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When does Jinbei join the crew ?

When does Jinbei join the crew

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Jinbei, one of the most powerful fishmen in the One Piece world, is a former Shichibukai and current helmsman of the straw hat pirates. Fans of the manga and anime series often wonder about the episode in which Jinbei officially joined Luffy’s crew. In this blog post, we will answer the question : When does Jinbei join the crew ? In providing a detailed outline of the episode which Jinbei joins the Straw Hats and give fans a better understanding of the events that led to his inclusion. Since 2008, I’m following One Piece and it will be a great pleasure to dive into this special event in the manga with you. So let’s sail !

Overview on Jinbei’s character

Like everyone else, Jinbei has a dream to end the hatred between humans and fishermen so that both can live in peace. This is what prompted him to join the Sun Pirates under Fisher Tiger. Jinbei is unique in that his purpose is extremely plain and loyalty and respect are very important to him. Jinbei received an invitation from the marines to become a Shichibukai after Fisher Tiger died and the crew was disbanded. Usually, Jinbei would have rejected this, but he did so in order to enhance the relationship between the two species. After refusing to participate in the paramount war because he admired Whitebeard for saving the Fish-Man Island and being imprisoned with Portgas D. Ace in the same cell, Jinbei eventually grew close to Ace after hearing him talk about his brother, Luffy. He first saw Luffy while attempting to liberate Ace from the notorious Impel Down prison. Jinbei was grateful to Luffy for helping him escape his cell. The first connection starts here with both of them

What episode does Jinbei accept to join the strawhats in one piece?

Long ago, in episode 568, as Jinbei was giving a blood transfusion to save Luffy’s life, Luffy asked Jinbei to join the crew. Jinbei expressed interest in joining the crew but turned it down, saying he had other commitments. It was eventually revealed that Jinbei was actually a member of the Big-Mom Pirates and that he had returned to Big-Mom to inform Big-Mom of his departure from the crew. While many people believe that Jinbei first declined Luffy’s offer because he didn’t want to trouble Luffy and the straw hats, I believe that Jinbei’s loyalty and respect were evident when he announced his departure in front of Big-Mom one Whole Cake Island. While officially accepting the offer and joining Strawhat in episode 876, Jinbei did not yet join them because he was assisting them in escaping and had pledged to meet them in Wano Country.

When did Jinbei join the Straw Hat ?

After it was discovered that Kanjuro was the traitor, he kidnapped Momo and fled to Skull Dome. The straw hats, along with Law, Kidd, and other samurais, found themselves chasing after the enemy ship to pursue them to Skull Dome, only to discover that the enemy had long-range weapons from which they were sinking a lot of samurai ships. Worried about the situation and unable to reach the enemy ship, the crew was unsure of what to do when Jinbei launched an incredible ambush from below the ship to sink it and save everyone. Jinbei then formally declared his oath to join the strawhat crew in episode 980.

When does the crew meet Jinbei ?

In episode 538, Jinbei and Luffy finally get together after two years and reminisce about their memories of the Paramount War. Along with the straw hats Jinbei also meets princess Shirahoshi and Hachi, and he is shocked to see Shirahoshi outside the castle and Hachi being injured and not with Arlong. After finding out what happened to Arlong, he apologizes to the straw hats for the things Arlong did.

Why does Jinbei Join the Straw Hat ?

To answer this question, we must consider both his motive and the events that led up to and surrounded his background. Jinbei, a former soldier in the Neptune army, greatly admired Otohime for her advocacy of interspecies harmony. Fisher Tiger had a significant influence on him as well. Jinbei decided to abandon the Neptune army and join the Sun Pirates led by Fisher Tiger when Fisher Tiger attacked Mary Geosie and formally declared himself an enemy of the marines. Additionally, Jinbei was spotted beating up some marines because he hated them for classifying the release of enslaved people as a crime. Jinbei became the Sun Pirates’ captain following Fisher Tiger’s passing, although the position didn’t last for very long. Otohime’s passing led to the crew’s dissolution, and Jinbei accepted the marines’ invitation to become a Shichibukai in an effort to alleviate hatred between people and fishermen. Jinbei’s decision to join Big-Mom is also related to Fish-Man Island, as no one is left to protect the island from pirates following the death of Whitebeard. Jinbei will stop at nothing to ensure that both species live in peace and harmony; his loyalty and respect for those he follows are huge factors. This is clearly demonstrated when he fights Ace for a full five days because Ace attacked Whitebeard, who was defending the Fish-Man island at the time. Jinbei’s first objective, to defend the Fish-Man island from those who would destroy havoc on it, was already accomplished when Luffy revealed his intention to take on Big-Mom and take the Fish-Man island under his protection. The second reason he joined Luffy and the other straw hats are that, at this point in the story, Jinbei unquestionably respects no one more than Luffy.

When does Jinbei join the crew ? Final words :

If we take a look back, all of it starts because of Blackbeard. The Ace’s capture triggered all the events leading Jinbei to join the Strawhat crew. He is a really valuable addition to the crew. Jinbei’s role as the helmsman and his relationships with other members have added a new dynamic to the group. I think his power and experience will be really important in the future. We will see.
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