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Is Zoro Yonko Level?

Is Zoro Yonko Level

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In the vast seas of the One Piece world, only fated ones deserve to belong to the rank of everlasting legends. One of this kind is rising, said the outstanding swordsman Roronoa Zoro. 

Far stronger than he was at his debut, the former bounty hunter has displayed unparalleled progression through power level, especially in the events of the Wano Country arc against King. 

This leads to the leading to the burning question on the fanbase’s lips: 

“Is Zoro Yonko Level?”

This time, we will answer the famous and most dripping question about Zoro’s level at Wano Country. All of your wonders about the updated rank of the badass member of the Monster Trio will be solved. 

As always, it’s a great pleasure to have you on board as you sail with +15-year experienced guide.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this hyping moment!

Note: this article might contain some spoilers of Wano Country events!

How strong is Zoro now?

From the earlier ages of the Straw Hats to recent adventures, it was almost impossible to mention Zoro without having a reminiscence of his jaw-dropping samurai maneuvers.

The record of these feats goes on and on, during his fights against the two strongest fighters of the Beasts Pirates, Emperor Kaido and King the Lunarian.

Are Zoro’s Physical Abilities worth the Yonko level?

Is Zoro Yonko Level

It’s sometimes hard to believe that Zoro is meant to be a normal human, considering how strong he became.

His exceptional power and strength aren’t just plot armor material, but the result of unwavering and relentless training. Bodybuilding is effective for Zoro, for sure!

These results can be seen through his Strength, his Durability, and his Speed.

First of all, from the moment the Straw Hats stepped on Kaido’s territory, we knew they were getting to the next level.

It was already impressive to have our heroes fighting against the Giant — and, a couple of kilometers long — Azure Dragon form of Kaido.

But, One Piece knows a lot about exceeding our expectations. 

Undeniably, getting within the radius of a combined attack of two Yonkos in an attempt to deflect it is his most insane feat so far.

Even if it was for a very short time, matching the deflagration of that monstrous attack without waltzing away is a testament to his strength.

Secondly, he couldn’t have survived and continued the fight later on, if not due to his tremendous durability.

And, in terms of speed, King can own it up: Zoro became the “Rivai Ackerman” of the Worst Generation.

In addition to the aforementioned skills, let’s note that Zoro’s swordsmanship is precise and deadly.

It’s not even far-fetched to assume that Zoro already surpassed the level of his mentor Dracule Mihawk. 

Actually, he isn’t aiming for the status of “World’s Greatest Swordsman”, as he said after beating up King: he should instead become the King of Hell

Probably, a way for Oda to infer the status of a second of the Pirate King.

Thus, even if they don’t match Kaido’s, Zoro’s physical abilities are pretty close to the Yonko level.

Does Zoro’s mastery of Haki reach the Yonko level?

Haki is a keystone of every fight between the prominent figures of the One Piece universe.

During the events of Wano Country, our swordsman broke into a new level of Haki mastery, in one of a kind way. We already know Zoro has a decent level of Observation Haki.

From the introduction of Oden’s heirloom sword Enma, it was obvious that Zoro had to reinforce his Haki reserve.

The mind-boggling destruction scale of its attack is balanced with an intense drain of Haki from his user. No wonder why Oden was alone to use it, so far.

This condition obviously strengthened Zoro’s mastery of Armament Haki. 

When you have to constantly feed Haki to a cursed weapon that can drain your haki to death, you rather have /develop accurate control over it.

Moreover, Kaido himself approved Zoro as a user of the Haoshoku Haki.

After enabling unconsciously his Conqueror’s Haki during the Asura Mode, Zoro managed to cut through Kaido’s resilient skin. 

Such a feat left Kaido deeply surprised.

And, I’m still shocked that he managed to instinctively infuse his Conqueror’s Haki into his Sandai Kitetsu too, all by himself.

No doubt he got the stature of a rising legend.

With the casual and advanced form of Conqueror’s Haki, Zoro is undoubtedly on the Yonko tier regarding Haki.

Is Zoro’s Combat Power worth the Yonko level?

Is Zoro Yonko Level

As a member of the Monster trio of the Straw Hats, Zoro has a great output of destructive attacks.

Since his rival Sanji was meant to get a power-up, it was ideal to give Zoro, the god-awesome Enma.

His attacks received an overall improvement:

  • Zoro was capable of effortlessly slashing off a horn of Onigashima Island’s skull;
  • Zoro was capable of bearing a combined attack of two Emperors of Sea;
  • Zoro also managed to cut through Kaido’s thick skin, making him the second to ever wound Kaido;

It was just hilarious to see Big Mom panicky commanding Kaido to dodge the Flying Dragon Blade attack, that Zoro was aiming at him. 

Furthermore, the latest fight between our swordsman and the second of the Beasts Pirates was a spectacular showcase of all that Zoro got.

As a Lunarian, King has one of the most busted durability and defense ever imaginable. 

Without his battle IQ, Zoro would’ve lost if he didn’t figure out the flaming condition of his opponent’s invulnerability.

Seeing our samurai free-styling the King of Hell Style was mesmerizing, especially the Three-Sword Serpent attack triggered towards King, that the TOEI studio just sublimated. 

No wonder why the One Piece community is on fire, therefore.

Considering all that we mentioned earlier, there’s no doubt that Zoro’s combat power is pretty close to the Yonko level.

How does Zoro Compare to the Yonko Level Characters?

Now, let’s talk about the comparison between Zoro and other Yonkos.

Starting with Kaido, the Strongest Creature Zoro might stand a chance to wound him throughout the fight. 

But defeating alone in a single fight a monster like Kaido straight out of a nightmare, as tough as cockroaches, and capable of turning into a couple of kilometers’ beast, that’s another case!

Well, jokes aside, it will be arduous for Zoro to defeat Kaido alone, since throughout the Wano events, the latter has been accumulating damages over fights.

I’m afraid Zoro could match Kaido in a 1vs1 confrontation. I mean, for the moment…

When it comes to Shanks, Zoro would be facing off against one of the most powerful pirates in the New World, the Haki Killer.

Shanks will definitely be a difficult match for Zoro, since they’re still mysteries about his skills.

Concerning Big Mom, he might have more chances, without the help of her devoted homies, Prometheus, Zeus, and Napoleon.

Let’s own up that any eventual victory against any of these figures of piracy could just be conditional, or metaphorical in his current state, as in the fight between Katakuri and Luffy.

But when he will get the full mastery of his newly-invented abilities, now will come an anthological fight.

The Verdict: Is Zoro Yonko Level?

While Zoro’s feats and abilities are certainly impressive, there is still some room for growth before he can be considered as a Yonko level at its full potential. 

Surely, he already overpassed the level of a Yonko crew commander.

The Yonko themselves are currently the most powerful beings in the One Piece universe, and it remains the fully expressed potential of Zoro to be seen.

Guess what kind of pure chimerical monster could he become on a battlefield? Only time will say. 

But undoubtedly, he already started leaving marks in the history of Swordsmanship, further of Piracy !!!

So, stay tuned!

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