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Is Usopp stronger than Zoro ?

Is Usopp stronger than Zoro

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As long as our beloved Straw Hats members progress, their overall level drastically improves. At such a point, even previous characters which they couldn’t compete with, in the past, may probably become affordable. It’s exactly why we are contrasting two different timelines of the following Straw Hats members: Zoro and Usopp.

We are putting under the spotlight a pre-time skip Zoro and the sniper God Usopp, in an exciting battle. The winner will be the contestant having more points.

This time again, I will guide you through this experiment. I’m passionate when it comes to One Piece’s universe, and being part of this journey since 2008, motivates that craze. I expect you’ll enjoy this article.

So, let’s start!!

Usopp vs Zoro, the categories :

We are going to compare each contestant about qualities that are essential in a fight.

Have in mind that Usopp’s progression will be considered up to Wano Country’s arc, and Zoro’s will be before the time skip.

Thus, we’ll have :

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Haki
  • Power
  • Battle IQ 

Is Usopp stronger than Zoro in Strength?


Let’s start off with Usopp.

About strength, Usopp couldn’t really keep up. Actually, he isn’t able to lift more than a 5 kg hammer, contrary to his fake 5 tonnes one.

Actually, Oda intentionally didn’t give Usopp a tremendous power-up. He needed the fan community to still have a normal human point of view among those literal monsters of the Sea.

Moving along to Zoro, he is undeniably the strongest. Even at Alabasta, against Mr.1, he managed to lift a huge building’s rubble, while being severely hurt.

Zoro grabs 1 point in this first contest.

Is Usopp stronger than Zoro in Speed?


Since God Usopp relies most of the time on “hit and getaway », he is a real sprinter.

His survival training at the Boin Archipelago drastically enhanced his speed, as he has been running all the time away from the vicious man-eating plants.

You don’t have that much of a choice, when you’re the weakest being on such a dreadful island.

Nonetheless, Zoro proved his blitzing speed multiple times. Earlier at Whiskey Peak Island, he easily handled all Baroque Works bounty hunters, without getting harmed.

In addition, his reflexes are just incredible, as we saw with Kuma’s lightspeed attacks, or against the dead-alive Ryuma.

That’s why Zoro earns 1 point on this Speed Contest.

Is Usopp stronger than Zoro in Endurance?


Both of them are genuinely resistant.

During his two-year break, Usopp lived in Boin Archipelago.

Sprinting unceasingly, after becoming obese, Usopp got his endurance increased, and by the way, a much-sculpted body.

Aside, his body is quite resistant; he got up right after getting his skull cracked by Ulti’s insane headbutt.

Most of Zoro’s notable rows were wear-and-tear contests. The most remarkable feat was him taking all of Luffy’s suffering and fatigue after facing Kuma. And he even managed to stay upright. It is highly doubtful Usopp could easily withstand such damage.

Anew, Zoro gets 1 point on the Endurance contest.

Is Usopp stronger than Zoro in Haki?


There are up to three points to grab here, one for each type of Haki.

  • About Armament Haki, we know that later Zoro will awaken it. But before the time skip, Zoro didn’t have any official Armament Haki ability.  

Maybe its early stages popping up.

Neither Usopp, who’s not even a fighter, but much like a backup.

So, no point is obtained here.

  • Concerning Observation Haki, since Alabasta’s Arc, Zoro showcased some premises of such skill dwelling within him. Nevertheless, it doesn’t reach God Usopp’s mastery. 

He displayed several times that he got the hang of Observation Haki.

And it’s impossible to bypass that memorable moment when God Usopp, showcasing his holy power, saved both Luffy and Law from Sugar.

An incredible moment that granted him his divine status.

You get the point, Usopp receives 1 point on the Observation Haki contest.

  • The last step here is the Conqueror’s Haki.  

We know that Usopp can sometimes be proactive, like how he was about the Vogue Merry. It would be stunning if Oda decided to give the Conqueror’s Haki to Usopp.

But not totally impossible, since his willpower is immense when he wants to be courageous.

But waiting for this meantime, Usopp doesn’t have it.

Neither a pre-time skip Zoro, who will unlock it against the Emperor and “Strongest Creature”, said Kaido.

So, this time again, no point earned here.

Is Usopp stronger than Zoro in Power?


Despite his sharp accuracy, the marksman Usopp, aka “Sogeking” is not a frontline fighter. As the sniper he is, his most efficient place on the battlefield is at the safe, to provide cover fire.

We can’t expect Usopp to be good at close-range fights.

So far as I remember, he almost never missed a shot.

I won’t compare him to his father, but he is a reliable backup for his battle mates.

Considering his feat from Dressrosa, and his dangerous plant-inspired ammunition, he will be a real pain in the butt for Zoro, at long distances. Maybe using some sleeping bullets, or trapping-glue bullets could be significant. Then followed by man-eating plants.

On the other hand, Zoro even before the time skip, already has incredible reflexes and blitzing speed. Overall a better fighter than the sharpshooter Usopp is.

The guy was able to dodge a knife thrown towards him from a hundred meters, while half asleep. So, hitting him will be tricky.

Even worse, if he manages to get closer to Usopp, the match will already be over.

He deserves his place in the Monster Trio of the Straw Hats.

Out of the contest, remember that Usopp never lies. He undoubtedly possesses a divine clairvoyance gift, since all that we used to consider as lies he said, are just events that have happened yet. So, maybe if he said earlier that Zoro would lose to him, he would win.

Finally, Zoro gets 1 point in this contest.

Is Usopp stronger than Zoro in Battle IQ?


Despite his cowardness, Usopp is unconsciously an experienced tactician.

Back to Alabasta’s arc, when he confronted Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas, came up with the ingenious idea of using the mole’s holes system to blow an explosion.

Later, against Perona, he unveiled her Astral Projection and held her at gunpoint of his “Kabuto”. Even Caesar didn’t escape from the handcuffs he shot toward him.

Enemies generally underestimate him and are surprisingly overwhelmed. Daruma, the little devil-looking Fish-man, can say a lot about it.

That couldn’t happen with Zoro, since they know each other.

Concerning Zoro, he usually fights in a tanky manner and takes time to analyze his opponent’s fighting style. But, with a sniper, he will prioritize reaching his opponent as far as possible and deal with him.

Although I assume God Usopp will come up with some greater ideas.

Thus, Usopp grabs the last contest’s point.

Conclusion :


We are at the end of the confrontation, with 4 points for the pre-time skip Zoro, and 2 points for Usopp.

You felt it coming, the winner is Zoro, with a victory of low difficulty.

And about Usopp, he is no less amazing without this victory. 

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