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Is Luffy’s Devil Fruit the strongest ?

Is Luffy's Devil Fruit the strongest ?

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One piece fans have always been intrigued by the powers and abilities of the devil fruits, and chief among them, Luffy’s fruit stands out as one of the most iconic. Luffy’s devil fruit has always had an air of mystery attached to it. 

However, the question that often arises within the One piece fandom is whether Luffy’s devil fruit is the strongest devil fruit in the series or not. 

In this blog post , we will answer the question : Is Luffy’s Devil Fruit the strongest ? In delving deep into the abilities and limitations of Luffy’s devil fruit, take a look at other powerful devil fruits, and, in light of recent revelations, try to answer the age-old question: Is Luffy’s devil fruit truly the strongest in One piece?

This is a rather complex question to tackle, as the nature of the One piece power system makes it almost impossible to rank devil fruit abilities on a singular scale. 

But, allow me, as a person who has been closely monitoring the development of the series as well as the powers of various devil fruits since 2008, to be your guide as we try to find an answer.

The evolution of the Gum-Gum fruit to the Human-Human fruit : model Nika

We have always known and loved Luffy’s elastic abilities, given to him by his Gum-Gum fruit. 

Yet revelations at the end of Wano have now informed us that Luffy’s devil fruit is, in fact, the mythical Zoan type, Human-human fruit; model Nika. 

Many fans (Including myself) have always doubted the nature of Luffy’s abilities as the feats that Luffy has shown were practically impossible with a paramecia type fruit. 

The Hito-Hito no mi gives Luffy the power to change his body and surroundings into rubber. This power lets him do anything he wants, limited essentially only by Luffy’s own imagination.

With the power to literally mold reality to his will, we can see why some fans consider Luffy’s fruit to be the strongest.

To further understand this development within Luffy’s powers, read the following article: How is Luffy a Zoan type ?

Other strong devil fruits in the One Piece world

When it comes to the strongest devil fruit, there has been no shortage of abilities that rival each other for that title. 

Within the One Piece world, there are fruits that have the power to destroy the whole world, such as Whitebeard’s Gura-Gura no mi (my personal favorite), and there are fruits with no logical weakness, like Kizaru’s Pika-Pika no mi.

Let us categorize these fruits.

Powerful Logia fruits

There was once a conception with the One piece community that I myself held that Logia type fruits like the Pika-Pika no mi or Akainu’s Magu-Magu no mi were the strongest kind of devil fruits. 

But their elemental powers have naturally occurring weaknesses, such as water in the case of Crocodile’s case and Kuzan’s fruit in the case of Akainu. 

The idea that Luffy’s fruit has no logical weakness, except perhaps seas-prism stones, leads one to believe that Luffy could simply change his body to fight any logia type user. 

Luffy’s fruits can make him invisible, untouchable, unburnable, essentially anything Luffy can imagine. 

The sheer ridiculousness of his power makes Luffy’s fruits stronger than all Logia type fruits.

Powerful Paramecia fruits

Though often called the most common type of devil fruit, this is the category that I think has the most overpowered fruits in the series. 

From Whitebeard’s planet destroying Gura-Gura no mi to Big Mom’s Soru-Soru no mi. 

These fruits have unprecedented powers, like taking and giving souls and causing tremors

But the way I see it, these are practically useless against Nika. With the full potential of Gear 5, Luffy can play with islands and has no fear. 

He has more destructive power than Whitebeard and is immune to Big Mom’s power, clearly marking his fruit as superior.

Powerful Zoan type fruits

Now, here, within the Zoan type fruits, is where I consider the actual strongest devil fruits fall. 

The Mythical Zoan type fruits have the most amazing powers, from Marco’s Tori-Tori no mi, model Phoenix to Kaido’s Uo-Uo no mi, model Azure Dragon. 

These fruits have mythological powers, blue flames, and mountain destroying blasts, but they still do not compare to the godly powers of the Hito-Hito no mi. 

Luffy’s fruit allowed him to toy with Kaido and would essentially make Marco’s flames useless. 

Thus marking itself as the superior devil fruit. Even its own counterpart, Sengoku’s Hito-Hito no mi; model Buddha, cannot match his absolutely ridiculous abilities.

Unique features of Luffy’s devil fruit

There are certain abilities that Luffy’s fruit gives its user that other devil fruits cannot compare to. 

The power to change his shape and form, though Logia type users can do this, I do not think that any other fruit can allow its user to use abilities like the gears that are based upon the manipulation of blood vessels, bones, and Muscles, to the extent that Luffy’s fruit does. 

Luffy can, only in gear 5, might I add, change his own size and the morphology of his opponents, as seen when he turned Kaido into a jump rope and when he made Kaido’s eyes pop out of his head. 

Luffy can change the laws of physics. He can alter nature and reality, the powers of a god that no other fruit can ever match. 

Another unique power given to Luffy is his ability to bring joy to people. His fruit makes him Joyboy. 

It is the embodiment of freedom, a fruit that has alluded to the government. These special ideas attached to the Hito-Hito no mi make it the strongest.


We went over the reason for the claim that Luffy’s fruit is the strongest, and we compared it with other strong devil fruits. 

This article shows the Nika fruit’s clear superiority over all other fruits simply because of its unique and unparalleled power. 

In my opinion, the very idea of this fruit is connected to the idea of freedom. 

This fruit almost has a will of its own, as it alluded the government for over 800 years. It is a special fruit, and that’s why it has no limit to its power. 

So to answer our question, yes! The Nika fruit is my all theoretical and logical explanation, the strongest devil fruit in the series.

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