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One Piece’s mystery : Is Sabo alive ?

is sabo alive

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We all adored Sabo after what happened to Ace in the Paramount War and his reappearance in the Dressrosa arc because he is not only Luffy’s sole sibling, but also because he possesses Ace’s devil fruit.

This article will cover every aspect of Sabo and his actions throughout the reverie arc, from what he was doing there to what transpired to him and how it occurred.

I’ll be your guide through this article once more. I have a long history with anime, having started watching it and reading manga when I was a little child. Likewise, I am writing about One Piece with the aim of educating readers about this beautiful series and one of my favorite characters, Sabo.

What happened to Sabo?

The world government was trying to bribe and intimidate Big News Morgans over what to publish from the three big news that came to him when chapter 956 of the manga was released. 

We can see him talking about a murder, an attempted assassination, and the outcome of a voting that took place. 

Following the publication of these stories, we can see that one in particular elicited a very intriguing response from a limited group of people who were very close to Sabo, including Dadan, Makino, and Koala, who were all seen sobbing and praying that the story is untrue.

We can rule out that Sabo died because we know the author wouldn’t resuscitate him merely to murder him off so swiftly and without a dramatic storyline. 

The dissolution of the shichibukai is related to the vote’s outcome. The attempted murder is the only other available course of action. 

The likelihood that Sabo attempted to assassinate a world noble but was caught in the process and the world government opted to reveal his execution after severe torture would explain Makino, Dadan, and Koala’s tears and shock.

Where is Sabo?

is sabo alive

At first, it was not made clear what or why Sabo was in Mary Geoise, but on the fourth day of the reverie, it was made clear that Sabo and his fellow revolutionary soldiers engaged in combat with the admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu in an effort to save their comrade and fellow revolutionary Bartholomew Kuma, a former shichibukai. 

Sabo and the other revolutionaries were last seen in Mary Geoise at this time, after sabo infiltrated the throne room and seeing Im he went to hide in the Lulusia Kingdom and to report back to the revolutionary Dragon altho it was interrupted when Im decided to just erase the Kingdom of Lulusia off the map and acted as if this island never existed in the first place. 

After this Sabo’s whereabouts are still unknown.

What did Sabo do at Reverie?

In chapter 925, it was revealed that Sabo had infiltrated Mary Geoise’s Holy Land in order to rescue his friend and former Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma after Dr. Vegapunk had experimented on him and had kept him there as a slave. 

Later, in chapter 1054, we learn that Sabo actually killed the 12th King of the Alabasta Kingdom, « Nefertari Cobra,” who was also a descendant of the founding member of the world  government. 

The readers were quite shocked by this because Sabo had no justification for doing so.

Cobra is thought to have been silenced by the world government rather than Sabo because Cobra was inquisitive about the poneglyphs after meeting Nico Robin and asked inquiries about them. 

The world government would have good reason to murder Cobra and accuse the revolutionary Sabo in order to accomplish two goals at once. 

This would seem rather believable than Sabo killing Cobra for no reason whatsoever.

Is Sabo alive?

After reading the most recent One Piece chapters, one of the greatest issues on everyone’s mind is whether Sabo is still alive or not. 

Likewise, what had occurred to him. Fortunately, after the most recent chapter, we can confirm that Sabo is still alive. 

And the author would not have brought him back to life and presented him in the Dressrosa storyline, for him to simply pass away at the conclusion without any significant arc.

We already know that he engaged the admirals in combat to save Bartholomew Kuma and that he was already engaged in a close combat situation when he fled and lost contact with his companions. We also witness him peeking around the royal room, noticing Imu, and then fleeing to the island of Lulusia. Imu then destroyed the island, and it is still unclear if this was done to put an end to the coup taking place there or to prevent Sabo from fleeing.

If he is still alive, why did the world government report on his alleged demise? 

It might be because, as usual, they’re attempting to manipulate the narrative that the Revolutionary army was responsible for Lulusia Kingdom’s demise and  disappearance in order to remove the mystery shroud surrounding the revolutionary army  and deal with them once and for all  by bringing them into the open.

Is Sabo Captured?

is sabo alive
While being realistic and hopeful that Sabo won’t perish, we must also consider the possibility that the world government or the Navy might actually capture him. 

Without knowing Sabo’s whereabouts and ensuring that he cannot contact the revolutionary army, the world government would not release any information concerning Sabo, including news of his capture or death. 

If they did, their strategy to lure out Dragon would be foiled.

Why do we believe he was apprehended? We know that he was already in poor shape when he fought off two admirals to save Kuma and make it to the island of Lulusia. 

All of this would suggest that Sabo’s fate is currently in a very precarious position, but what really drives home the point is his inability to get in touch with the revolutionary army even after all of this. 

If he had managed to escape from all of that, he would have tried to get in touch with his allies at the revolutionary army, but he failed to do so, leading us and many others to suspect that Sabo may in fact be captured by the world government or the navy.

Will Sabo get executed?

It is inevitable that the world government will attempt to execute him after capturing him in order to put a stake in the heart of the revolutionary army and force them into the open. 

Sabo is, after all, the revolutionary Dragon’s second-highest aide and the chief of staff of the entire revolutionary army. 

They would like to do the same to the revolutionary army and finally get rid of a painful thorn from their path, similar to how they killed Ace to draw out Whitebeard to deal with him once and for all.

The author’s prediction that a conflict will break out that would put even the Paramount  war to shame can also be connected to this. 

Combating the revolutionary army as well as Monkey D. Luffy’s massive fleet would be required to execute Sabo. Such a war would fit perfectly in this storyline.

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