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What does Luffy smell like?

what does luffy smell like

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Greetings, One piece fans; 

Welcome to another blog post covering the intricacies of the One Piece world and attempting to answer your questions about our favorite pirates. There are many great mysteries within the world of Once Piece, from the nature of the Treasure to the void century, and they always remain the center of discourse. 

Still, sometimes, fans of the series ask simpler and more fascinating questions, such as the One we’ll be attempting to answer today. Some fans have often looked at the protagonist, Monkey. D. Luffy, and wondered what the fun-loving pirate smelled like. 

Today, we will answer the question : What does Luffy smell like? Some claim because of his Devil fruit, he smells like rubber. Is that true? Is it not? Join us as we try to find out.

I have been closely following the One Piece series since 2008, so allow me to be your guide as we dive into the information provided within the series and outside by Oda himself, to try and understand what Luffy smells like. This will not be a simple task, so take a seat, and let’s set sail!

What does Luffy smell like in One Piece? 

Within the world of One Piece, characters have unique personalities and traits, as well as unique body structures, and due to devil fruit powers, different physiologies. 

We know that because of the Gum-Gum fruit, or now the human-human fruit, Luffy’s body is made of rubber. 

This would seem to imply that within the One Piece world, as Luffy is made of rubber, he must smell like rubber. But we have no proof or validation of this. 

On the other hand, we do have a description of Luffy’s distinct smell from Oda sensei himself.

Description of Luffy’s scent

When asked by a fan about what the Strawhats smell like, Oda described Luffy as smelling like meat, and he did so on more than one occasion, which seems to solidify that as Luffy’s distinct smell. 

We have many animals react to Luffy’s approach in the series, as they may smell the meat on him. Now, this may simply have been a joke on Oda’s part, but for the sake of our question, we will take it into consideration, as it does make sense.

Luffy spends most of his time eating meat and, thus, may end up smelling like it.

Analysis of Luffy’s scent based on his character traits 

Luffy is a fun-loving, banquet-throwing, meat-eating pirate, and as Joyboy, he is supposed to bring hope to the people. 

In a way, it is fitting for him to smell like meat, as in the One Piece world, pirates use meat to celebrate victory, so in a way, if we analyze Luffy’s smell and his position as a leader, it makes sense, but only in the world of One Piece. Then we have Luffy’s own character. 

He loves meat more than anything, so what else would he smell like. 

Comparison to other character’s scents in One Piece 

In a similar manner, Oda said that Zoro smells like Booze and sweat. Sanji smells like cigarettes, Nami smells like money, and Chopper like cotton candy, all things they love. 

So, it only makes sense that Luffy, too, smells like what he loves.

But in the case of Robin, Oda said that she smells like flowers, which may be due to her devil fruit, making it seem like Luffy may also have the scent of rubber.

Regardless, we know that Oda has a reason for everything he does, so Luffy smelling like meat makes sense.

Theories about Luffy’s scent 

I once came across a theory that claimed Luffy smells like meat because he is a symbol of liberation and hope. He is to the oppressed what meat is to the hungry. The theory claimed that Luffy smells like meat because, in a world where most people are starving and have nothing, the smell of meat is the smell of hope. 

Another theory states that each Strawhat smells like what they love most in the world. That’s why it’s money for Nami and the sea for Jimbe, but that has little merit. As we know, Nami only loves money on the surface and values her friends more.


Regardless of what theories may state or what Luffy’s rubber physiology may imply. We know that his personality and his position align with him smelling like meat. And so, we have to believe that answer, as it is the One that Oda himself has given, so that is our answer : Luffy smells like meat.

We may have upheld Oda’s verdict, but what do you think? If Luffy was not smelling meat, what would he smell like in your opinion? Please let us know.

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