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Is sanji older than luffy ?

Is sanji older than luffy

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Our favorite manga is so incredible, master oda took time to elaborate so many details. Characters have a height, birthday, age, even more. In this article, we will talk especially about one of the most valuable and popular cook in one piece, i’m sure, you have already guessed : Sanji

I’m convinced, I’m not the only one asking myself questions about him and his state on the ship. That’s why, today, we will focus our attention on his age in comparison with his captain and the rest of the crew.

I went to take a look at the data and make comparisons for you . So take a seat and let’s navigate !


Is Sanji older than Luffy, his captain ?


Is it really necessary to present you monkey d. luffy ? I’m sure, the answer is no but it’s a real pleasure for me, to write about him.

The first time, we met Luffy, he starts his journey at the age of 17 years old in a barrel. In real life, in 1997, it’s start to be a Thing.

42 chapters later, during the baratie arc, oda introduced sanji. Talk about baratie, make me nostalgic. It’s one of my favorite arc. At this moment, we didn’t know yet but Oda introduced a real monster too, Dracule Mihawk aka the best swordsman in the anime.

To reconnect with the main subject of the day, Sanji was 19 years old for his first appearance ( episode 20 if you want to watch again).

Therefore, we can say sanji is older than luffy.

Now, let’s continue our adventure and compare with his crewmate.


Is Sanji older than the others strawhat ?


To make it fair, I will choose nami and robin to start, « ladies first » and i think, sanji will be ok with me,then, the boys after.


a) Is Sanji older than nami ?


We talked about it a bit earlier, 19 years old is Sanji’s age. 

Now, let’s figure it out for nami. At the time of her first appearance, she was 18 years old.

Consequently, Sanji is older than nami


b) Is Sanji older than Robin ?


About Robin aka Miss all-sunday.  When she first appeared, Robin was 28 years old.

Thus, Sanji is younger than Robin.


c) Is Sanji older than Zoro ?


Let’s talk about our favorite swordsman for two minutes. Would one piece be the same without their rivality ? I don’t think so.

Would Zoro be happy to compare him with sanji ? not sure, except, to say, he is better.

But today, the comparison will be on their age and Zoro was 19 years old when he appeared.

Therefore, parity.


d) Is Sanji older than Usopp ?


Or maybe, should I say, God Usopp. The “long-nose” man was like luffy, 17 years old in syrup village

So, sanji is older than Usopp.


e) Is Sanji older than Chopper ?


Now, it’s the turn of our favorite “tanuki”, the strawhat’s mascot. Chopper, the crew doctor, was 15 years old in the drum island arc.

Sanji is older than Chopper.


f) Is Sanji older than Franky ?


The cyborg, the man who refused the oden’s invitation. When the crew stopped the merry in water seven, franky was 34 years old.

Thus, Sanji is much younger than Franky.


g) Is Sanji older than Brook ?


Mister skeleton, the strawhat musician, was 88 years old when we discovered him during the thriller bark arc.

So, Sanji is younger than Brook.


h) Is Sanji older than Jinbei ?


Our favorite whale shark, one of the strongest warlords, was 44 years old in chapter 528 talking with ace.

Sanji is younger than Jinbei.


The conclusion :


After this dive in the strawhat’s age, We noticed Sanji is just older than 4 members in the crew

  • Luffy
  • Usopp
  • Nami 
  • Chopper

and younger than 4 others crew members :

  • Robin
  • Franky
  • Jinbei 
  • Brook
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