launch what he thought was his final attack, he was blocked by a CP0 agent and took a monstrous blow from the captain of the Beast Pirates.

Luffy was then left unconscious and presumed dead.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting an announcement date for Gear 5 for months.

Finally, the animation studio confirmed its release in Episode 1071, in a goose-bumping teaser reel. And, it’s due on August 6th, 2023.

The previous got me yelling, « Gomu Gomu no—wait, what’s the name of this new one again? Gear 5! »

You haven’t yet seen it? Don’t wait for a second to check out the previous link.

In what chapter does Luffy use Gear 5 for the first time?

The monumental moment when Luffy first wields Gear 5 occurs in Chapter 1044.

As the battle was thought to be closed, Kaido was going on a rampage on the lower floor, burning everything down with his fire breath.

However, the world witnesses the awakening of the God Nika, incarnated by Luffy in his Gear 5 form, as Zunesha confirmed it. Luffy went back on his feet – even if he was floating – radiating his new power from a godly silhouette.

From then on, history would take a forever changing course.

When does Luffy use Gear 5 the second time?

When does Luffy use Gear 5

The second time Luffy used his Gear 5 was in the Egghead arc, taking over after the Wano Country arc.

As the CP0 was planning their operation on the island, our Straw Hat captain found himself facing Rob Lucci once again, the latter having awakened his Devil Fruit.

In what chapter does Luffy use Gear 5 for the second time?

In Chapter 1069, Luffy bursts –relatively easily– to his limits, prompting him to access the overwhelming power of Gear 5 once more.

As he engages in an intense battle against his opponent, the true extent of his growth and determination is revealed.

The extraordinary display of Gear 5’s power was notable in a humiliating treatment that was carefully applied to Rob Lucci in the most brutal and cartoonish manner ever.

Tasty revenge, isn’t it?

In what episode does Luffy use Gear 5 for the second time?

For the moment, we are still awaiting further confirmation, as to when this event will be adapted.

Pinky promises, the episode details for the second usage of Gear 5 will be updated as the anime adaptation progresses.

We can estimate it around episode 1096.

Still, in case you’re burning for a glimpse of this fight, take a quick look at a combat-filled episode of the Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry series.

Even though One Piece belongs to the shonen universe, Master Oda achieved to bring his Gear 5 close to the “ridiculous” style of cartoons.

Gear 5 is the pinnacle of Gomu Gomu’s abilities, and Luffy in this mode was nothing but free. And this liberty even spreads to Oda’s drawing style.

A pinnacle for Luffy, but for Oda too, as an artist.

When does Luffy use Gear 5? Final words :

So, fellow One Piece fans, let’s brace ourselves for the upcoming adaptation of Gear 5 in Episode 1071, and get ready to witness Luffy’s astounding transformation in all its animated glory.

Until then, let’s cherish the anticipation and excitement.

This article will be regularly updated to include additional usages of Gear 5 as events unfold in the One Piece series.

In the meantime, keep sailing Otakus!!!

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