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What would Luffy’s gear 5 be ?

What would Luffy's gear 5 be

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Throughout One Piece’s series, we witnessed Monkey D. Luffy pushing beyond his limits, each time he faced monumental foes. The stronger they are, the more powerful and amazing his powerup is. And today, we are putting under the spotlight the nearing final fight between Luffy and the most powerful creature, the Emperor Kaido.

We are going to explore the possibilities of an eventual Gear 5 to beat Kaido, and how it’s going to work.

As an avid One Piece fan since 2008, it will always be a great pleasure to share with you about our favorite universe One Piece. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, this article is sure to be a thrilling ride.

So, stick around, and let’s enjoy this theory and speculation session.

Why would Luffy get a Gear 5?

The arc of Wano Kuni was the scope to set a higher tier in terms of power level.

Some tremendous enemies of the Beast Pirates have been introduced, the most memorable and frightening of them being Kaido.

Throughout this arc, all of his feats certify the fame of the Emperor level.

And, the most obvious fact up to now is that Luffy could not stand Kaido’s grandiose caliber at his current level.

Why is Luffy likely to get a Gear 5?

Besides his overwhelming strength, one of Kaido’s remarkable assets is his insane durability.

Is it even necessary to rewind his unsuccessful suicide attempt when he fell from a Celestial Island? Or that he easily withstood one of his own strongest attacks reflected towards him by Raizo?

There are many feats for an exhaustive list.

Such durability is an abusive cheat skill that makes him the “Strongest being of Wano”.

It’s barely believable that Luffy’s Fourth Gear could even scratch such a monumental rock. The only one who ever accomplished the feat of cutting Kaido was Oden Kozuki with his “coast-slicer katana” Enma.

Even if the silver lining for Luffy to overtake Kaido would be the Color of Conqueror, he didn’t manage to master it consciously.

The more we think about it, the most obvious it comes out that an upgrade is a “must” for Luffy.

In addition, it was only through high-peak battles that Oda gave new abilities to our hero:

  • The Gear Second, against Blueno at Courthouse Plaza;
  • The Gear Third, against Rob Lucci at Enies Lobby;
  • The Gear Fourth, against Doflamingo Donquixote.

It’s quite sensible to give birth to the long-awaited “Gear Fifth” at this loaded moment.

What can we expect from the Gear 5?

Considering the possibility of having a Gear 5 opens a whole flow of theories.

Among them, we found three relevant hypotheses likely to be right about Luffy’s new power.

Some of them will be mind-blowing, so hold on tight.

  • The first theory is nothing but the awakening of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. It will be the perfect timing to introduce the awakening of Luffy’s Devil Fruit abilities at Wano Country.

Many people will think that it is too soon to give him that decisive upgrade. But honestly, who is worth, besides the “tremendous creature” that Kaido is, to greet Luffy’s awakening?

So, what could Luffy’s awakening look like?

Many awakened fruits allow the user to extend their abilities to a full mastery level.

Thus, Luffy could have some abilities like fully moving or inflating his rubber body without any restriction, so why not like a cartoon character?

He could also easily absorb damage or stretch his body abnormally to gain a bigger size compared to Kaido’s dragon form.

There are also some possibilities to modify or bend the environment, the same way Katakuri does with his awakened abilities.

  • The second theory is based on a Gear Fifth, as an improvement of the Gear Fourth with advanced Armament Haki.

During the time Luffy was kept at Udon, he learned an advanced application of the Armament Haki with the help of Hyogoro. However, it was ineffective against Kaido.

There, Luffy’s brand-new upgrade should probably rely on the use of the Conqueror’s Haki, combined with that type of Armament Haki.

It was the most and only effective way to harm Kaido, as we have seen with Luffy and Zoro.

Considering those two upgrades, he stands more of a chance against the pure monster that Kaido is.

Meanwhile, there are some speculations about his appearance: maybe we will have a bulky shape to fit with Kaido’s one. Or he will still look the same, but with more power and speed.

  • The third and last theory is actually about a new version of the Gear Fourth, instead of a Gear Fifth. A feline version of Luffy’s Gear Fourth.

Looking back to the time skip, there is an interesting scene at the end of his training at Rusukaina, the place where he spent 2 years.

We have been shown Luffy playing with 3 of the strongest creatures on the island. And ironically, two of them already happened to be related to the versions of his Gear Fourth.

The first one is a gorilla, inspiring the “Boundman”, and the second one is a crocodile.

Of course, the latter is not directly related to the snake of “Snakeman”, but it’s still a reptile though. And to finish, the third animal of the trio was lion-like.

It will make sense if the incoming advance of Luffy is based on that animal’s specificities.

Plus, I admit that a lion has some royal vibes that will fit well with our beloved Straw Hat. Why not along with some further Conqueror’s Haki power-ups?

Extending our scope, a last recursive animal of the island seems to have an appealing interest: “the tiger”.

We found something pretty interesting about the duality between Tigers and Dragons.

According to Eastern mythology, Dragons have a natural enemy which is the “Tigers”. Wonder what? Kaido’s azure dragon form seems inspired by that same mythology.

This new version would likely focus on increasing Luffy’s brute force and agility, making him more agile and able to counterattack Kaido’s attacks more easily.

This version of Gear Fourth would be similar to his previous forms, but with a feline twist, making it a new and unique power.

Pretty appealing canvas to see Luffy’s “Tigerman” bravely confronting Kaido’s dragon, isn’t it?

A Gear 5 would be a game-changer in Luffy’s battle against Kaido in this decisive arc.

Overall, the Gear 5 is still a mystery and only time will tell what Oda has in store for Luffy and the Wano Kuni arc.

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