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Is Luffy a good guy ?

is luffy a good guy

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Good and Bad are two opposite sides however on the same coin, one may argue ‘’ what exactly is good and bad ? ‘’ A bad guy’s decisions are good in his own mind and he may argue that what he is doing is good when it may be bad. It all comes down towards the moral compass and moral boundaries of people which determine whether an action is considered good or bad.

Today we will be discussing whether what Luffy does is trully Good or not and we will also take a look at how his actions so far in the series have affected other people and his surroundings to determine whether he truly is a good force to have around!

My journey with One Piece started when I was a child, and ever since then I have been reading and watching it almost every week. The reason why I write on One Piece is to let more and more people know about this fantastic series and to help people out there in search of answers and theories.

So let’s check if luffy is a good guy.

Luffy’s actions and Luffy’s motivation

Luffy’s actions are strongly affected by his motivation and the root of his motivation is to become the pirate king as well as a strong sense of companionship with people he considers his friends and family.

He will do whatever to achieve his goal, whether it is to fight against corrupted marines to save his comrade or to overthrow a dictator to save his friend’s country.

His motivation can cause him to counter some moral dilemmas, for example his no killing rule where he refused to kill crocodile in his early fights against him which caused crocodile to return and harm him.

As well as his moral dilemma of punching the celestial dragon in sabaody island despite knowing the immense risk, Luffy still punched him and in turn risked the annihilation of his crew against an admiral.

Throughout the series Luffy’s actions have been consistent with his motivation and no matter what consequences his actions may bring he will carry them out if they are in line with his motivation and moral ethics.

The consequences of Luffy’s actions

While Luffy strictly follow his moral ethic and motivation when he performs any action in the series, it often brings about consequences and changes towards him and people around him whether it may be a good change or a bad one

While the most destructive consequences Luffy’s actions had were definitely when he decided to go up against the enies lobby where he challenged the world government and cp9 in order to rescue his friend Nico Robin.

The consequence for this action was him almost losing everything in his fight against the world government’s base however a close fight against Rob Lucci prevent the annihilation of his crew

There are however positive outcomes from his actions as well as when he decided to confront the shichibukai and yonko in his conquest to become the pirate king, it also inspired many other pirates to be bold and not back down against such threats.

Another positive outcome of his action in Dressrosa and Alabasta is him inspiring the people of their respective country to fight against dictatorship.

In Alabasta, he inspired the people to pick up their weapons against Crocodile who was at that time the dictator there and then, in dressrosa, he inspired the people to stand up for themselves against Donquixote Doflamingo .

How others perceive Luffy

Luffy’s polarizing behavior has different perception from various groups some

He is a central figure in the strawhat crew as not only their captain but also someone who they share a bond with as well as deeply rooted loyalty and respect towards him and they would do anything to protect Luffy and see him accomplish his dream.

To the world government and Marines Luffy is seen as a threat because he constantly as a pirate not only goes up against Marines but because his moral ethics make him an enemy towards the celestial dragons and the world government

Other Characters have empathy as well as compassion and awe towards him because he goes out of his way to help the people in need whether it was in the fishman island, Dressrosa or the Drum Kingdom.


Luffy is someone who strongly believes in his own moral ethics as well as his motivation which drives his actions.

He does not care about the consequences of his actions if it means he can help his friends and family as well as random people in need, this in turn makes others respect him and have loyalty and compassion towards him.

However his actions have also led towards several bad outcomes towards not only himself but also for his crew and friends.

After a careful analysis on the character of Luffy throughout the series and his actions we have determined that Luffy is a good person with a strong sense of leadership and selflessness towards others.

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